New from Ehpro in collaboration with Eciggity is the Morph Tank. This tank is very unique and innovative and works as both a Sub Ohm Tank and an RTA.

Through the use of various adaptors the Morph tank can be fitted with several types of Sub Ohm coils. Why buy another Atlantis tank when you can simply use your existing coils in the Morph?

Have you broken your Kanger Subtank and have a lot of coils that are not getting used? Thankfully it’s not a problem if you have the Morph tank.ehpro morph tank review

For those who are fed up with buying pre-made coils then feel free to fit the included RBA deck and put your own builds in there. This tank clearly has versatility in mind which makes it very appealing.

Ehpro Morph Tank specifications:

  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Quartz glass tube.
  • Huge adjustable cyclops airflow.
  • Wide bore stainless steel and delrin drip tip.
  • Compatible with different Sub Ohm coils.
  • Rebuildable deck and adaptor to build your own coils.
  • Includes 3 adaptors for Sub Ohm coils (Atlantis/Atlantis 2.0 BVC, Subtank OCC and Delta II LVC).
  • Future adaptors for different Sub Ohm coils will be available soon.
  • Adjustable copper 510 pin.
  • Liquid Capacity varies depending on which adapter you have fitted.
  • RBA adaptor: 4.5ml.
  • Atlantis adaptor: 4.8ml.
  • Delta II adaptor: 3.6ml.
  • Subtank adaptor: 5.7ml.

Ehpro Morph Tank box contents:

  • Morph Tank
  • Wide bore stainless steel and delrin drip tip.
  • Spare O-Rings.
  • Different grub screws for 510 pin adjustment.
  • Spare screws
  • Screwdriver on key chain featuring a flathead and Philips head.
  • Japanese cotton.
  • Pre-made coil for the RBA Deck.
  • RBA Deck.
  • RBA Deck Adapter.
  • 3x Adaptors for Atlantis, Subtank and Delta II coils.
  • User manual.

Ehpro Morph Tank EcigcityConsidering the sheer amount that is included in the box it seems unfair to grumble but if I had one gripe it would be the lack of spare tank glass. Nevertheless you do get a lot for your money.

Ehpro Morph Tank Styling & Build Quality

The Morph tank is a very well put together atomizer. Everything has a very secure fit and the overall build quality is excellent. It feels very durable and I actually like the styling.

On one side the tank features a cut out lightning bolt and while some people may not like it I thought it looked good and I felt that it was smarter than some engraved manufacturer logos.Ehpro Morph Tank

The O-rings are sturdy and hold the tank glass securely. The drip tip is wobble free but does require a little force to press fit. The drip tip is constructed from stainless steel but features a delrin base to keep the heat away from your mouth when using the tank at higher wattage.

I have tried several of my other drip tips with this tank and they all fitted without issues. The tank fitted flush on all my mods and the 510 pin can be adjusted anyway.

Ehpro Morph Tank airflow

The airflow adjustment ring is really well designed. It features a small screw on the base of the tank and by lining up a small notch on the ring itself it makes for a very secure fit. In addition it is also held in place by an O-ring.Base of morph tank

The airflow adjustment is just right and is neither too loose nor too stiff. The Morph features two large and quite wide Cyclops airflow slots which makes for a very airy draw when fully opened up. I found my personal preference was to have it half closed down.

Ehpro Morph Tank filling

This tank does not feature top filling but it is still very straightforward. First you have to unscrew the base while keeping the tank upside down. There is more than enough room for most juice nozzles to fit between the tank glass and the main air tube.

The only exception to this is when using the RBA deck which has a much shorter chimney attachment so you have to take more care when filling. Do remember when using any Sub Ohm coils to prime them properly with juice first. Allow at least 10 minutes when priming a new coil before vaping.

The Adaptors Make This Tank Extremely Versatile

The adaptors are a really innovative idea and I think the flexibility offers great appeal. Say for example that you own a Delta II and have a lot of coils and ideally you would love to buy another tank, why bother when you can simply use the Morph tank?

