eCigr8 Nic Salt e-liquid is new brand to the market. The range was created by a team of ex-smokers who are now vapers.ecigr8 liquid banner

The brand is a collaboration between Damian Boon who runs UK Vape Deals and the huge DIY e-liquid specialists Drip Hacks.

What Can We Expect From eCigr8 Vape Juice?

Made in the UK they conform to all the applicable regulations and have been designed to be a “what it says on the tin” type of brand. No flashy marketing, instead we have clear labelling.

Therefore this will appeal to those like myself who get bored of e-liquid names such as “Dragon Testes” and “Elf Snot” which tell you sod all what the flavour is.

Here the flavour is clear on the front of the bottle!

These are all 20mg nicotine strength using Nic salts to achieve that. Salts are ideal for those quitting smoking – used in low power kits to get a quick nic hit and keep the nicotine cravings at bay.

We tell you more about Nicotine Salt E-liquid in our Guide.

ecigr8 range

I received the full range of 8 flavours to try:

  • Berries
  • Pink Lemonade
  • Pineapple
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Mango
  • Cherry Menthol
  • Blue Slush
  • Rhubarb and Custard

I will be using various pod mods each with the pod washed out and a new coil installed to test these. These liquids are designed for low power pod mods so an ideal way to test! I have used the following devices:

As per usual flavour testing is so subjective – I detest coffee and cinnamon liquids which a lot of people love – so I will try to stick to the quality of the flavour and if these liquids achieve what they promise.

These were sent to me free of charge for review purposes and I will as always report back honestly on my findings with the bottles I received.

PG/VG Content

All of the eCigr8 range are 50% VG and 50%PG – kind of standard for most nicotine salt liquids now. This is a thinner liquid so ideal for starter kits and pod mods running on low power.ecigr8 range banner

This obviously would be pretty harsh in powerful sub ohm kits. But some pod mods use sub ohm coils but at a lot lower power than you would on a standard kit.

We tell you all about e-liquid types in our Guide to VG and PG in E-liquid.


berries bottle

eCigr8 say…

“Berries flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of.”

I say….

OOh straight away this smells lovely and fruity!

I will say the flavour impact of this one is a bit lower than others in the range which I have tried.

Definitely getting Blackcurrant and Raspberry here and as expected a great throat hit without being harsh.

However it really is a lovely flavour just could do with a bit more “Oomph”? Again that is subjective as too much flavour can put people off using liquids as an “all day vape” but I really like a strong flavour in my vapes.

The flavour for instance is not as powerful as the Cherry Menthol which I love and is bursting with flavour!

I could happily use this all day long but do crave a bit more of a punch as it really is tasty!

Pink Lemonade

pink lemonade bottle

eCigr8 say…

“Pink Lemonade flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of. “

I say….

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this flavour as I haven’t a clue what “Pink Lemonade” is!

But I need not have worried it is a beauty!

So there is a Lemonade back note with a berry burst on top. I often dislike citrus vapes as they can be that sour they suck the pants up your bum crack, but this is lovely and sweet.

No sour – thankfully that berry burst stops this flavour from making your eyes water.

I wasn’t expecting to like this at all but I bloody love it! This and the Cherry Menthol so far are the best! Beautiful!


pineapple bottle

eCigr8 say…

“A Strong, sweet and natural Pineapple flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of.”

I say….

I am not a fan of pineapple – apparently I am allergic to them! Personally I can’t remember that but my Mom said I loved Pineapple fritters from the chippy but they brought me out in rashes. So when my parents stopped me having them I would have a right tantrum!

So I have to say the Pineapple was the flavour I was dreading the most.

Although I am not a fan of this flavour – it really is spot on. Almost to the point I can feel the fruit fibres in my mouth it is that well done.

So yeah not one of my favourites but I cannot fault it – if you are a Pineapple fan it represents the flavour well.

Mixed Fruit

mixed fruit bottle

eCigr8 say…

“Mixed Fruit flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of.”

I say….

The smell of this liquid is just lush! Smells of one of the mixed fruit chews such as a Refresher or my all-time favourite – Fruit Salad!

