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Introduction: The Falcon Sub Ohm Tank from Horizon

After hearing many people say how wonderful it is I have finally got my hands on the Horizon Falcon Sub Ohm tank.

This new release from the brand which brought us the Arco, Arctic Turbo and the Duos promises a range of really innovative coil heads – including a lovely new mesh coil too.

The coils available are:

  • F1 Falcon Coil: 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.2ohm, 80±10W
  • F2 Falcon Coil: Natural flax fibre, 0.2ohm, 80±10W
  • F3 Falcon Coil: Flax fibre + flax paper, 0.2ohm, 70±10W
  • M1 Falcon Coil: Mesh Coil, 30% wood pulp + 70% cotton, 0.15±0.03ohm, 70±10W

Since reviewing the Fireluke Mesh tank I have become a fan of mesh coil heads and that was what sparked my interest when I wrote the preview for the Falcon in February.

On top of some crazy new coil materials this tank has a top fill cap and bottom adjustable airflow.

You can choose from 6 colours – Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Red and Rainbow.

horizon falcon coloursI actually purchased this tank myself as I was so curious to see if the performance was as good as the rumours I was hearing!

So let’s get this little beauty filled up and fired up!

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What’s In The Box

  • Horizon Falcon Tank
  • 0.2ohm F1 Falcon Coil
  • 0.15ohm M1 Mesh Falcon Coil
  • Spare Glass Tube
  • Set of O-Rings

horizon falcon kit contents


  • 25.2mm Base Diameter
  • 24mm Glass Diameter
  • 5mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Convenient Threaded Top-Fill Method
  • Bottom Airflow Control – Triple Slotted Design
  • Horizon Falcon Coil Technology
  • Sloped Resin Widebore Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection
  • Colours: Silver, Black, Blue, Green, Red and Rainbow.

falcon components

Build Quality & Design

I have the Rainbow version sat in front of me and I am using this on my Geekvape Aegis and my Augvape V200 mods.

Horizon Falcon tankThe tank itself is really beautiful – the colour is amazing.

At the top you have a contrasting resin drip tip and you can replace this with a standard 510 drip tip with o-rings on the bottom.falcon tank view

The top cap has a lovely grip and a weird short thread design so it is basically less than a full turn to remove the cap. With my dodgy hands this has been heaven – I have even resorted to water pump pliers in the last few weeks to take the top off some of my tanks.

horizon falcon v200The tank base has a sturdy airflow adjustment ring which when sat on top of my mod has a slight resistance to turning but still worked.

This just feels like it is a quality tank and the included spares in the kit back this theory up too.horizon falcon augvape v200

How Does the Horizon Falcon Tank Perform?

Basic operation

The tank has an airflow adjustment ring at the base which you turn to expose or close the air inlet slot to your preference.falcon tank close up

How To Fill The Horizon Falcon Tank

horizon falcon top fill

  • Grip the top cap and unscrew – it has a short thread design so it unscrews in less than a full turn.
  • Add E-liquid to the filling slots – do not add liquid to the centre hole.horizon falcon refill holes
  • Replace the top cap.

How To Change The Coil Head

  • Remove the tank from the mod.
  • Turn the tank upside down and unscrew the base.
  • Unscrew the existing coil head if installed.
  • Add a few drops of e-liquid to the cotton you can see on the new coil head.
  • Install the new coil into the tank base.
  • Replace the base onto the tank.
  • Refill as above.

The Mesh (M1) coil head in particular will need a good 10 minutes to sit and absorb e-liquid when installed and filled up for the first time – mesh coils are renown for being hard to wick properly so you want to make sure you give this a good chance!

Flavour & Cloud Production

For this review I used an 80% VG E-liquid. This is a sub ohm tank so it will perform better with nicotine below 6mg strength.

Further Reading: What is PG and VG in E-liquid?

Horizon M1 0.15ohm Mesh Coil Head

Just wow – what an incredible coil head this is.

I filled it and being a good girl I left it to sit for 15 minutes as nobody wants a dry hit from a mesh coil – ooooh no.

Anyway the recommended power setting for this coil is 70w +/- 10W. So I set this at 60W and went up – and up and up!

At 60W this is perfectly acceptable, at 70W it comes alive and 80W wow super hot!

It’s incredible using this at 80W how hot this coil burns and you don’t get a single hint of burnt cotton.

80W-90W was a bit hot for me so I settled on 75W which is perfect.

With the airflow half open I got a wonderful restricted DTL vape – which is my preference. The taste, vapour and heat were so good they reminded me of the OBS Crius 2 RTA – very close to this indeed!

With the airflow fully open it was like using one of the Smok TFV12 Prince tanks – so you can get a good strong open airflow too.

Over a week later this coil head is still going strong – I am only removing it so I can try the other coil – or else I would happily keep vaping away on this! I have found my preference now is 65W with this coil head.

So there we have it a stock coil head which performs very closely to a rebuildable!

The M1 coil head lasted me just over a week of heavy vaping before I got an odd flavour. But bear in mind I had been ramping up the wattage on this for testing so I will be more gentle on the replacement coil heads!

Horizon F1 0.2ohm Coil Head

The Horizon F1 coil head is wicked with 70% cotton and 30% wood pulp. The recommended power setting is 80W +/- 10W.

I started this on 50W just in case the liquid hadn’t fully absorbed.

I can tell already this is more of a cloud chaser coil than the mesh version. Loads of vapour even at 50W!

At 60W more of the same, so far very cool vape too. 70W we are getting more flavour and even more vapour! At 80W starting to get a bit of gurgle, 90W less so and more and more cloudz bro!

I tried 100W for the crack and it’s pretty much the same as 90W and still not a dry hit in sight! This coil really does wick well.

To try and preserve battery life I ran this coil at 80W for the majority of the time.

This isn’t as good for flavour as the Mesh coil and I have the Mesh coil on order as that is my preference. This is much more for vapour.

This is a super airy coil head – wow I am having to really close down the airflow on the tank for this one. Not my cup of tea but great for people who love a really open airy vape.


  • Beautiful looking tank.
  • Excellent kit contents
  • Great price
  • Good capacity
  • Lots of innovative coil head options
  • Easy to remove top cap
  • Wide range of airflow adjustment
  • Mesh coil head is amazing for taste, heat and vapour.
  • Can replace the drip tip with a standard 510


  • Bottom airflow ring was a bit tight to turn when sat on my mod.
  • No instruction manual!

Final Review Verdict

So far I can honestly say the performance of the Horizon Falcon is similar if not equal to some RTA’s I have used.

I have heard a few people mention they have had leaks from their Falcon – I didn’t get any at all with mine?

For a stock coil tank the performance is mind blowing.

Both coils had zero dry hits after being left to stand and ramping up to 100W!

I am buying the Mesh coil replacements as this is really the coil for me – I love a restricted DTL vape with heat and lots of flavour and this 100% fits the bill!

I know a lot of people think sub ohm stock coil tanks are history but for someone like me who suffers with hand dexterity issues this is an absolute godsend.

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Build Quality
Ease of use
M1 Mesh coil head - Flavour
M1 Mesh coil head - Vapour
F1 coil head - Flavour
F1 coil head - Vapour
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 43 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again last year and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of February 2018 and that is all thanks to vaping! I am a huge dog lover and volunteer for my local dog rescue.


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