Remember those old Subtank coils you have lying around ever since you broke your tank well now you can use them in the Morph as well as those spare Atlantis coils you have.

All the various adapters have their compatibility clearly marked so you should never get them mixed up.Adapters for morph tank

Fitting Adaptors

Up to this point this tank sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well it does get a bit more complicated when you want to change coil types. For each compatible coil type there is a chimney and a screw in deck section.

The whole process is detailed in the manual but basically you have to fully unscrew the tank and fit the correct chimney to the top cap of the tank. Then you screw the coil adapter into the base section before finally fitting your coil.

I have probably made it sound more difficult than it actually is but there is one thing you can fall foul of. The box contains more than one grub screw which is located beneath the copper 510 pin.

If you have the wrong grub screw fitted then if you try to use the RBA deck you will run into “Check Atomizer” warnings like I did.Morph Tank Adaptor

You have to unscrew the 510 pin and then unscrew the grub screw beneath it. Then swap it out for the new grub screw before replacing and tightening up the 510 pin. I did not notice this referred to in the manual and ideally it should be in there.

Basically there is short grub screw designed for Sub Ohm coils and a longer screw for the RBA deck. If you have the wrong screw fitted you won’t be able to fit your Sub Ohm coil properly. The review item was sent with the Sub Ohm grub screw already fitted.

How Does The Morph Tank Vape With The Atlantis Coil?

I must confess I have only tried an Atlantis tank once and that was quite some time ago so it’s a bit difficult to compare the vape the Morph offers. The Atlantis 0.5ohm coil can be used at wattages between 20-50W.

I primed the coil and filled the tank with Apollo Smoozie vape juice. After allowing sufficient time to pass I started vaping at 15W to make sure I didn’t burn the coil.

After a couple of minutes I increased to 20W and while the flavour was decent it was not really warm enough for me. Increasing the wattage to 25W seemed to be the sweet spot for me and I got a warm and very flavoursome vape with some good clouds being produced.

After vaping for some time I did ask the question “Why don’t I own an Atlantis tank?” Of course using the Morph means I don’t need to because I assume the vape I am getting is extremely similar.

I will say that the airflow on the Morph seems far better compared to the Atlantis I tried some time ago. I haven’t tried the Atlantis II (Ed: I reviewed the Atlantis 2 here) so it’s probably about the same as that.Ehpro Morph Tank on Innokin disrupter

Funnily enough flavour doesn’t really seem to suffer heavily when the airflow is fully open and it was definitely more flavoursome than a lot of airy tanks I have tried. I liked it the best with the airflow half open and the cloud production was still very good with flavour being really nice.

Compared to some of the more excessive tanks that have been released of late the Atlantis coil does not rapidly drain the juice. It does certainly go down faster than a conventional RTA but compared to other Sub Ohm Tanks it doesn’t appear to be guzzling it.

I did notice that with the Atlantis adaptor fitted there is a slight gap between the top of the airflow adjustment ring and the base of the main tank section. It doesn’t really hurt the overall looks and there is no need to worry because the Morph tank hasn’t leaked once.

I have wondered to myself if the Herakles coils will fit the Atlantis adaptor so I will have to get back to you on that one when I get a chance to try.

Delta II and Subtank adaptors

Sadly the Delta II and Subtank adaptors were not included with the tank sent for review but they are available separately to buy.

Of course they wouldn’t have been much use since I don’t own either tank nor do I have any of those coils. I assume they will offer a very similar experience to the tanks in question.

How does the Morph tank vape with the RBA Deck?

The RBA deck itself reminds me a lot of the Lemo 2. It requires a single coil build and features very wide juice channels. The screws are very small and a bit fiddly to work with. I also found that they were something of a pain to tighten down but I got there in the end. If you are all fingers and thumbs when it comes to re-buildables then this might be highly frustrating.EHPRO Morph tank RBA Deck

I decided to use 28AWG Kanthal, six wraps around a 3mm screwdriver and my final resistance was 1.3ohm. I did try 26AWG but I had a lot of bother trapping the wire with the less than ideal screws.

