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Introduction – The BF Squeezer By Hugo Vapor

The Hugo Vapor Squeezer mod is from a relatively young vaping brand with less than 10 products on the market. Still, most vapers will be familiar with the brand from countless Instagram shots of their brightly coloured, lightweight and hugely popular Boxer range of mods.

I own 2 Boxer Raders, personally and, based on those alone, I’m afraid my experience with the brand hasn’t been what I’d call successful. Like the Boxer, the product for review today is constructed of an ‘innovative’ nylon-fibre composite shell that’s both heat resistant to the max and insanely lightweight.

This time though, it’s a mechanical squonker, making it even more convenient! And not just any mech squonker but a super affordable one.

Now, I love a mechanical squonker for convenience and simplicity and so, in spite of past review fails I’ve had with the brand, I was keen to get my hands on the BF Squeezer…especially since I loved the look and feel of my Boxers, even if neither of them worked.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Hugo Vapor Squeezer Mod
  • 1 x nylon fibre 18650 adaptor
  • 2 x 10ml silicon BF bottles
  • 1 x silicon decanting bottle


  • 10 ml BF bottle
  • Nylon-fibre shell
  • Dimensions: 25 x 50 x 78mm
  • 510 threaded
  • Mechanical only
  • Super soft silicon bottle
  • Copper connects
  • Lockable fire button
  • Comes in Camo, blue, red, black, yellow, green, purple and morehugo squeezer contents

Build Quality & Design

I first admire the array of bright and shiny Hugo Vaper squeezer mod images on the packaging, with black fire buttons they look smoother and shinier than the nylon fibre I’m used to…only, on opening the box I am greeted by a colour finish (mine is blue), a fire button and a surface texture that looks nothing like what’s pictured on the packaging: hmmm, oh well.

With that out the way, I lift out the Squeezer mod, with it’s dark grey silicon BF bottle already, clearly, installed and a bunch of extra accessories in the box.

Damn…this thing IS light! Insanely light, it ways only 93g.hugo squeezer 510

The chassis is not painted, since the nylon-fibre itself is dyed. The texture isn’t too rough to the touch but it has a blasted, fibrous feel. The good thing about the finish is the way it maintains grip, even when covered in e-liquid…but we’re not there yet.Hugo Vapor Squeezer grip

The shape is rectangular, with the side opposite the fire button being round edged and slightly widened to fit the contours of your palm perfectly, it is very ergonomic.

The fire button, positioned in the upper half of the narrow vertical side (and not black, as pictured) nearest the 510 connection, sits within an oblong indentation and is itself oblong and thumb tip sized.hugo squeezer fire

The fire button has a wonderful, springy feel, not a click but a spring, which I quite like and which is normal on a mechanical device. What’s more, it locks, when switched up it is impossible to depress, switched down… fire away.hugo squeezer base

On the base, directly below the squonk bottle, is a round black brand. Above the squonk bottle, atop the mod, is a deep 510 threaded BF connection, with a lot of give to it. It’s set within a Boxer-esque, SS tank seating with a sort of target practice design.

To change bottles, refill or swap batteries, you must pull off the round edged side of the mod. The entire front panel (with the squonk hole in it) will come away, as will half the back.

It slides out and in on grooves and there are NO magnets, it slides out very easily and this worries me, a lot.

Once the cover, (which also has a massive SQUEEZER brand deeply impressed across it, on the same side as the ample squonk hole) comes off, the mechanical workings, squonk bottle and battery chamber are revealed in all their ‘glory.’

The chamber holds a 20700 cell or, alternatively, you can use an 18650, with the included adaptor.

The silicon bottle has a great connecting tube which sits tight in the cap and doesn’t pull out the tube when you remove the bottle, even so, Hugo Vapor has provided an innovative filling method amongst the accessories but I will get to that.

How Does The Hugo Vapor Squeezer Mod Perform?

After getting my thick wrapped 18650 seriously stuck in the hard nylon-fibre adaptor (I would have preferred silicon, for sure) , I decided on a 20700 instead. First though, I popped in the adaptor fitted 18650 and closed the mod.hugo Vapor squeezer hand

The battery rattles around inside the mod.

I pop in a 20700 to see if that solves the issue, it doesn’t.

The entire battery rattles and slides around as you move the mod, slowly scratching the battery connects and copper plates and just being plain irritating.

Not to mention the fact that after 3 days of use, the device simply stopped working.

In spite of the rattly battery, for 3 days… the Squeezer hits like a MONSTER, I hooked it up with the Coilart Dpro with a 0.15 ohm, dual fused Clapton build and for 3 days I simply ignored the rattle, so blessed was I with insane clouds and just really incredible vaping.hugo Vapor squeezer internals

I did actually drop the device twice, holding on to the battery cover side. On two occasions, the rest of the mod slipped out of my hand…leaving me standing there with the battery cover in my hand and the words WHAT THE F*** escaping me with quality, not at all cool, HV.

I imagine that those intense falls (all due to cheap-ass manufacture, in my humble opinion) are the reason why my Squeezer mod now fires on about every 15th attempt and no more.

Look, I understand that you want to make the mod cheaply so that you can sell it at an affordable price but I feel like this is just negligent. I can’t picture myself putting a product like this on the shelves, great as it vapes. Great as it vaped, vapes every 15 attempts, whatever.

