For this review I’m going to be taking a good look at newly released Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA.

I can already hear the groans – not another Dead Rabbit product.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA header display

But wait if you’re a lover of RDA’s or squonking in general, this one might be right up your alley.

Hellvape is based in China and was established in 2016.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Hellvape has become quite prolific in the last year with its additions to the Dead Rabbit range of atomisers, releasing some really fantastic toppers lately.

I’ve reviewed 3 of their solid and innovative tanks this year alone, the Hellvape/Wirice Launcher Mini Tank, Fat Rabbit RTA and the Dead Rabbit R Tank.

So What Can We Expect From the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA?

I love using RDA’s for the sheer quality of vapour and flavour they produce; and with the cost effectiveness of using DIY coils, makes this RDA no brainer to me.

The Dead Rabbit V2 RDA had what I called square bunny ear posts, the newest version has gone through a small metamorphosis to round posts.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA display deck

In addition Hellvape has changed the airflow which now includes 2 types of directional airflow that promise a smooth tasty draw.

The juice well is nice and deep and is perfect for squonking, the V3 has a new side feeding valves that are designed for quick transference of liquid to your cotton.

Hellvape have released the Dead Rabbit V3 RDA in 8 delightful colours.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA design colours

This RDA was sent to me from Hellvape for the purpose of review.

As always my thoughts and views are my own after a long testing period.

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Inside the Box

  • Dead Rabbit V3 RDA
  • Ni80 0.37Ω fused claptons coils x2
  • Cotton shoelace strips x2
  • BF Pin
  • Extras bags
  • User manualHellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA content kit


  • Size: 24×37.35mm
  • 810 Resin Ag+ drip tip
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dual coil configuration
  • Side feeding squonk
  • Honeycomb and Slotted airflow

Design and Build Quality

Like all the products I have reviewed from Hellvape this year the Dead Rabbit V3 RDA has been built with materials of excellent quality, and has a design that lives up to the brand name.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA box in

Hellvape have presented the Dead Rabbit V3 RDA very nicely in a card box and as always it has a good amount of extras supplied with it.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA – Overview

Hellvape sent me 2 of the V3 RDA’s in Stainless Steel and Rainbow.

Measuring in at 37.35mm tall, and with a diameter of 24mm, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA is made of Stainless Steel and is preinstalled with a resin 810 mouthpiece.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA laydown

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 dismantles into 4 parts.

The 510 connection pin is replaceable with the BF pin should you wish to use this deceased bunny on a squonk mod, which of course I will later.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA parts 4

BTW, the base posts are both removable from the well for easy cleaning.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA posts out

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA – Component Parts

From the top, the airflow ring/cap is made of Stainless Steel and has a decoration to aid turning, this pattern is reminiscent of a cog wheel if viewed from above.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA flat cap

The airflow ring has a flat top with an embedded O-ring to hold the 510 mouthpiece in place.

The resin Ag+ mouthpiece has a metal ring around the shaft with Hellvape engraved on it.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA mouthpiece

The body of the airflow ring/cap has 2 different types of airflow, 15 honeycomb airflow holes and 3 slot airflow holes on each side, it also has an O-ring that is situated for smooth operation within the barrel.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA airflow cap body

Inside the airflow ring/cap you will see that it has a slight dome like effect going on, any stray liquid will drop back down to your coils.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA doming cap

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA – Barrel

Again made of stainless steel, Hellvape has redesigned the external airflow system compared to V2, this time they have given us 3 slots on each side of the barrel.

For advertising the barrel has the Dead Rabbit logo engraved into it.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA airflow barrel

Inside the barrel you will see 2 bayonets for connection to the base/build deck.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA – Base/Build Deck

On at the bottom of the base you will see that Hellvape has included all the usual info as well as a unique serial number.

The RDA comes with a standard gold plated 510 connection pin and can be swapped out for the bottom fed squonk pin.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA pins and info

Around the base are situated 2 O-rings for the barrel to slip over, the O-rings are quite thick and it often takes me 2 attempts to seat the barrel properly!

The 510 threading has been turned well and the pin sticks out just enough to be used with a hybrid connection.

o-rings and thread

Looking at the build deck it has a 5ml juice well, and the posts are round but angled slightly upwards, they say it’s easy to cut your coil tails, however I find that the clippings 9 times out of 10 end up in the deck and I have to shake the deck to them out lol.

5ml well

If you look carefully at each end of the post assembly you will see the bf squonk inlet valves.

valve squonk

How Does the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA Perform?

That’s a good question…

For this review I will be using the SS V3 RDA with on my GeekVape S100.

And later I’ll use the rainbow version on a squonk device.

100 and v3 rda

Because of my nickel allergy, I’m going to use my own DIY coils.

For e-liquid, in both I will be using a new liquid to me Cider “Rhubarb” it has an interesting floral flavour.

