The Hellvape Arez 120 is a new regulated mod from Hellvape, and not just any mod!

Nothing as boring as a dual 18650 with the usual fake leather surround, featuring some kind of IP rating which claims it can be thrown over a bridge or driven over with a car.

Hellvape Arez 120 review

Nor does it provide an obscene amount of power, which for most of us is completely unnecessary.

Nope, none of that! It seems for Hellvape’s first regulated device, they’ve gone for that sleek, simple design which apparently they base on a design concept from the Apple Macbook.

My experiences of Hellvape products are mostly very good.

They have released a number of RDA’s which I use regularly including the Drop Dead, Dead Rabbit and most recently the Hellbeast RDA.

All of which have similarities but all perform excellently and very easy to build.

Lets crack on and try out the Hellvape Arez 120 Mod.

What Can We Expect From The Hellvape Arez 120 Mod?

The Hellvape Arez 120 has been constructed from a single piece of aluminium in what they call an ‘Unibody Design’.

For those who now anything about vehicle manufacturing, you basically have two ways to build the body/chassis of a car, either in sections called ‘Body-On-Frame’ or Unibody.

Hellvape Arez 120 machining

Unibody meaning the vehicle frame is made from a single piece of metal basically.  A single block has been engraved by a CNC machine and claims to be extremely durable due to there being no separate pieces fixed together to complete the device.

Even the buttons have apparently been tested 100k times to check their durability and the ‘powerful Hellchip’ has been provided by a ‘top-level’ chip company.

Hellvape are certainly using the right kind of words in their marketing material to really draw me in!

The Arez 120 is a single 21700 device which can also house 20700 and 18650 batteries and can fire up to 120w with the 21700 installed.

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Inside the Hellvape Arez 120 Box

Hellvape Arez 120 reviewed

  • 1 x Arez 120 Device
  • 1 x 18650 battery Adaptor
  • 1 x USB-C Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Card
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Hellvape Arez 120 – Specifications

Hellvape Arez 120 contents

  • Battery -Single 21700/20700 or 18650 with adaptor
  • Wattage Output – 5-120w (120w = 21700 / 100w = 20700 / 80w = 18650)
  • Up to 26mm atomizer without overhang
  • Output Modes: VW/VV/TC/NI/SS
  • Multiple Circuit Protections
  • Screen: 0.96″ OLED
  • Height: 83.0mm
  • Width: 26.0mm
  • Depth: 43.0mm
  • Weight: 100g (Without Batteries)

The Hellvape Arez 120 comes in a limited number of colours, however sometimes this is just for the initial release, depending on its popularity we may see more colour variants in future.

Hellvape Arez 120 colours

I received the Black (matte black) version, however Gunmetal and ‘Blackish Green’ are also available.

Hellvape Arez 120 Design and Build Quality

The Hellvape Arez 120 is actually a fairly small device considering it can house a single 21700 battery.

It’s also fair to say its quite a plain looking device with very little with regards to modern angular shapes and contrasts in materials.

Hellvape Arez 120 in hand

The Hellvape Arez 120 is simply styled and being only 26mm in width means you’ll be able to fit up to a 26mm atomizer on top without any overhang.

Hellvape Arez 120 In The Hand

The Hellvape Arez 120 has a fairly premium feel for sure, the paint finish is nice and smooth and feels durable.

In the hand regardless of which battery you use, it feels nice and weighty but not heavy but has a nice feel.

Due to the curvature of the device it fits nicely as a thumb or finger firer but personally I have enjoyed it as a thumb firer – there is even a little ledge above the fire button which works really nicely with your thumb.

Hellvape Arez 120

One thing I don’t like…the adjustment buttons above the screen…

The majority of devices have the adjustment buttons below the display for the obvious reason, when pressing the adjustment buttons on the Arez 120, your thumb covers the screen so you can’t see what adjustments you’re making.

Hellvape Arez 120 screen

Yeah of course you could adjust your finger or thumb position so you’re not blocking the screen but it doesn’t feel natural. Again for some this may not be an issue but its an observation that I need to make you aware of.

