The Geekvape Tengu RDA is a well made dual 24mm dripper that encompasses a deep juice well and velocity style build posts.Header Tengu

Geekvape is based in China, and has a great name for innovation within the vape industry.

Geekvape have a large back catalogue of atomisers which include Baron RDA, Loop RDA, Ammit MTL RDA and mods like Aegis Solo, Aegis Mini and Nova to name just a few.

What Can We Expect from the Tengu RDA by Geek Vape?

Tengu or “heavenly dog” is a type of legendary creature found in Japanese folk religion and is also considered a type of Shinto god.geekvape tengu rda face comp

So will we be growling at this one or will it snap our fingers off – find out with our up close and personal look at Tengu RDA from Geekvape?

This product was sent to us for the purpose of review. As always my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

Check Out The Tengu RDA In Action


In The Box

  • 1x Geekvape Tengu RDA
  • 1x 810 Drip Tip
  • 1x T Tool
  • 2x Feather Cotton
  • 1x Spare Parts Pack
  • 1x Hex Wrench
  • 2x N80 Fused Clapton Coil
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 1x Gold plated BF Positive Pin
  • 1x Promotion Card & Warranty Cardgeekvape tengu rda box kit


  • Size: 24×28.3mm
  • Side adjustable airflow
  • Solid 510 pin and BF squonk pin included
  • Dual coil deck
  • 6mm deep juice well
  • 810 Delrin and PMMA drip tips included

Design and Build Quality

The Geekvape Tengu RDA was sent to me in the standard card sample box; this is different to the retail packaging! The retail version will likely include more items than mine (mine didn’t have any paperwork with it).geekvape tengu rda tray disp

The Tengu RDA is made of stainless steel, PMMA mouth piece and gold plated 510 connection pin and measures in at a diameter of 24mm and overall height of 28mm.

In my humble opinion the RDA has been manufactured to high standards, you can literally feel the quality in the weight.

The design is good but simple, making it ideal for the newer ‘builder’ with its velocity style posts and very generous amount of supplies and spares. geekvape tengu rda coils cottgeekvape tengu rda supp

Base, Deck and Connection Pins

The base of the Tengu is made of stainless steel and has all the normal information and branding.geekvape tengu rda 510

The 510 connection threading has been well turned, the RDA comes with the gold plated 510 connection pin pre installed, which does stick out enough that I would be comfortable popping the RDA on to a hybrid connection.geekvape tengu rda threadThe BF/squonk pin can be found in the supplies bag.geekvape tengu rda bf

The deck has 2 black O-rings around it for the barrel to sit upon.geekvape tengu rda o'r poThe build deck has a velocity style post system but is actually made up of 3 parts. The 2 SS negative posts have been spot welded to the deck and have one wide wire hole in each post and the screws are on the side set at an angle.geekvape tengu rda wellThe positive post which sits on a peek insulator is connected to the deck by the connection pin and is in the form of a ‘T’ featuring top screws for the front facing wire holes.On the sides of positive post shaft you will see 1 small hole either side these are to allow the squonking action.geekvape tengu rda apart

Barrel / Airflow

The stainless steel barrel has a ‘Heavenly Dog’ face engraved into it, apart from a bevelled channel running around the outside of the RDA the barrel has no other markings on it.geekvape tengu rda face cap

The outer airflow is handled by 13 X 1mm holes to each side of the RDA.geekvape tengu rda AFThe top of the barrel is slightly bevelled leading to the 810 mouthpiece slot which has a white O-ring installed to hold the 810 drip tip.geekvape tengu rda mp space

Inside the barrel you have a slight dome to the top of the barrel to allow condensation to drip back to your coils, you also have a removable airflow control ring with wide slots.geekvape tengu rda cap ringThe AF ring has 2 small white O-rings around it (top and bottom) and 4 tabs, 2 of which slot into the deck either side of the posts. The other tabs fit into the AF adjustment slot inside the barrel to enable you to turn the AF up or down.geekvape tengu rda ring af

Mouth Pieces

Two types of mouthpiece are supplied with the Geekvape Tengu RDA – a clear PMMA and a black short Delrin tip.

Also supplied is a SS 510 adaptor in the bag so if you wish you can use your own 510 drip tips.geekvape tengu rda Drip tips

How Does The Geekvape Tengu RDA Perform?

For this review I have place dual 22g spaced Kanthal coils into the Tengu RDA that work out to 0.18Ω, I am using Juusu e-liquid from Yami vapor, on my Aegis Legend mod. geekvape tengu rda mod liq

Within the box you will have 2x Ni80 coils but due to my being allergic to any type of Nickel these will stay in the box; however I am using the feather cotton.