How To Prepare the Dead Rabbit V3 RDA For Use!

Building for both dripper and squonk RDAs are basically the same… just switch pins for squonking.

  • Make your coils or use those that come with the kit; if cutting the coil tails while seated in the posts, check for the clippings in the well!

Normally I would pre cut the wire tails using my Coily tool.Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA tail cutting

  • Pulse and strum the coils.Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA coil glow
  • Load your cotton into the coils – comb and trim it, tuck the cotton into the deck!Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA in cotton
  • Dampen the coils and cotton with liquid.Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA cotton damp

Reassemble the V3 RDA, and enjoy on a mod of your choice!

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA in use

I’m in love with this new version of the RDA, and have mainly used it as a dripper on various mods.

As a dual coil deck I found the RDA easy to build on, simply drop your coils in to the post holes and tighten the screws.

mods liquid display

I have tried several different coils in the deck of various sizes 3.5mm work best for me, including single coils.

For this review I’m using 0.14Ω dual SS316L Clapton coils in the SS version.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA As A standard RDA

My main wattage is around 55 to 65w as a direct to lung vape with the airflow wide open.

I go as high as 80w depending on my mood, or dropping to around 35w with a more restricted airflow.

airflow honey

The airflow is nice and smooth with no turbulence that I could detect, using the slot airflow I normally set it to about ¾’s open, it give a heck of a cloud with nice flavour.

The honeycomb AF can lend itself nicely as a very loose MTL vape with the airflow turned down the wattage I prefer to use is around 30w, it’s equally as good for DTL as well, and produces good vapour and the flavour was great whatever airflow used.

BF or 510 Pins

If you have experience with squonk mods, you will know the main benefit, is not having to drip your liquid, to be honest I would say it doesn’t matter which type of mod you use as the performance of this RDA with either pin is comparably the same.

For testing purposes, I have been using my Vandy Vape Dual Pulse Squonk mod with the rainbow version of this V3 RDA with Kanthal 24g, 0.2Ω dual coils between 40 and 50w.

liquid squonk

I haven’t had any leaks or over squonked with this RDA at all!

And just like using the RDA as a dripper the flavour was good with excellent vapour production.


  • Very good quality and design
  • Solid materials
  • Excellent vapour production
  • Good flavour
  • Easy to build on
  • BF Squonk pin
  • Smooth none turbulent airflow


  • The deck O-rings are a little thick often making seating the barrel difficult.
  • I wish Hellvape had lifted the posts a little more, as some clippers are too large to fit under the posts!

Final Review Verdict

In the time I have been using this RDA, it has given me good flavour and excellent vapour quality with a smooth draw, the deck is easy to build upon and while I personally prefer to use this one as a dripper, I did have a very good experience using the RDA for squonking and hybrid use!

If asked I would recommend to Hellvape that the posts need a little more elevation as my tail clips always seem to end up in the deck, not a big con really just a pain lol.

Would I recommend the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V3 RDA?

Yes I would, it’s a nice little RDA with smooth airflow that gives a decent vapour and flavour.

Would I buy this RDA again due loss or damage?

Even though I have 2 V3 RDA’s if I lost them, would I think about replacing them “Yes” definitely!

So…is this a Dead Rabbit too far?

Are you likely to be buying this one?

Please let me know in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Vapour Production
Quality of Manufacture
Ease of building
Replace if lost or Stolen
Hi my name is Kevin, I started vaping back in 2009 mainly because my little boy at 3 years old was starting to copy the way daddy smoked a cigarette! Over the years I have gained a good amount of experience with different types of vaping hardware but I'm just a normal guy who enjoys sharing my experiences. This is why I started my Youtube vape review channel in 2014. To date the channel has had over 500,000 views. Being disabled, vaping has given me a gateway to meeting people from all different walks of life, many of those I would not have met under other circumstances. The way I look at my reviews is, if I can convince just one person to give up the stinky’s my job is done. I class myself as a tinkerer as I like to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together, yes that includes e-cigarette mods! One day I would like to be able to design my own mod. I am a dedicated father, and husband to my sweetheart of nearly 30 years! Family to me comes before anything else.


  1. I absolutely love this dripper! Only fault is after like a day of use, the drip tip falls out constantly.. so easy to knock out & im surprised no reviews are mentioning this!

    Is this something you’ve found after prolonged use?

    • Hey Lewis, I cant say I’ve had that problem mate in fact mine is super tight so much so I have to push it from inside the cap, maybe if you check the in bedded O ring, its possible that they may have used a very thin one, there is a replacement in the box dude cheers.

  2. One of the most detailed reviews I have come across. I have V2 of the Dead Rabbit and is my go to RDA. Based on Kevins review I have just ordered a V3. Many thanks for taking the time and trouble publishing this Kevin.


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