The sad thing is how easy and probably cheap it would have been to remedy this with a little barrier between the battery and the bottle that would have prevented sliding and as little as a single magnet or mechanical lock to prevent the weight of the battery causing a drop when you don’t hold the mod just so.

Now on to filling, given that the included silicon bottle is so soft that if you so much as look at it wrong it will splurt juice at you, it’s a good thing that this decanting system, as seen in the ‘How To Fill’ section, has been included.

However, this decanting system requires that the smaller bottle be absolutely empty, otherwise, when you squeeze it to release air before decanting via your BF connection…well, it will simply SPLURT juice all over you. I have yet to refill this device without ending up even more irritated and in need of a wet wipe.

The worst is when your squeeze bottle is full of juice and you want to try to take it out and dry it but it’s full. Like I said, you just have to look at it for the juice to get ALL over the place. I’ve used squonkers and sure, silicon bottles can be messy…but nothing quite like this.

The device always seemed to be juicy, as was I when using it.

How To Fill

  • Fill your 30 ml decanting squeezer
  • Unscrew your RDA
  • Squeeze all air out of your installed 10ml squeezer bottle
  • Screw the 30ml bottle into the RDA connection
  • Squeeze the big bottle until the little one is full
    Replace your RDAhugo squeezer fill

Battery Life

Battery life was altogether excellent, I used iJoy 20700s and enjoyed a 0.15 Ohm vape for at least 8-9 hours, 2-3 hours less with an 18650.


  • Light weight and ergonomic shell
  • Great battery life
  • Hit like a beast when working
  • Lockable fire with good spring


  • No magnets, caused me to drop half of the device, twice
  • Battery is loose inside, falls around and scratches against contacts
  • Bottles are way too soft and fill method is awkward
  • Device stopped working after 3 days

Final Review Verdict

I’m a little confused about the fact that there are so many excellent reviews of the Hogo Vapor Squeezer online.

I realize I’ve put this review in very late (long story) but goodness me, at least now there’s a different (but honest) perspective out there for those of you who are thinking that this looks like the perfect device due to all the shining reviews.

In my opinion, it is NOT. Maybe I would be less inclined to notice these things (or have them drive me bananas) if my previous mods from the brand hadn’t given me trouble, I dunno.

I’d love to have a working device that vapes as good as this one did, with its battery life…however, I don’t feel that enough attention has been paid to battery safety here and I feel that the device was cheaply and almost negligently made. That’s why I didn’t bother asking for a replacement.

I see a device that feels wrong and may well end up being dropped or just dead as a doornail. I’m sorry Hugo Vapor and Hugo Vapor fans but this one is another epic fail for me. I understand that my dropping the device probably loosened up some invisible something that it shouldn’t have but the fact is, I dropped it because it’s so poorly made!


Would I buy the Hugo Vapor Squeezer if I lost/broke the device? Hell no.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


  1. Fill instructions are completely wrong.

    1 Add juice to filler bottle.
    2 Remove rda.
    3 Attach filler bottle to 510 firmly.
    4 Turn entire mod upside down.
    5 Squeeze squonk bottle to remove some air.
    6 Turn mod correct way up.
    7 Gently squeeze filler bottle to transfer juice.
    8 Repeat from no 4 as required.

    I’ve been doing the above for months without spilling a single drop however you do need to wipe clean both internal (mod) and external (filler bottle) 510 threads afterwards.

  2. Hugo doesn’t make the Boxer mods, it more or less rips off the design 1:1.
    The maker of the Boxer mods is Ginger Vaper.
    Again, the Sqeezer and the Boxer are from two completely different companies.

  3. Can only say I think you have got unlucky with the door, I’ve got a couple and luckily there doors fit really well. Oh well just a shame really because as you said it’s a great hitting mech squonker thanx for the review.

  4. You absolutely have give it one more shot after using the Samsung 21700-30T battery. It solves the battery rattle by filling up the gaps between the sled and the door. The powerful hit u get from the 21700 is so great, you’ll never go back to the smaller ones. Battery life is even more spectacular. The size of the battery will even help keep your door in place. 90% of your cons will be remedied by this battery alone. It’s a beast. As far as filling, I don’t even use their fill bottle. The squonk bottle connects so easily to the little nub inside, it’s better to just take it out and fill straight to the bottle, then reconnect. After I upgraded to the 30T, I completely fell back in love with the mod. Try it out and if u still don’t like it, I’ll buy the setup from u. No bull.

  5. Im so happy with mine. Ive not used the decant as i wait for the squonk to be empty and then just refill that. Doors havent slipped off for me and very snug fit. My 18650s all slip in and out of the adaptor easily both rewraps and original covers with stickers.
    This is my first foray into squonking and im using the wasp nano on it. Love the way i can rda without dripping every 5 mins. Makes my drive yo work a hazy breeze.
    Been 3 weeks with no leaks no drops. Anyone looking to enter into squonking i cant recommend it enough. Cheap and for me a sturdy surprisingly small mod. Defs gonna use for nights out as light and easy to lug round.

  6. I think your review is utter bullshit, this has been 1 of the best mech squonkers I have used to date beating mods that have cost me over 150£ and many many other people will agree with me.


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