The Geek Vape Aegis Squonk Kit is a super comfortable and durable single battery squonk mod that comes paired with the Tengu RDA.geekvape aegis squonk review

Geek Vape need little by way of introduction. They are among the most well known of vape manufactures. Over the last few years they have cultivated a great name for themselves for innovation.

Geek Vape aegis collection
Geek Vape Aegis line up

One of their most successful and popular ranges is the Aegis line of mods. The original Aegis 26650, Aegis Legend, Aegis Mini, Aegis Solo and Aegis X and now they’ve added a new one to the range!

What can we expect from the Aegis Squonker Kit by GeekVape?

After weeks of anticipation I was quite literally chomping the bit to get my hands on this one!Geek Vape Squonker in hand

Geek Vape have released the Kit in 6 different colours, all the mods have the same IP67 rating for waterproofing as well as being dustproof and shockproof!

More on those points later in the review.

The device will fire up to 100w with the fast AS-100 chipset and runs on a single 18650.

The unit comes with a 10ml (2ml TPD) soft silicone bottle pre installed; and features a handy top fill that couldn’t be simpler to use.

You can change the back panel to make it into a standard 1 battery mod, the blanking panel is not included in the retail version. You can pick them up here with free worldwide shipping

Really what you have here is a 2 in 1 vape kit.

The Tengu RDA is included with the kit, a great little 24mm dual coil RDA. It’s basically the same as the one I reviewed earlier in the year with a slight change to the airflow system!

So is Squonking up your ally or something you’d like to try?

Let’s go take a detailed up and close look at the Geek Vape Aegis Squonk kit.

This kit was kindly sent to us for review, like always my thoughts and views on this product are my own after a considerable testing period.

See The Aegis Squonk Mod In Action

In The Box

  • 1 x Geekvape Aegis Squonker Mod
  • 1 x Geekvape Tengu RDA
  • 1 x micro USB cable
  • 1 x User manual
  • 2 x Nichrome coils (0.4Ω)
  • Coiling rod, T tool, Allen key
  • Feather Cotton
  • Silicone bottle (standard version only)
  • 8 x O’rings & Spare post screws
  • 1 x Standard gold plated 510 connection pin
  • 1 x Low profile Delrin 810 mouthpiece
  • 1 x Delrin 510 mouthpiece adaptor


  • 100W Output
  • Bypass mode and Curve control
  • IP67 Water and Dust resistance rating
  • Blanking back plate (Available separately)
  • Durable rubberised finish
  • Dual Coil Tengu RDA
  • Geekvape AS-100 chipset
  • Single 18650 (Not Included)

Design and Build Quality

I was sent the sample kit that included everything the retail version have.The only extra was the blanking panel which will not be present in the retail version!Geek Vape aegis Squonker Kit full

Tengu Dual Coil RDA

I won’t be covering the RDA in great detail as you can find my full review for the Tengu review for the Geekvape Tengu RDA here. I will say that the Tengu is top quality RDA with a great design that features a velocity style deck and deep 6mm juice well.

Made of stainless steel, ultem a gold plated stainless steel bottom feed pin is pre installed.tengu rda and aegis squonk

The RDA has a 24mm diameter and overall height of 28mm. The Tengu will dismantle into 3 main parts for easy cleaning.Geek Vape tengu rda parts


A slight change has been made to the airflow system since my full review.

The outer airflow is still handled by 13 X 1mm holes on each side of the barrel but Geek Vape have updated the airflow ring. It is now part of the barrel mechanism, my opinion is the airflow action is now much smoother and more precise.barrel

Aegis Squonker

The Aegis Squonker measures in at 86.4mm tall, 41.2in width with a diameter of 31.5mm and is made from a light durable zinc-aluminium alloy that is covered by a waterproof and dustproof rubber coating.Geek Vape Squonker Kit moda

I would say the overall design is very well done and the manufacturing quality is top notch.

Starting from the top down

The device has a stainless steel 510 connection with very good threading and a gold plated static squonk connection pin.