This isn’t quite the same vaping wise as my usual Fruit Salad e-liquid from Stika Bombz but that is an 80% VG liquid so will always be sweeter and smoother.frenzy and mixed fruit

But I have to say the eCigr8 version is still lovely. This is a lot more fruity and less sweet, with a slight cooling sensation too. In fact this is less synthetic tasting – less of a “sweetie” vibe – more of an actual fruit vibe!

I really am enjoying this and I am not usually a fan of cooling in e-liquid.


mango bottle

eCigr8  say…

“A Strong, sweet and natural mango flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of.”

I say….

Some mango flavours taste of musty old newspapers left in a shed for 30 years to me. So I really hope this has some sweet sparkle going on!

So this isn’t a flavour for me – I am not a mango fan. But this is one of the better Mango’s I have tasted. Really fruity and like with the Pineapple you can almost feel the texture of the fruit in your mouth.

No cooling sensation with this liquid either so if you are a straight up Mango type of person this should be spot on. Not synthetic at all.

Cherry Menthol

cherry menthol bottle

eCigr8  say…

“Cherry Menthol flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of.”

I say….

A month or two ago I was around at my friends and they had a lovely Cherry E-liquid – ever since I have had a big cherry craving – so will this one satisfy that?

A quick sniff gives me as it says on the bottle a cherry menthol smell – very “Berry-ish” if that’s a word!

Upon inhaling the menthol hit is huge, but thankfully this doesn’t just taste of mint and menthol.

Sometimes fruity menthols can taste odd – like brushing your teeth and eating fruit straight after – mixes up together and becomes unpleasant.

There is still a lovely cherry taste here. I find it sweet enough without being too synthetic and “candy-like”.

Does exactly what it says on the label! Nice drop of liquid this is!

Blue Slush

blue slush bottleeCigr8 say…

“Blue Slush flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of.”

I say….

I see a lot of liquids with similar names to this and have always wondered what they should taste of? The eCigr8 description sadly doesn’t enlighten me!

At first thought when I think of slush I think of the un-appealing brown gunge that lies on the roads 2 days after snowing!

I think back to my youth – many moons ago (Cue Hovis Advert music) and the local shop by me starting stocking Slush Puppy drinks. They made your tongue go blue and I bloody loved them. So perhaps that is the origin of the Blue Slush vibe?

So vaping on this I was expecting some cooling and menthol – thankfully there is none!

This has a blueberry / raspberry flavour going on and almost feels sherbet like on my tongue. So hard to explain. But more than just a taste if that makes sense.

Blimey apart from the Apollo Nic Salt I have never had high nicotine level liquid with so much flavour! Usually high nic levels can taste a bit chemically or synthetic.

Rhubarb and Custard

rhubarb custard bottle

eCigr8 say…

“Rhubarb & Custard flavour. A perfect all day vape you will never get bored of.”

I say….

I am not really a fan of anything custard-y as vanilla can vary from air freshener, to musty, to yummy so often!

Anyway I am extremely happy to report the Rhubarb and Custard is nice!

I instantly remember the sugar coated boiled sweets – if you ate a bag of those it was like someone had sand papered your tongue.rhubarb custard sweets

This is definitely based on those sweeties and I am over the moon!

No musty air freshener custardy taste here! Not my favourite in the range – but that is just down to my preference as this really does deliver what I was expecting it to!

Final Verdict

So for a debut e-liquid range how did eCigr8 perform?

I will say surprisingly well! The flavour profiles are excellent, the flavours are clear and not synthetic tasting.

The liquids despite being 20mg nicotine strength are not harsh or chemically either.

The only one which wasn’t punching with flavour was the Berries which for me could do with a bit more flavour concentrate. But the others were all full of flavour.

I know the packaging might not look very inspiring to a lot of people, but this brand wanted to be simple and straightforward. The label tells you what you need to know.

Some of the flavour descriptions could do with being elaborated on as I personally have no idea what Blue Slush and Pink Lemonade should actually taste like. But I have to say I enjoyed them nonetheless!

A huge pat on the back to the creators and I hope future releases meet the high standards of this first batch!

Pink Lemonade
Mixed Fruit
Cherry Menthol
Blue Slush
Rhubarb and Custard
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


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