Basic Guide to Coiling/Wicking

Decide if you want to use the RDA with the bottom feed pin on a squonk mod or as a normal 510 dripper. Unscrew the relevant pin and replace with the one you wish to use.geekvape tengu rda pins

1. Insert your dual coils and tighten the post screws, clip the wire ends as close to the post as you can get, or use the Coily Tool to measure the exact length of the leads needed

geekvape tengu rda coil

2. Insert cotton through the coils, if using the feather cotton supplied in the kit you will be able to use just one piece of cotton by passing it through both coilsgeekvape tengu rda cott loop

3. Cut and fluff the cotton geekvape tengu rda cut loopgeekvape tengu rda cut lace

4. Dampen the cotton with e-liquid and tuck into the deckgeekvape tengu rda damp cot

5. I like to set the airflow in the barrel at this point

6. Replace the barrel over the deck (aligning the notches and tabs)geekvape tengu

Screw your new Geekvape Tengu RDA on to your preferred mod and vape away.

Flavour and Vapour

25 to 80W

At 25w with the AF set to half you can get a decent mouth to lung vape although while the vapour quality was good for a Mouth to Lung (MTL) draw the flavour for me wasn’t so good, which is strange as normally on any other RDA a MTL vape is normally very flavourful some.geekvape tengu rda al test

At 60w with the AF wide and Direct to Lung (DTL) style it produces a comfortable vape with good flavour and a decent amount of vapour production.

For more heat I bunged the wattage up to 80w this is pretty much my limit with these coils and available airflow; the heat was nice, the vapour production was fine as was the flavour production.geekvape tengu rda al

Using the BF (squonk) pin

While I don’t use squonk mods on a regular basis, I did take the time to test the squonk function on my Dovpo Topside Dual. The squonking action was very smooth and I was able to take advantage of the 6mm deep juice well without over spill from the AF.geekvape tengu rda tsd

Airflow and Ring

The Geekvape Tengu RDA has a strange airflow, one would assume that the 13 x 1mm holes holes each side would be enough AF to produce a very open draw, not so, the draw is to me is slightly to restrictive.

The airflow control on mine doesn’t function quite as it should. It sticks and all I seem to do is over tighten the RDA down onto the mod. I have gotten into the habit of setting the AF manually before use, I am sure that this is unique to my RDA as I have seen others operating the AF normally by turning the barrel.geekvape tengu rda ts tsd

As a test I took out the AFC ring from the barrel, comparing with and without the ring I would say that without the AF is slightly looser although doing this will leave you with no control over the AF.

Other Notes

The short 810 mouthpiece that comes in the kit, for me it is too short, I can’t get used to my lips being so close to the barrel and coils.geekvape tengu rda small DT The RDA does get quite hot if you are a chain vaping it but as it is made of SS it does cool quite quickly.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Good simplistic design
  • Good vapour production
  • Good flavour quality (DTL)


  • Airflow
  • Airflow Ring

Final Review Verdict

The only thing I found wrong with the Tengu RDA by Geekvape was the airflow ring on the sample I received, as I said it gets stuck and won’t turn without the RDA over tightening on the mod!

The airflow, while wide open, seems a little restrictive to me but apart from that I have really enjoyed my time with this RDA. The velocity style posts make it easy to build on and easy to wick.

I would recommend this RDA for those that are new to building and while the velocity style deck while may seem old hat to some of the more experienced builders, velocity posts are by far the easiest and quickest deck to build on.

Would I buy the Geekvape Tengu RDA again should it be lost or stolen? I would very seriously consider it.

Build Quality
Ease of building
Replace if lost or damaged
Hi my name is Kevin, I started vaping back in 2009 mainly because my little boy at 3 years old was starting to copy the way daddy smoked a cigarette! Over the years I have gained a good amount of experience with different types of vaping hardware but I'm just a normal guy who enjoys sharing my experiences. This is why I started my Youtube vape review channel in 2014. To date the channel has had over 500,000 views. Being disabled, vaping has given me a gateway to meeting people from all different walks of life, many of those I would not have met under other circumstances. The way I look at my reviews is, if I can convince just one person to give up the stinky’s my job is done. I class myself as a tinkerer as I like to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together, yes that includes e-cigarette mods! One day I would like to be able to design my own mod. I am a dedicated father, and husband to my sweetheart of nearly 30 years! Family to me comes before anything else.


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