Hellvape Arez 120 510 connector

The sandblasted aluminium finished top-plate of the Hellvape Arez 120 is very clean and simple and will allow a 26mm atomizer on top.

The 510 connector is spring loaded and has a very long throw however oddly enough, regardless of what tank or dripper I use, there is a tiny gap between the 510 base and the atomizer.

Hellvape Arez 120

Maybe 1mm but I can see daylight through it. A little frustrating but on the other hand this 1mm gap stops any chances of scratching the sandblasted aluminium top.

The connector itself is to one side of the top, and not centred.

This again may be an issue for those who preferred a centred 510 – however if you look at the size of this device, you get to understand why it couldn’t possibly be centred, unless they increased the height of the device completely due to the battery housing basically being almost the full height of the device..

Hellvape Arez 120 510

Hellvape Arez 120 Buttons

The rounded fire button and Left/Right (+ & -) buttons match the device in a matte black finish.

Hellvape say they tested the buttons 80k-100k times and they certainly feel pretty good.

Hellvape Arez 120 buttons

The buttons are made from the same material but the actual fire button has a different feel when pressed compared to the adjustment buttons. The fire button has a soft cushioned feel to it whereas the adjustment buttons are certainly more clicky.

I have had the odd time where I’ve pressed the fire button and it hasn’t fired, I’m not really sure why, because you re-press it and it fires right up.

It’s  a weird issue I’m yet to really understand. But think its something I should mention.

Hellvape Arez 120 Display

Hellvape makes use of the ‘HellChip’ that they claim has been made by a top chip manufacturer.

Nope there’s no Potatoes in this device unfortunately.

Hellvape Arez 120 colour display

The main display has a number of different colour options and across the board, they are mostly bright, vibrant and very clear. Only the dark blue option being the difficult one to see in daylight.

The main display fades up to full brightness when you press any button and displays your set wattage, a Lock icon, coil resistance, voltage, puff count with  digits and a battery level icon at the bottom of the display.

Hellvape Arez 120 colours

Being a wattage only device makes this super simple and I’m actually quite a fan of this display, its clear, generally bright in any conditions and everything is on the one screen.

Personally I’ve mostly used the Green and the White on Black display options, but the others are just as good.

Hellvape Arez 120 Base

Unlike the majority of devices that require an external battery, the charge port for the Arez 120 is located at the base, the USB-C port can charge the device with a 2A rating.

I find it a little odd that its located at the base, meaning you will have to lay your mod down if you like to charge your battery internally – tanks don’t like laying down without giving a little leak every now and then.

Hopefully the USB-C port being located at the base will discourage folks from charging internally?

The battery door is one of those annoying threaded buttons that I really don’t like too much, but because of the way the Arez 120 is constructed, it makes sense that its this type.

It removes the ‘Moving Parts’ problem, your only problem would be if you loose the battery cap altogether!

The threading is very smooth  and the battery connector within the device is spring loaded so its not too difficult to fit a battery and thread the battery cap on.

Hellvape Arez 120 Externals

The Arez 120 in essence is a very simple looking device.

It weirdly reminds me of the Squid Industries Tac 21 device but without the weird spinning adjustment dial and the gap between the batteries. But that’s the closest thing I could think of.

The matte black paint finish feels nice and smooth and I guess for some that may be a minor con as there isn’t a great deal of grip to this device.

What’s impressed me most about this device is that its so compact for a device which can house a 21700 battery.

Comparing it to some of the other recent single 21700 regulated devices, its extremely small. Especially in comparison to something like the Lost Vape Grus 100w mod or even the Aspire Deco.

Hellvape Arez 120 Basic Operation

There really isn’t much in regards to button configurations you need to remember with the Hellvape Arez 120.

Firstly when you install a battery it’ll instantly ask what type of battery you are using, and depending on which battery you select, you will get a different wattage output from the device.


