I have to say I’m a fan of most of the Innokin vape mods not only due to functionality but because they just look and feel great. Innokin VTR Electronic Cigarette
Innokin have used a military theme for most of their devices and if you are familiar with them you will also know some are more some are more obviously military inspired than others…hahem… Cool Fire 2 anyone.

As mentioned though they tend not to be style over functionality and with my much belated review of the VTR VV/VW I’m hoping that won’t be the case here.

Innokin iTaste VTR ReviewIn the box / Presentation

I know that the packaging doesn’t make one bit of difference to the performance but with the iTaste VTR it would be a shame not to mention it.

The VTR comes in an aluminium flight case with cut out foam inserts that houses everything perfectly. Quality all around. In the case you will find the following:

  • 1 X iTaste VTR
  • 1 X iClear 30s Clearomiser
  • Cone adapter to fit EGO and 510 devices (that won’t fit within the standard collar)
  • Instructions

Build Quality and Design

As mentioned Innokin have produced some great looking, quality box mods and the VTR is no different. If anything the VTR is a step up in the quality stakes. Immediately when taking it out of the case the first thing I notice is the weight, if you are used to using a vape pen type e cigarette then it will seem heavy due to the brass build, even those that are using the MVP2/Vamo V5 will notice a big difference.

The thing here though is that the weight goes hand in hand with a real quality feel in the build. It feels right to be heavier and for me, using it for the last couple of months, I like the solid weighty feel.

Anyway enough about the weight, I think you may have gathered by now…. it feels heavy….

So on to the design

The VTR may initially appear similar to the box mod design of the MVP2 but that is where the similarity ends. The VTR is available in two finishes, stainless and jungle camo green.

iTaste VTR Chromed Brass

I bought the stainless version that is finished with a simple web and striped etching design, it has been mentioned by many that the branding is over the top but I’m not too bothered by this, it only appears twice on the LED screen and the body and is tonal to the body itself. The only thing that can be annoying is that the high shine chrome finish is a fingerprint magnet, nothing a quick wipe down doesn’t sort but those with OCD may need to take note!

The industrial style continues with visible screws to the top, side and bottom. The battery cover has been worked nicely with a spring latch accessing the spring loaded battery compartment. The wheel/button on the top of the device is where the various functions are accessed, mainly the Wattage, Voltage and Ohm reader.


itaste vtr rotating wheelOne of the plus points with the VTR is the simplicity in selecting the volts/wattage setting, the rotating wheel can be turned either way to scroll up or down through the settings so no having to scroll right through one way until your setting is reached, as is the case with the MVP 2.

All the settings are clearly displayed on the LED screen.

The iTaste VTR offers between 3-6V and 3-15W which is more than enough for most vapers needs.

I personally just use the variable wattage function as this takes out the need to match up your atomiser resistance with the volts.

Other features include:

  • On/Off function
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Circuit Low Volt Warning
  • Last set voltage is remembered when changing battery

itaste-vtr-battery-efestEverything  latter is not much use but does no harm being there, could be interesting for some vapers who may want to keep a track of how much they are vaping each day or how many puffs they get from certain e-liquids at different voltage or wattage settings.

There are other functions including:

  • Short Circuit/Atomiser Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • 10 seconds cut off

When it comes to powering the VTR (it doesn’t come with a battery so be sure you have one) it is recommended to use an unprotected high drain IMR 18650 battery.

I have been using the EFEST IMR 18650 high drain, 2000 mAh battery that works a treat and has been seeing me through two days vaping. For more information on vape batteries you can check out our guide here. The kit included in the link offer genuine EFEST batteries as an option with their kits.


I love the look and feel the iTaste VTR, yes it is heavy but not in an uncomfortable way, I found it hard to put down. It can also be used effectively as a paper weight, door stop and hammer. To add to all this the VV/VW functions are easy to use and access making it a breeze to use.

Vapour / Flavour

iTaste Vtr with iClear 30sThe iTaste VTR kit comes with the iClear 30s, which we will come back to again in a moment.

Innokin have gone with 510 threading on the VTR but also include an adapter that is meant for a dual purpose, working with EGO threads and allowing to use tanks that are too wide to slot into the space available.

This is potentially the only real issue I have found with the VTR, it’s not an issue for me but for the vapers out there that are using tanks that are too big the only option is to fit the adapter and plonk your clearomiser on top of that and to be fair it looks a bit ridiculous.

It changes the aesthetics from cool and compact with the 30s to looking like a 1980’s mobile phone in one foul swoop. OK… I’m exaggerating a little bit there but it doesn’t exactly lend itself to public vaping very well.VTR With Adapter

So if you have a favourite tank be sure it will fit, I have personally tried the following and they fit and look great:

Stock Clearomiser Performance – iClear 30s

The dual coil iClear 30s has a 3ml capacity with a polycarbonate tank. This looks a little different due to the wicks being housed in a center tube with numerous holes to allow the e-liquid to seep through.

The 30s is top filled and very easy it is to fill too. There is loads of room to get any size of juice bottle tip to fit down the sides.

itaste VTR LED ScreenOnce filled I let the wicks soak for 5 minutes at which stage I was pretty much set and ready to vape. What a vape it is, the flavour and vapour volume from this clearomiser is fantastic, even after a few days and refills all held up really well.

I found around 8.5-9.5W was my sweet spot but the vape juice and the iClear 30s handled a wide spectrum of settings very well. I also experienced zero leaking or gurgling with this tank.

Changing the coils is an easy affair, the whole centre tube needs unscrewing and replacing with a new unit.

Another thing worth noting is the power button position on the VTR. Unlike the MVP2 where it was set on the front of the device, the VTR has it set on the side which makes for a comfortable vaping position.

Overall – The iClear 30s is a real pleasure to use, great flavour and vapour with no leaking or gurgling.

Final Verdict

The Innokin iTaste VTR is fantastic, definitely one of the best vape mods reviewed to date. Yes it weighs more than a baby gorilla but it suits that weight, not only this but it performs really well. The VW/VV functions are easy to use and the iClear 30s is a great tank to match with the device.

The plus points:

  • Feels like a quality, substantial piece of kit with a great build
  • Easy to use
  • If you choose a quality battery the vaping time is great
  • iClear 30s clearomiser works a treat
  • found the Innokin iTaste MVP 2 to be a fantastic electronic cigarette. The build quality is very good, the battery life superb with the 2600 mAh battery and vapour volume / flavour produced certainly did the trick for me.

The ‘possible’ not so plus points

  • Weight may be off putting for some
  • Price may be on the high side for some (Although it doesn’t feel cheap in any way.
  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Not for those that want a device with built in battery.

Final Innokin iTaste VTR Review Verdict:

Excellent: Highly Recommended By www.ecigclick.co.uk

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!


  1. my husband dealt with you quite a lot, unfortunately i lost my husband nearly two years ago , roger made a hobby of the i-cigs it helped him through his illness so i am indebted to your company, he loved his itaste vtr which i bought for him as xmass present he said every thing about it was great sadly he only was able to use it a small amount of time as he passed away the following february, I never thought he would take to vaping as he was a very heavy smoker i am so pleased he did thank you. k stokes

    • Hi Kathleen,

      So sorry for your loss.

      Nice to hear that Roger found a hobby in vaping as many of us former smokers have.

      Thanks for stopping by

      Kind Regards



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