With the emergence of sub Ohm tanks with the likes of the Kanger Subtank and Aspire Atlantis taking the market by storm it only made sense for Kangertech to add (and add quickly) to their sub ohm capable tank range.

This they have done in the form of the Subtank Mini, reviewed here, and the Subtank Nano. Kanger Subtank Mini Review

Just a starter note before we get started. If you are buying a sub ohm capable tank for the first time please be aware that these should only be used with devices capable of delivering the power that these tanks need.

This isn’t a tank to be used with standard pen style batteries. Check out this beginners guide to sub ohm vaping and be sure this is something you actually need!

OK… Lets get back to the product.

Kanger Sub Tank Mini Kit

The Sub Tank Mini sits in a tidy box and contains the following:

  • Sub Tank Mini
  • 2 X OCC coils (one 0.5Ohm & one 1.2Ohm)
  • 1 X RBA Base
  • 2 X 0.5 Ohm RBA Coil
  • RBA Tip Connector
  • 1 X Pyrex Glass Tube
  • Japanese Cotton
  • Screw Driver
  • Screws
  • Beauty Ring

Sub Ohm Kanger Subtank Mini

Kanger Sub Tank Mini Set Up

The size of the Mini has been reduced to 22mm with a 4.5ml capacity so while it is called a Mini it certainly isn’t the smallest tank we have come across. The same quality build and good looks are present both of which I think are excellent.

The red contrast ‘O’ rings sit nicely against the stainless steel tank making it one of the most recognisable tanks on the market.

The new OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) atomiser heads look like they should be sticking out the side of Frankenstein’s neck, solid looking little bolts that look ready to soak up a nice amount of juice. The 510 threading is finished well as is the drip tip.

If you use regular tanks you will notice the drip tip is wide allowing for those big draws and big vapour.

The airflow comes with three settings, a large hole about 1cm long is the widest, this can be reduced to two holes and one depending on how tight you like your draw to be. The selector ring moves well, far better than it’s big brother which I found pretty stiff and clicks nicely into each setting, one of those satisfying clicks.

The small things! Definitely an improvement from the original design.

Kanger Subtank Mini Parts RDA

How Does The Subtank Mini Perform?

There is a 0.5 Ohm coil that comes assembled in the tank and a spare 1.2 ohm head in the box. I only used the 0.5 ohm for this review.

Another thing to be aware of. This tank is made for direct lung inhale vapers. Although, it has to be it took me a while getting used to this way of vaping as I’m a mouth to lung vaper with normal tanks.

Once I picked it up though all is great. Just don’t go using a high strength nicotine straight off the bat! If you have a low nic strength try that out first or you could be in for a shock.

Kangertech Mini Subtank

I was vaping some Five Pawns e liquid (6mg) with the tank sat on top of a few different box mods, the Kanger K Box, Kamry 20 and Innokin MVP3. The performance was excellent on all devices at different watts ranging from 15W to 30W. My personal preference is around the 20W/22W mark.

Load of vapour and some great flavours coming through.

Looks wise the Subtank Mini is great on the K Box which is unsurprising as it seems made for this tank in particular. The 22mm diameter sat perfectly on the other box mods used with no over hang.

I was new to using RBA set ups prior to the Subtank series and while it is easy enough to do and of course performs well, I am a bit lazy and as it stands now will just use the replaceable coil heads going forward. For my needs these perform really well.

Still for those new to RBA’s this is as good a way to start as any. You can practice your builds and still have the coils as back up should things not go quite as planned.

The picture instructions supplied do a decent job of giving you the steps. Which is just the 8, follow them and you shouldn’t go too far wrong. They even supply one deck with the coils attached so all you need to do is add the cotton.

Final thoughts

Kangertech seem to have ironed out a few issues, albeit minor ones, to make the Subtank Mini in my opinion an even better product. The size for me is also more manageable and fits well on a wide range of box mods.

If you are a new or seasoned sub ohm vaper I think this could be a great tank to use. Just be sure for the former that you understand the what these tanks need to be used with.

Here are the takeaway points.

The Good:

  • Very good tank for those wanting to get into sub ohm vaping
  • Dual use – RBA and stock coil heads. Both perform a treat
  • Excellent build quality.
  • 4.5ml tank capacity.
  • Stock heads help produce clouds and great flavour
  • The 22mm diameter sits well on a wide range of devices

The Not So Good:

  • Not for new vapers
Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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  1. Have to say of all the sub tanks the sub tank mini is / was the best I still have mine its a bit old hat now but every so often I will take a trip down memory lane and take it for a vape.

  2. My all day every day tank I use , rba for single coil is great for me , happy indeed… Great review as always…..

  3. i have three of these 🙂 i like it, the simplest to built so far and it just works. always recommend this tank to any friend that just make a switch from analog. the price is good and do mouth to lung quite well for the price.

  4. One of the first and still one of the best imo. Great build quality, flavour and more spares then you can shake a stick at. Kanger dos a really good job of this tank and it shows as in the vaping industry terms, it’s now a bit old school but still around. Great tank 4.5/5


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