The stainless steel connection surround has a silicone stopper around the threading, this is to help stop liquid from leaking into the connection when in standard mode, it’s also an added measure of water protection.510 connection

The fill port has a silicone membrane and is located on the top of the device under a slide cover.Aegis Squonk Kit port fill

The back side of the device holds the silicone bottle with a spare is in the box.

To remove the bottle for replacement or cleaning or to change to the blanking plate, you will need to undo the 2 upper most hatch screws on either side of the device.silicone squeeze bottle

The bottom of the device has a round screw battery door, rather like that of the Aegis Solo.

The screw door has a lift up section; it can be difficult to undo and re screw into position as it is rather tight due to the O’ring. This is needed for water protection though.battery door

The battery is placed positive down as shown by the red cross inside the compartment.Inside battery compartment

The control face has a single power button and two adjustment buttons; which have a nice click. The monochrome screen shows vape data vertically and the brightness of the screen is fair but can be hard to see in direct sunlight!geek vape aegis squonk mod oled screen

One side of the device has a rubber bung that covers the micro USB port this again is for water and dust protection.Geek Vape Squonker Kit port usb

Squonk and blanking Panel Doors

The blanking panel transforms the mod into a single battery vape mod! Nice touch.blankgin panel

Unscrew the 2 upper most hatch screws (1 on each side of the device) and simply lift the door off.

Be careful not to lose either of the tiny screws (no spares provided).Geek Vape Squonker Kit replace screw

Under the squonk panel you will see that the bottle fits into the bottom of the fill port, simply pull the bottle out to replace/wash.Geek Vape Squonker Kit inside squonk panel

The squonk part is handled by a metal plate with a hole in it that matches up to the protruding squonk fitment on the device. This in turn feeds the RDA by way of the 510 connection!Geek Vape Squonker Kit fitment squonk

Both the squonk and blanking plate are made of plastic and light weight, the blanking plate has an imitation leather cushion on it for comfort. Be sure when reassembling you do not over tighten the panel screws.Geek Vape Squonker Kit panel

How Does the Geek Vape Aegis Squonker Kit Perform?

Basic Quick Start Guide

Before we get into how this kit performed, let’s take a quick look at how to set things up!

Basic Guide to Coiling/Wicking the Tengu for Squonking

  1. Insert your dual coils and tighten the post screws, clip the wire ends close to the posts or use the Coily Tool to measure the exact length of the leads needed.Geek Vape Squonker Kit place coils
  2. Heat scrubs etc the coils.Geek Vape Squonker Kit glow coils
  3. Insert cotton through the coils, cut and fluff the cotton, dampen the coil and cotton with e-liquid to get things started, tuck the ends into the deck.Geek Vape Squonker Kit cotton tails

Aegis Squonker Mod

  1. Place an 18650 battery into the battery compartment; screw the door back on tightly.Geek Vape Squonker Kit place battery
  2. Open the fill port slide cover and fill with your choice of liquid, longer nib bottles work best or a syringe.Geek Vape Squonker Kit squonk filling
  3. Test the squonk action by lightly pressing the silicone bottle & replace the barrel over the deck. Geek Vape Squonker Kit squonk testGeek Vape Squonker Kit firing test

You are now ready to experience squonking Geek Vape style lol.

Basic Mod operation

5 rapid clicks will turn the device on and off.

Squonker Mod Menu System Basics

  1. Click the fire button 3 times highlights the power function which will turn white, using the adjustment buttons you can scroll through Power, Ni, TI, SS, TCR, VPC and Bypass.
  2. Click the fire button 3 times to highlight the power function, press the fire button to highlight and lock/unlock your coil ohms or highlight the puff count to reset it.
  3. Holding the fire button with the right or left adjustment button will adjust the brightness of the screen up and down.
  4. To lock and unlock the screen hold both adjustment buttons down together, you will still be able to fire the device.

Safety Protections

The mod includes 6 safety protections.

