As promised, here’s the SuperGood Cocktail Nic Salts vape juice review.

I recently reviewed the Cocktail short fill 70/30 VG and PG e-liquid line and very tasty they were too.

supergood cocktail selection nic salts review

As you are probably aware, nic salts based e-liquids are used in lower wattage tanks and drippers and whilst many regular Mouth To Lung vapers love them, they’re also ideal for brand new vapers and for use in pod mods or low wattage vape pens.

To find out more about nicotine salts, read Michelle’s superb nic salts guide which also lists a few of EcigClick’s favourite flavours.

SuperGood is a relatively new UK based e-liquid company and already have an award under their belts with the Supergood Butter range.

What Can We Expect From the SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Range?

Obviously bags of flavour and if they’re anywhere near as tasty as the regular e-liquid – I’ll be a very happy vaper.

The make-up of nic salts means a smoother vape with the tiniest throat hit.


However you are able to vape on higher levels of nicotine when you first begin your vaping journey – making them ideal for beginners to vaping and smokers making the switch – as I said Michelle’s guide has more info.

OK, the range was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review direct from SuperGood – thank you – and as always my thoughts, opinions and taste buds are not swayed by freebies.

For the review I used the GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA freshly wicked every time [took a bloody age lol] on top of the JacVapour Series B DNA75 at between 18 and 25w – lovely little combo BTW.

Right, let’s get stuck in, there’s a lot of drinking – oops I mean vaping to be done ๐Ÿ™‚

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SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Blue Pom Mojito

blue pom mojito vape supergood vape juice review

SuperGood Says:

Winner of Best Drink E-Liquid at Vape Jam 2019

A twist on a Cuban classic with blueberries, pomegranate, lime, torn mint leaves and sugar syrup.

I Say:

If anything the aroma from the bottle is even more intense than the regular vape juice of the same flavour.

To the fore are those sweet ‘n ripe blueberries but the lime also attacks the senses with the tiniest hint of the mint to come.

The inhale is deeply rich and delicious – rich but in a refreshing way.

The almost acidic lime combines with the mint to give a lovely little throat tickle too – unusual for a nic salt!

Of course it’s the exhale where this literal cocktail of fruit and flavour burst off the taste buds with an extremely aromatic and dense cloud even at lower wattage.

Oh my!

SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Bramble

supergood cocktail selection bramble nic salt review

SuperGood Says:

A fantastic fruit fusion of sweet blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, finished with the zingy zest of lemon.

I Say:

Once again there’s more depth to the smell coming from the bottle – a really quite lovely fruit fusion.

The inhale is a sheer delight especially if like me you love the fruits of the forest.

Just like a bramble bush fighting to cover a wooded path, the blackberries, blueberries and raspberries battle it out with none becoming dominant – unlike bramble bushes!

Instead what you get is layer after layer of different fresh fruit vibes that combine and chase across the tongue.

The exhale delivers that almost tart lime which adds yet another explosion of juicy fruit flavours.

I really enjoyed the 70/30 VG PG mix version – but again this one tastes deeper – love it.

Chin! Chin! I’m having another gin!

SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Cosmopolitan

supergood cosmopolitan cocktail selection nic salt review

SuperGood Says:

Juicy orange mixed with cranberries and lime as a tribute to one of the classics.

A legend in the vaping.

I Say:

I had a real struggle getting the top off this one – must be my weak wrists lol.

So was the struggle worth it?

In a word yes!

Just like the regular juice this one delivers and then some.

Again the flavour feels more intense, however instead of the orange at the fore – is it the cranberries?

It’s a little – just a touch – sweeter that the 70/30 blend on the inhale and very nice tasty it is too.

The exhale is where the magic happens with the orange and lime ironing out the almost too sweetness of the ripe cranberries.

Once again excellent clouds that are sweet smelling to say the least.

Lovely stuff!

SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Peach Bellini

supergood cocktail selection peach bellini nic salt review

SuperGood Says:

A fusion of sweet, purรจed white peaches with a splash of Veneto prosecco and fresh, juicy raspberries.

I Say:

Holy sh!T once again you’re smashed in the face by the sweet sweet smell of peaches!

Amazing blending going on here – your brain really thinks you’re about to get peach juice down your chin!

The inhale is a powerful punch of peach but just as you think it’s going to be overpowered – boom – here comes the raspberries!

Oh my goodness – the flavour is even more intense than the sub ohm version…

The prosecco arrives right at the end of the exhale with a kind of refreshing warmth adding a deeper layer to the light as air fruits.

