Introduction: The iStick Pico Baby from Eleaf

There is a new iStick Pico in town – meet the Eleaf Pico Baby!

Isn’t it a little boster – designed to be compact and super easy to use.

The Eleaf iStick Pico range has been around for years – my first mod was a Pico and many swear by them. There have since been many releases which are variants of the Pico – the Pico 21700, Pico 25 and Pico Dual to name a few.

The Pico Baby is a tiny version where the tank actually sits inside the mod – to make it even smaller.

This tiny little mod boasts a 1050mAh battery, a fire button and an LED indicator to show the battery level.

The Eleaf Pico Baby is a starter kit mainly for mouth to lung (MTL vapers) which is a vaping style mainly favoured by ex-smokers or those who use high nicotine E-liquid or Nicotine Salts. You can read more about vaping styles in our guide to MTL and DTL.

So this is a low power output device with a maximum fixed output wattage of 25W. As you can imagine being an Eleaf product it is designed for quality, ease of use and all for a good price.

This hasn’t got a screen or anything complicated to scare off a new vaper – however the tank isn’t the best design… but we will discuss that further on.

Time to get acquainted with the new arrival to the Pico family!

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What’s In The Box

  • Eleaf Pico Baby mod
  • Magnetic Connector
  • 2×GS Air 0.75ohm Coil Heads
  • Eleaf GS Baby tank
  • USB Cable
  • User Manuals
  • Spare Parts

istick pico baby kit contents


Eleaf iStick Pico Baby Mod Features

  • Size: 41mmx23mmx75mm
  • Tank diameter: 16.5mm
  • Weight: 112.8g
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • Battery capacity: 1050mAh
  • Output wattage: 25W max
  • Resistance range: 0.4Ω-3.0Ω
  • Colours: silver, black, greenery, red, blue, purple

pico baby specs

Build Quality & Design

Eleaf iStick Pico Baby Mod

As you can see the Pico Baby is tineeeee!

pico baby in blackIt is almost too small.

Very very cute and the tank sits inside the mod to make this even more compact.

pico baby top viewThere is no screen and the only controls you have are the huge fire button and the airflow adjustment on the tank.

The fire button – is well – odd…

It has a really long throw – I think to enable the locking system – see below – however it is not always that responsive. Turning the Pico Baby on and off takes about 10 fire button presses rather than 5 and often you have to press the button twice to get it to fire.

pico baby fire buttonThere is an LED which lights up to tell you the battery level remaining but this is very strange – it depends on how long the light stays on – I do wish we could just go back to the days of Green = full and other colours – much more simple.

The body has a brushed metal finish – mine is black and it doesn’t feel like paint – it feels part of the metal.

pico baby gs babyI can’t see any battery venting however half of this mod is wide open for the tank to sit in so perhaps it is utilising that as a venting path.

pico baby bottom viewThe tank is held in magnetically into the mod and this doesn’t wobble or feel loose and is easy to pull out with only slight resistance.

pico baby tank recessYou have a big slot to see the liquid level – you do have to hold it up to a light but it’s really clear then.

Eleaf say you can use other tanks in this up to 14mm diameter and use the supplied magnetic base and rubber band to secure it in place.

pico baby different tanks

I haven’t tried this properly however just out of curiosity I did pop a Mini Protank 3 into the mod to see if it fit and it did with lots of side space to spare. The Mini Protank 3 is 14mm in diameter. The Eleaf GS Baby tank is 16mm.

pico baby and mini protank 3There is a USB port on the side of the mod for charging and its great as it is low down the mod so doesn’t make it tip over.

All in all a cute well build mod!

Eleaf GS Baby Tank

The tank is very similar to that used in the Eleaf Basal kit.

gs baby tankA simple MTL tank with a bottom coil head.

Mine was the black version to match the mod. The tank base, top and drip tip are all black.

GS Baby tank viewThis uses the GS air range of coil heads – in theory as they are all best at around 25W you should be able to use any of the range.

gs air coil rangeThe kit includes 2×0.7ohm heads.

gs air pico babyThe GS Baby tank has adjustable airflow – which you can only adjust by removing the tank from the mod.

This is a bottom fill tank too – boo.

It is a small tank by today’s standards and the little drip tip make it almost look like a miniature version!
GS Baby in hand

In The Hand

pico baby in hand

How Does the Eleaf iStick Pico Baby Perform?

Basic operation

  • Vape: To vape simply press the fire button down – simple!
  • On/Off: To switch the Pico Baby on and off – simply press the fire button five times quickly.
  • Lock: To lock the fire button simply screw the button down – see the video below – this works really well too!