  • 18650 – 80w Maximum Output
  • 20700 – 100w Maximum Output
  • 21700 – 120w Maximum Output

The main screen once you’ve selected your battery type is very simple and there are only a small number of button sequences to remember

Here’s the basic steps for operation:

  • Device On/Off – 5 click of Fire Button
  • Left Button – Wattage Down
  • Right Button – Wattage Up
  • Press Fire & Right Button – Locks adjustment buttons. Will Still fire.
  • Press Fire & Left Button – Resets Puff Counter
  • Press &; Hold Left & Right Buttons – Change display colour.

How Does The Hellvape Arez 120 Perform?

Considering the Hellvape Arez 120 is a single battery device, I’ve generally stuck to lower powered atomizers.

For the majority of my time, I used the Wirice Launcher sub-ohm tank that I actually purchased for this review!

Yeah that’s right, us reviewers do actually buy stuff. So I can say for sure, if you’re a Hellvape/Wirice fan – The Launcher Tank sits nicely on the Arez120 and being fairly low power coils (55w-65w) means you’ll get fairly good battery life out of a single 21700.

I also spent a day using it as a MTL device with the Aspire Neeko MTL RTA on top at a nice 22w.

If you’re a vaper who enjoys high power with large atomizers, then the Arez 120 clearly wont be for you, but for people either using an MTL tank or a fairly low power sub-ohm tank, this Hellvape Arez 120 might well be a practical option.

Can the Hellvape Arez 120 Be Practical?

This question will always come down to how you vape – are you a heavy vaper at high wattage or an occasional vaper at low wattage.

In my experience with this device at around 55-65 watts, a single 21700 battery will last around 250 puffs which for me is enough to get me through a days work but not enough to last a full day. Which means carrying spare batteries, or charging you device via the USB-C port during the day, which I generally tend to avoid doing.

But generally speaking, unless you’re a 120w vaper, all day every day, I see no reason why the Hellvape Arez 120 can’t be practical for day to day use.

I also feel its durable enough to last a fair amount of time and may even take the odd knock or drop however I’m not too keen on testing that out to be fair as Hellvape don’t claim this has any kind of shockproof rating.


  • Feels very high quality
  • Extremely compact for a 21700 mod
  • Clear, bright & simple display
  • Quick responsive chipset
  • Display has a smart fade to it when turning on/off
  • Paint finish has been very durable


  • Battery cap may bother some
  • Adjustment buttons above screen
  • Slight gap between 510 and atomizer
  • USB-C port on the base
  • Fire button every now and then doesn’t operate

What Could Be Improved?

I really feel my recommendations would also present some other issues. 

Implementing any of my recommendations would mean making the device larger in one way or another and would also mean changing the construction meaning there would be moving parts.

So in essence I don’t really have anything that I strongly feel could be changed with this device, just ideas that may suit some, but not others.

  • Place charge port and adjustment buttons below screen
  • Centre the 510 connector
  • Loose the 1mm gap between 510’s
  • Change the battery door type

Final Review Verdict

Is the Hellvape Arez 120 just another single battery device to hit the market?

Simply put yes but it does offer a few things that others haven’t done.

Firstly, its very compact and comfortable to hold and use along with having a super simple chipset.

So in a way you could say this is a basic system. But lets be clear – that’s actually what a lot of us are after. A simple device with no bells or whistles but works well and is durable enough to last.

I think Hellvape has done an excellent job with their first regulated device. The construction is almost flawless and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this for the past week as my all-day mod.

Like any device, there are some things we like and dislike, some aspects of this device may not suit you whilst other do.

In the case of the Hellvape Arez 120, all the flaws I have mentioned are purely subjective and if I’m honest, none of the flaws have really bothered me that much but seeing as this is a new device which is CNC machined from a single block, I felt it important to highlight as much as I could, regardless of how minor the flaws may be.

Have any questions about the Hellvape Arez 120 Device?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for this balanced review. I just bought one last week but I haven’t had time to check it out.

    Just a word of advice- you need someone to proofread your reviews before publication. Their are way too many misspellings etc which makes any article look unprofessional.

    • Thanks for you comment and the editorial critique…I had a look and found one error – I’d left the word ‘close’ rather than ‘closest’ which I have now rectified…BTW we are UK English rather than American English and as you’re into spelling and grammar checks, in your case it’s ‘there’ not ‘their’ 😉 Cheers!


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