Flavour and Vapour quality

For this review I will be using a pair of 24g twisted kanthal 0.2Ω coils and I have filled the bottle with Ohm Baked Apple & Rhubarb Crumble.Geek Vape Squonker Kit bamboo


Starting out at 25w with the airflow set to half I got a decent mouth to lung vape, the vapour quality was good, however the flavour for me not so good. This pretty much mirrored my experience with the Tengu I previously reviewed!

Upping the power to 40w keeping the airflow at the half point; was a much better experience for me the vapour and flavour were both on point!Geek Vape Squonker Kit weight light


Opening the airflow up fully and pumping the wattage up to first 45w and then 60w, was a great direct to lung experience for me. Flavour wise it was yummy the vapour production was nice and warm at 60w.Geek Vape Squonker Kit window seal

More wattage – yeah go on!

Starting again at 65w then working up to 90w.

If anything the flavour intensified while the vapour became very thick and cloudy albeit quite hot. The RDA did get very warm but the Tengu cools quite quickly.

I tried 95 and 100w but these values became too much for my poor old micro lungs! The flavour was still very good and the vapour production was great! I filled my small office within minutes!Kit in hand

Using TC mode with SS316L, the mode seem to function adequately at 420f.

I have settled now on between 50 and 60w depending on the coils and liquid!OLED screen

Aegis Squonker Kit – A few notes

The mod is very comfortable and light to hold compared with some other squonk mods.Squonk bottle full

The fire time with the AS-100 chipset is very fast they say 9ms. The battery life at 55w lasts me around 2 3/4 hours! Which is fairly good in my book considering this is a single battery mod!

“My opinion only” but the battery life would be increased considerably had Geek Vape allowed provision for a 21700 battery.

Is the Geek VApe Aegis Squonk Kit Waterproof & Shockproof?

When I was asked to do some stress tests I just gulped as I didn’t want to ruin the mod if I could help it as it’s a bloody nice kit.

Geek Vape state the mod is waterproof at 1 meter for 30 minutes!

I dropped the mod only in a bucket of water for 15 minutes with the battery  and the squonk panel in place.dunk test


Just as I was expecting. No water damage, the IP67 waterproofing does its job as does the battery door, the mod fired fine after the Geek Vape aegis Squonker Kit waterproof

Geek Vape also say the mod is dust proof I have no way of testing this, if I ever do a test I will add an addendum to this review!

Geek Vape say the mod is shockproof against accidental dropping!

I dropped the mod from hip high onto a stone path! With the battery in place and the blanking panel. I didn’t want to run the risk of not squonking again chicken I am!

I dropped the mod 3 times!


Only slight cosmetic damage to the blanking panel which was such a relief LOL!

How well the plastic panel would hold up at a different height or with a more force full throw is anyone’s guess. Although previous Aegis models have performed admirably when thrown about.

The mod fired fine after the shock it received. Geek Vape aegis Squonker Kit test drop 2Geek Vape Squonker Kit test drop 2


  • Good build quality
  • Good design
  • Handy top-fill system
  • Soft bottle, excellent capacity
  • Excellent power mode performance
  • Clear easy to read display


I don’t have any real big concerns with the Geek Vape Aegis kit but if pushed I’d say:

  • The squonk and blanking plates could have benefited from magnets
  • Battery size

Final Review Verdict

I don’t use squonk mods on a regular basis normally just evenings!

Finally a squonk mod I can be proud to carry around with me without weighing me down. It’s comfortable to hold and has a great liquid capacity!

The only thing that might be a slight concern is the battery life. I would have preferred Geek Vape to have made provision for a 21700 battery.

Would I Recommend the Geek Vape Aegis Squonker Kit?

Yes I would! For someone like myself who tends to drop things a lot, there is very little chance of damaging this kit.

Would I buy the Geek Vape Aegis Squonk Kit again due loss or damage?

Again yes I would.

Did you buy the Geek Vape Aegis Squonk Kit? We would love to hear what you thought in the comments below.

Design of kit
Quality of kit
Vapour Production
Flavour Production
Battery Life
Performance in power mode
replace if lost or stolen
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