There are also holes in the deck you can use but after trying that twice and ending up with the screws cutting the wire I thought it was better to go with thinner wire and trap it under the screw heads.

I did make one error in not changing the grub screw in the 510 assembly which had me banging my head against the wall wondering why my mod kept saying “check atomizer” when there was absolutely nothing wrong with my build.

After resolving that issue and wicking with Japanese cotton I primed the wick with more Coyote Coconut and filled up the tank. One interesting thing to note is that the styling of the tank changes slightly depending on what adaptor you have fitted.Ehpro Morph Tank Parts

For a 1.3ohm build I did not need a lot of wattage and since I like a warm vape I had my mod set to 14W (4.2V with this build). Flavour was excellent and a real surprise to me since many RBA decks for Sub Ohm tanks are often lacklustre.

Coyote Coconut had a lovely crispness to it and I found that when vaping I often got a tingling sensation in my mouth. Vapour production was very good considering the build I was using and the draw was very smooth with the airflow half open.

Wicking kept up most of the time but if I started heavily chain vaping on the tank I did on occasion get a slight dry hit but I suspect that was due to my very hasty build due to time constraints.

Despite it being a bit of a pain to set up the RBA deck is a really great addition.

Is it worth it?

This product is absolutely worth it due to the large amount of options it gives the user. Considering how much is included and how well put together this tank is means that it is very good value for money.

In the long term it could be very useful if should run into problems getting one brand of coils because with the included adaptors you could simply swap to coils from a different manufacturer. Ehpro are very keen to make more adaptors available so it will be very interesting to see what they release.

Compatibility for Freemax Starre Pro Ni200 coils would be extremely appealing if that is possible.

Final Verdict

I am sure many people will look at this tank and consider it a jack of all trades and master of none but they would be wrong to come to that conclusion. What I love about this tank is its sheer flexibility.

When you factor in that the tank also includes an RBA deck which works really it makes for an attractive package. I really have enjoyed using this tank because in so many ways it gives me a great vape experience.

If I feel like an Atlantis type vape I can have that and if I want to use the tank as a single coil RTA I can. It is also a tank that I don’t have to use at silly wattages which means the batteries in my mods will last much longer.

Unfortunately there are some draw backs. This tank will be quite complex for newcomers and the correct assembly of the various adapters is not something you can do quickly.

However it is still an extremely worthwhile product if you make the effort to get to grips with it.

Ehpro are making some very appealing products of late with the Morph tank and the Kelpie RTA being two of my favourites.

The Good

  • Excellent build quality.
  • Great versatility.
  • Wide range of compatible coils available.
  • Plenty of spares included.
  • Good value for money.
  • Great flavour and vapour production with Atlantis coils.
  • Really nice airflow.
  • RBA deck included which offers a very good vape.

The Not So good

  • No spare tank glass.
  • RBA deck sometimes sticks and takes a little force to remove.
  • Not top filling.
  • RBA deck screws are rather small and could be much better.
  • Complex for novices.
  • Requires the 510 assembly grub screw changing if you swap from Sub Ohm coils to the
  • RBA deck.
Build Quality
Vapour Volume
I have been vaping for four years now. I was a 20 a day smoker and a friend of mine encouraged me to give vaping a try. He gifted me with a ego/ce4 set up and some juice and to be fair I found it reasonable but not ideal so I was still also smoking. I went to my local B&M and got some good advice regarding what vaping gear would suit me, as well as finding some juice more to my liking. For a couple of months I used a Vamo V5 but I kept seeing these shiny tube mods and I wondered what they were. After some investigation I discovered they were called mechanical mods and I had to buy my own. From that point I was completely off the cigarettes and quite satisfied with my set up. I eventually moved on the rebuildable devices with my first RDA and RTA. I love vaping and I have no plans to ever stop because there are so many new flavours to discover and a vast amount of different devices with newer technologies to try. While I still own a couple of mechanical mods my preference these days is VW box mods and I really do enjoy a vape with temperature control. I also make my own e-juice as time allows.



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