How To Charge The Eleaf iStick Pico Baby

pico baby battery indicator

  • Simply use the included USB cable and install the small end into the USB port on the Pico Baby.
  • Install the large end into a suitable USB outlet.
  • The red light will display on the mod whilst charging and will extinguish when fully charged.

eleaf istick pico baby charging

Eleaf GS Baby Tank

This has an airflow adjustment ring, you turn the ring to uncover the airflow holes for a more restricted vape, or if you would like less restriction there is also an airflow slot.

gs baby airflow adjustmentYou do have to remove the tank to adjust the airflow though – sigh, but you can test it by just inhaling on the tank before you replace it.

How To Fill The Eleaf iStick Pico Baby

Yes this is annoying – sorry Eleaf but it really is.

This is a bottom fill tank – yes in 2018! You have to remove the tank to refill….

pico baby tank removed

  • Pull the tank out from the Pico Baby – it is held in magnetically so won’t take much force.
  • Tip the tank upside down.
  • Unscrew the part where the airflow ring meets the rest of the tank.
  • Add e-liquid into the side slots avoiding the centre tube.

GS Baby refill

  • Only fill to just below the top of the centre tube.
  • Screw the bottom part of the tank back on.
  • Pop the tank back into the mod.

How To Change The GS Baby Coil Head

Again you have to remove the tank to change the coil head.

GS Baby coil change

  • Pull the tank out of the mod.
  • Unscrew the bottom part of the tank – the airflow ring part.
  • Unscrew the installed coil.
  • Screw in a new coil.
  • Add a few drops of E-liquid to the cotton parts of the coil you can see.
  • Fill the tank as described above.
  • Replace the bottom part of the tank.
  • Pop the tank back into the mod.
  • Have a few inhales on the tank without pressing fire to suck the e-liquid into the coil.
  • Leave to stand for 5-10 minutes.

Flavour & Cloud Production

This is a Mouth to Lung set up – so the best E-liquid is a high nicotine strength with a 60% maximum of VG.

I used an E-liquid from Epuffer which is the Cassis and is 70% PG. I also tried a 50/50% VG/PG E-liquid and a 60%VG liquid in here too and both performed great.

Further Reading: What is PG and VG in E-liquid?

0.75 ohm GS Air Coil Head 

This is a solid little performer.

Great throat hit, great vapour and better taste than similar MTL equipment.

The airflow is highly adjustable – so this is so easy to set to your preference. You can close the airflow right down – or set it to the holes or the wide slot too.

The e-liquid consumption is really low so very efficient too.

Highly recommend this little tank and coil combo – if only it had top fill!

Battery Life

Already without timing this the battery life is superb.

So for a more accurate guide I got 5.5 hours from a full charge of very heavy vaping.

The battery indicator is really not much use at all – the flashing light is really hard to interpret and you find yourself trying to count how many seconds as it flashes and just give up.


  • Beautiful build quality
  • Looks stunning
  • Lovely MTL vape
  • Airflow, taste and vapour are spot on
  • Not greedy with E-liquid.
  • Great kit including seals and good instructions.
  • Great price for a quality kit


  • Bottom fill tank – you have to remove the tank to fill it – seems so old fashioned!
  • To adjust airflow you have to remove the tank!
  • Odd battery indicator – why not just red and green lights!
  • Fire button – not always that responsive.

Final Review Verdict

The Eleaf Pico Baby is a lovely little vaping kit – a pleasure to vape on. However it is not without its flaws.

The bottom fill tank and removing tank to adjust airflow just seem so outdated for a mod from a big company in 2018.

The fire button isn’t great – doesn’t always respond when pressed. You do however sort of compensate by either really pressing the button hard or pressing it lots more times than you need to.

The battery indicator light flashes at a certain frequency depending on the battery life left – this is terrible really.

The vapour, flavour, throat hit and e-liquid consumption are all so spot on it’s such a shame it has these little bits that stop it from being perfect.

However if you can get used to these little quirks and live with them you will enjoy this tiny stealth MTL kit a lot.

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Build Quality
Ease of use
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 46 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again a few years ago and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of June 2019 and that is all thanks to vaping! 20mg Nicotine Salts are my hero! Oh and I am partial to a nice pod mod!


  1. Tis tank is top fill … so sad that every single reviewer not even took the time to read the manual … or look at the website from eleaf

    • The later models they released they had a top fill tank – the original versions had a bottom fill tank sadly – the tank I had you could not remove the top – it was rectified on the second generation versions.

  2. Eleaf pico baby won’t charge. Had it 8 days and then it stopped working, won’t charge so can’t vape. Waste of money, very disappointed.

  3. I left a review before saying it was bad- but it was just my ineptitude with the thing. It’s an ok little mod. Good for on the go vaping. The cons you mention are all the problems I have with it.

    • Wow so you are finding the fire button odd too – it is very weird – the fast clicks to switch on and off are the worst – I found I was like pressing it about 20 times as only 1 in 3 clicks would register?
      Its a shame as vaping wise the taste and throat hit etc are great – but its not perfect is it.
      Thanks for your response Rachael!

  4. My pico baby broke after a week. Won’t take a charge anymore. Very finicky to get the button working. It’s a total POS in my opinion


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