Innokin SVD (Superior Vaping Device) But Is It?

Innokin have released a number of winning e cig devices and when they release a new product I for one look forward to giving it a try.

Just take a look at the MVP 2 and the newer MVP3 for examples of this.Innokin iTaste SVD e cigaretteThe iTaste SVD is a different kettle of fish to the above devices though and comes in the still popular tube form. Can this do a better job of the Vamo’s of this world? Lets take a look.

This product was received free of charge for the purposes of this review.

In the box / Presentation

The Innokin iTaste SVD comes in the usual tidy brown cardboard box and contains:

  • 1 X SVD
  • Instructions


I was a big fan of the Cool Fire 1 due to it’s simplicity in both design and use. The SVD takes things a step further. Out of the box the device has the usual Innokin quality, a solid build that feels nice and weighty in the hand.

Innokin iTaste SVD e cigarette

The SVD doesn’t come with a battery included so be sure to buy one. The good news is you have three choices as the device takes 18350, 18500 and 18650 batteries.

A simple adjustment is carried out by way of the telescopic body, just unscrew or screw (depending on chosen battery) to secure battery in place. This works well but the only issue is that the threading seems quite stiff, not a huge issue and nothing a little WD40 wouldn’t fix. Innokin SVD BaseBattery for the SVD

With the use of the two available batteries the SVD allows you to have a short or long device. The 18650 battery option will of course provide more life and depending on the batteries you go for you will get anything from 1-3 days of vaping time.

I like this type of tube mod as it allows me to reduce the size by using the 18350 battery that makes it suitable for taking out and about.

If you are new to buying these type of batteries please take a moment to read our battery guide for advice on picking the right product.


  • Voltage output – 3V-6. Adjusted in 0.1 increments.
  • Power Output -3W-15W. Adjusted in 0.5 increments.
  • 3 Click On/Off (Firing button)
  • Hold firing button and + or – to choose either Wattage mode or Volts mode
  • Hold both +/- together to lock settings
  • Hold +/- for 2 seconds shows atomiser resistance
  • Hold +/- for 3 seconds shows current battery voltage
  • Red, green and yellow lights to show battery power levels. Flashing red to show re-charge is needed.

There are also numerous safety features

  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Overtime vaping warning

It may all seem a little overwhelming but it looks a lot worse written down than it actually is in the flesh. It’s super simple to use and get the hang of.

Is there anything I didn’t like?

The only things that I didn’t really like was that there is no automatic scrolling through the voltage/watt settings, you just have to keep pressing that button! Also I’m not liking the screen setup. I would prefer to see it sitting flush to the body set within the tube rather that sat on top of the tube. None of these are things that effect the overall performance though.


Solid, quality stainless steel build. Plenty of features and simple to use and get the hang of. The array of batteries you can use to change the size of the device is also a plus point.


I used a few tanks with the SVD. The Aspire Nautilus, the Nautilus Mini and the Kanger Aerotank.

All 510 tanks worked well but none sat perfectly flush with the body. For me the Aspire Nautilus, although a big tank, was my pick in terms of looks sat on top. This is my go to in the house, if out and about though I use the Nautilus Mini with a 18350 in the SVD which makes for an all together less in your face device.Innokin SVD review

If you are new to VV/VW e cigs then start low and work your way up until you find your sweet spot. Start too high and you are likely to get a burnt taste and possibly make the wick unusable.  iTaste SVD 510 Connection

Overall – The SVD worked well with all the tanks I tried so no issues here.

Overall – Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a telescopic tube mod then you can’t go far wrong with the iTaste SVD from Innokin. It’s easy enough for for new vapers to use as well as packing enough features to keep those stepping up from EGO/pen type e cigs busy for a good while.

Here’s the good and not so good.

The Good:

  • Top quality, very well built
  • Great step up for vapers using pen style e cigarettes
  • Can be used with multiple sized batteries allowing to make the device shorter.
  • Functions easy to use.

The Not So Good:

  • A personal taste but i wasn’t keen on the screen sitting on top of the tube. Would rather it be flush.

Final Innokin iTaste SVD Review Verdict:

Very Good step up device from pen style e cigs

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