ELF BAR Disposable Vape cheap

The ELF Bar disposable vape kit is the perfect solution for a quick hit or vaping whilst out and about.

Disposable pod kits work exactly as the name suggests – vape until empty and then dispose of them in the recycling bin – easy.

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And easy is the word making the ELF Bar disposable vape kits ideal for absolute newbies to vaping or those of us that like a lightweight simple back-up device.

There’s around 600 puffs in each of the 2ml none refillable pods – so you’re getting plenty of vape for your cash!

Speaking of puffs, there’s 12 tasty flavours to choose from and there’s a flavour range for all tastes including:

Cream Tobacco, Strawberry Ice, Watermelon and Pink Lemonade to name a few.

There’s a 550mAh internal battery so plenty of power to keep you vaping.

OK, the usual price is £3.99 each – cheap enough – but this deal means the ELF BAR disposable vape kit is yours for just £3.33 – a saving of 17%.

What’s the Deal?

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  • No code required
  • See website for more details

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  1. Hi so it says you can recycle these but how? Can I just put them in a battery recycling bin when empty just as it is?


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