feelm inside pod system

Chances are if you’ve used one of the recently released pod kits, you may have noticed the label on the box: FEELM Inside – so what is it and what does it mean?

FEELM Tech is a lab and research subsidiary of Smoore Technology, that in turn also owns Vaporesso. Whilst this is a review of sorts, the kit I’ve been sent isn’t for retail, it’s more designed for reviewers such as myself to get a feel for the technology behind the brand and of course the new style coil.

The new tech is the so-called: “innovative heating system which is composed of a ceramic conductor and metal film.” This, says Smoore, gives a crisper, cleaner flavour as well as utilizing every single drop of e-liquid. As to if that’s the case we’ll look at in a moment.

FEELM does not release pod kits under its own branding, rather it supplies OEM and ODM services.

OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer in this case supplying the pods to match the pod kit manufacturers specifications.

And ODM which means Original Design Manufacturer, in this case designing and manufacturing pod kits for another company to brand as their own.

Hexa V2 pod system

Examples of the latter are the HEX V2 pod kit, recently reviewed by Michelle, who found the flavour, vapour and throat hit pretty good across the board. Other pod kits with the FEELM Inside technology include Logic, Dot, AlfaPod, nJOY and RELX to name but a few, including a number from Big Tobacco.

About Smoore and FEELM

Smoore has been around for the last 13 or so years and were right there at the dawn of the e-cigarette phenomenon. In that time they’ve grown exponentially and now boast more than 11,000 employees across 9 factories. They are listed on the NEEQ, the Chinese version of the stock exchange, and to date has produced sales figures of 100million units – and are judged to be worth $1.3billion – impressive!

The company’s aim and indeed goal is to produce cutting edge technologically advanced e-cigarettes, with an emphasis in particular on batteries, e-liquids and of course heating technology.

feelm tech

Since the company’s launch they’ve gone through the familiar cotton wicks we all know, the CCELL used in many Vaporesso products including the Aurora Play and the Armour Pro.

FEEL inside ceramic block

The latest FEELM conductor [coil] is a bowl-shaped black ceramic design with a broad metal film running through it. Smoore says the key here is the 1000’s of micropores within the ceramic and say this design and new tech means a better experience for the vaper, or as they put it:

Feelm Lab aims to make vaping the most authentic smoking alternative.

Inside the Sample Box

feelm inside

OK scene set, let’s put it to the test!

For the record, I was sent a test sample box – not for retail – and inside was:

  • x1 sealed battery and pod – mint
  • x1 spare battery
  • x1 tobacco flavoured pod
  • x1 mango flavoured pod
  • x1 fruitburst flavoured pod
  • x1 FEELM open coil

feelm inside pod kit

As I explained, this is a little different to the usual review as there’s little point doing a full breakdown of something that isn’t for sale!

However, I can say the pods I tested are 1.2ml capacity and are 20mg nic salts and the battery is 350mAH.

So let’s put the pods I received to the taste and vape test:


No description from the company and yeah I don’t do menthol lol.

What I can say is even before I opened the box the smell of mint was strong too say the least.

Both the inhale and exhale were extremely minty, though not a brain freeze by any means.

The taste of mint did take a while to clear in my mouth – and I mean a while – strong stuff!

Very and I mean very clean smooth vape with a nice little throat hit and cracking amount of vapour.


A really nice aroma from this one reminding me very much of the sweeter rolling tobacco.

I do like a robust tobacco flavour and this one was just a tad on the medium side but the flavour was very good indeed.

The throat hit was decent too despite these being salt nic based e-liquids and again a very smooth silent vape.

I enjoyed this one very much!

feelm pods

Fruit Burst

Again a bloody gorgeous smell even before I took all the silicone protectors off the pod.

I got as you might expect a mixed fruit salad of a taste with none jumping to the fore.

Definitely on the fresher side rather than candy and absolutely delicious! Bottle this and they’d have a winner for sure!

Again an ultra velvety smooth vape producing a tickle rather than a throat hit with impressive vapour.

Love it!


I have to say the mixologists have definitely nailed the flavours and again the smell was mouthwatering.

And again the inhale and exhale were strong and definitely on the side of fresh, rather than candied.

I have to say it, I’m really and I mean really feeling the goodness from the FEELM coils!

Final Verdict

I reckon if they packaged this sample kit up and put it on the mass market they’d have a JUUL beater for sure.

I’ve had this sample pack for close to three weeks and have found on average I’m getting around 250 – 300 puffs [I kept notes lol] – from each pod which considering they are just 1.2ml is very good indeed.

Those cutting edge coils are obviously the driving force behind a truly crisp and flavoursome vape and with just a 350mAH battery, the vape whilst on the cool side of warm, is still extremely smooth and very enjoyable.

Given I haven’t tried any pod kits with the FEELM Inside, I can’t judge the ones I’ve received against them. I mean are they slightly different shapes, different flavours or even higher powered batteries. All those factors would, of course, make a little if not a lot of difference.

What I can say is the ones I’ve tried – and given they are ceramic – are very impressive indeed.

As to if it’s the most authentic smoking alternative I can say it’s very very close if a little on the loose side, perfect for my style of vaping but maybe not as tight as some might like.

I do have to say I look forward to the next technological jump this exciting young company makes.

Check Out More on the FeelM Tech Website.

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    • Sealed pods by their very nature are not cost effective at all! Refillable pods are obviously better value as buying your own e-liquid is much cheaper in the long run.

  1. I would be interested in seeing if it’s any better than all the ones I have tested previously as a promoter


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