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This Innokin AIO PCC starter kit is available from a few online stores but I purchased mine from Vapour Room, main reason being that I have bought a number of things from them and every time has been a smooth and simple transaction. This was no different.

In the boxinnokin aio pcc starter kit

The Portable Charging Case itself is available in either black or silver over at Vapour Room, I went for the black. This is what you will find in the box:

Velvet carry bag
Retractable charging lead
Retractable output lead
PCC to device adapter wheel
1 battery
5 cartomsiers
Mixed bungs pack


innokin aio starter kitThe AIO PCC kit comes with just the one battery as standard, there is an option for a second.

I personally like having two batteries rotating but this isn’t completely necessary as the starter kit has the PCC so you can charge your battery as you are vaping.

The battery itself performs great, very responsive and the draw is really easy and free flowing. The battery life is good for a battery of this size and its finished with a nice rubberised coating.

Onto the Portable Charging Case itself, this is one of the best looking cases I have seen. The case I purchased has a glossy black finish, it feels good in the hand and slips in and out of the pocket nice and easy.

innokin aio discountAs well as having the looks the Innokin AIO also has a few extra features that I have ‘so far’ not come across. The main one of these being that it comes with a universal charging adapter that will allow you to charge your Apple devices, Samsung mobile, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and other devices that have micro and mini USB ports.

The case itself allows for about 4-5 hours of charge time for your e cigarette battery and has all the required indicator light to let you know how much power the case and batteries have as well as an indicator light to let you know when the case is finished its charge.

It will also hold three carts and one battery on charge. The charging battery slots into the the case nicely and doesn’t rely on a screw in thread to keep it in place, friction alone keeps it in place.

innokin aio pccThere are a couple of things about the case that I didn’t like, the first is the lid.

The lid pulls straight off, there is no hinge to attach it to the case itself so a little care needs to be taken not to leave it lying around.

The lid does however fit very snugly and it would be difficult for this to come off on its own.

The second is the on/off and display button on the bottom of the case. They do rattle around a bit and could do with being a little more solid. Again, both of these points are no big deal and certainly haven’t put me off using and recommending the case.

Overall 4/5 – The battery and the portable charging case itself both look and perform very well.


innokin aio kr808 batteryThe kit comes with 3 empty 510 cartomisers. There is a choice of buying a bottle of e-liquid as an extra.

I ended up going for the Menthol 12mg e-liquid, I wasn’t overly keen on this menthol, it was definitely ‘vapeable’ but I have had better elsewhere. The vapour volume itself though is very good, I tried a few different flavoured cartos I have in the AIO and they do the job every time.

Overall 4/5 – The vapour volume is very good, as for flavour, the menthol wouldn’t be my first choice but there are plenty of good flavours to choose from. Also flavours are a personal choice.

Customer Service

No faults here, have dealt with Vapour Room on a number of occasions and I can’t fault them. Emails for me have always been responded to within the day and contact can be made via phone as well.


A 7 day return policy is in place for unused/unopened product as well as a guarantee should you find faults with batteries, chargers or PCC’s. As always, take a look at their website for upto date details.

Overall – For those that skipped!

I’ve got to say I was impressed, not only by the looks but the performance of the Innokin AIO PCC. The batteries and carts are excellent and combined provide a very good cloud of vapour.

If you have read my review of the Vapour2 e cig kit then you will know this was a great kit. The AIO is not far off this, both have great looks in different ways. For some reason though I still find myself going back to the V1P PCC for daily use when I am out and about. Maybe that’s because I am just used to using it and feel comfortable with it, I’m not sure?

Either way, if you are new to electronic cigarettes, or you have been vaping for a while and looking for a good portable kit you can use in the car or out and about you won’t go far wrong with this.

Final Innokin AIO Review Verdict

The Innokin AIO PCC Starter Kit is Highly Recommended By

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  1. I will be placing this product in the draw and use it as a last resort. I am sorry to say there is nothing I really like about it and since purchasing it for a give away price for £6.99 and free carriage I cannot complain about the waste of money. As an eroll user I have checked all uk websites to find sufficient spares to continue with the eroll for the foreseeable future.
    The AIO is too big, takes too long to charge in the case and using an eliquid in the cartridge seems to need a refill at too regular refills. I am a medium user so this is not the best product for me
    Happy days!


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