I had to try the 70/30 again to compare – trust me the nic salt beats it!

Addictive and delicious!

SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Pear Fizz

pear fizz cocktail selection nic salt review supergood

SuperGood Says:

A sparkling blend of pressed pear juice and fresh lime, topped with the finest Champagne.

I Say:

I’m still getting the whack of pear drops that catches the back of your throat from this one.

However, the inhale is not quite as breath catching pear if you catch my drift.

Unlike the other nic salts in the SuperGood cocktails selection, this one isn’t as intense.

And for me, that’s a good thing as the flavours level out giving each a chance to combine.

The mustiness of the champagne adds an almost floral note but without the fizz.

I preferred this one to the regular short fill flavour.

SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Rum Ting

supergood cocktail selection nic salt review rum ting

SuperGood Says:

A deep taste of the Caribbean with banana, fresh pineapple juice and sweet maraschino cherry.

I Say:

Again the smell from this one whisks me back to cocktails on a Caribbean island.

It’s a little on the candied side for sure but once dripped it all mixes beautifully.

The banana tries to dominate with sweetness – think almost over-ripe, especially with the deep dark cherry arriving adding more sugariness.

However just as you think it all might be too syrupy – here comes that pineapple to cleanse the taste-buds and add a sharper note.

Once again the warmth of the rum on the exhale takes this tropical fruit cocktail to another level – gorgeous.

Again not one I could personally vape on all day – but the perfect after dinner or with a beer vape.

Can’t wait to vape this one with pint of draft Guinness in a pub garden – open the bloody pubs Boris!

SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Strawberry Daiquiri

strawberry daiquiri

SuperGood Says:

A Cuban favourite blending fresh strawberries and palm sugar, finished with a twist of citrus and crushed ice.

I Say:

Again I had trouble with the bottle – this time the whole top came off – powerful wrists now lol.

Compared to the aroma from the short fill version, this one wasn’t anywhere near as nice.

That sweet strawberry smell was overpowered by a more tangy citrus making it a little confused – if a smell can be confused ๐Ÿ™‚

The inhale was OK, but nowhere near as vibrant with again a kind of mixed message of flavours.

The exhale brightens things up a little however it doesn’t feel as cooling.

Not bad – but nowhere near as tasty as the 70/30 blend – might be bad bottle maybe?

SuperGood Cocktail Selection Nic Salts Pornstar Martini

supergood nic salt review pornstar martini

SuperGood Says:

A sweet and sultry mix of creamy passion fruit puree and vanilla, finished with Valencian orange.

I Say:

Trust me the aroma on this one would make many a Playboy model want to slurp on your straw…

Did I really just write that..? ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s such an addictive sweet, almost musky smell, that should attract the ladies quicker than Ron Jeremy with a bag full of viagra…

I might start wearing this as a cologne let’s put it that way lol.

OK enough!

Just like the 70/30 blend, this one is a delightfully fresh, fruity yet creamy vape – as I imagine the cocktail tastes.

Those sharp passion fruit notes are whacked out of the way by that creaminess, before the tangy orange reminds you this is a fruit not dessert vape.

Absolutely delicious and then some ๐Ÿ™‚

Final Review Verdict

I absolutely loved the 70/30 short fill SuperGood Cocktail Selection e-liquids and the nic salts are just as good.

In some cases even better, with a deeper more intense flavour mix and definitely stronger aromas.

That’s not to say they’re over-powering, far from it, just more layers and depth even at lower temperatures.

The tastes coming off my MTL RDA were mind blowing, and I’ve popped them into the recently reviewed OVVIO X2 pod kit too.

The flavours, whilst nowhere near as good as on a dripper, were nonetheless very good indeed.

Your Taste Buds Are In For A Real Treat!

I’d definitely rate these as among the very best nic salts I’ve tried and the Pornstar Martini and Blue Pom Mojito are pushing my go to – the Pachamama Sorbet – to become my favourites.

A quick word on the packaging.

The boxes really are beautiful showing you don’t need cartoony garish design to attract the eye and there’s an absolute wealth of info inside.

I did have an issue with a couple of bottle tops – but hey a small price to pay for the delights inside…

As for the clouds and vapour – – you’re getting amazing cloudage even at lower temps and trust me your room will smell divine.

Highly recommended for your MTL devices be they pod mods – tanks or drippers.


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Blue Pom Mojito Nic Salt
Pear Fizz
Peach Bellini
Rum Ting
Strawberry Daiquiri
Pornstar Martini
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