The Innokin Plexar kit is a single battery tube mod style device which comes with the Plex tank, featuring the Plex 3D mesh coils. Boy that’s a lot of Plex’s floating around there!Innokin Plexar Kit ReviewInnokin have long been known for good quality devices, and have recently won a couple of Ecigclick Vape Awards – best kit for beginners with the Endura T18 (also came 2nd for best vape pen), Best MTL Tank for the Innokin Zenith – So the plexar has a lot to live up to!

This Kit was sent to me for the purpose of review. All views and opinions are solely those of my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of others..

In The Box

  • 1 x Plexar Mod
  • 1 x PLEX tank
  • 1 x Spare Glass Tube (2ml for TPD – 4ml elsewhere)
  • 2 x 0.14Ω PLEX 3d Mesh Coil (1x Pre-installed)
  • 1 x 18650 battery adaptor
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Spare O-Ring set (Including top fill seal)
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • User Packet (Warranty cards/Battery Safety)

Innokin plexar Kit Contents

Main Specs/Features

  • Size: 25.6x149mm (Complete kit)
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml (TPD) 4ml Elsewhere
  • 510 Connection
  • Power: 100w MAX Output
  • Plex 3d Mesh 0.14 Ω coils with Cotton & Wood-pulp wicking
  • LED Fire button
  • Slide door Top-Fill
  • 18650 & 20700 battery compatible (And some 21700’s)
  • 810 Drip tip compatible (If they include O-Rings)
  • Bottom Adjustable Airflow
  • Micro USB 1.5A Charging (With ‘Vape While Charging’)
  • Colours: White/Army Green/Grey/Black

Colour options for Plexar Vape mod

Design and Build Quality


Opening the Plexar Kit is an enjoyable experience in itself, a lot of devices come in the Apple style nowadays, with sleeves that slide off and boxes within boxes, within boxes.innokin plexar box

Once you get inside the boxes, everything is nicely packaged with the main bits pushed into a plastic formed shell meaning the components wouldn’t have shaken around at all during carriage. The Quick Start Guide is simple, with good English and worded very well.


The tank measures at approx 23mm wide and the Base to Drip-Tip height is 50mm. The paint finish is nice and smooth and the ‘PLEX’ print on the side does not scratch off.Innokin Plex TankThe 810 Drip tip is beautiful in my opinion, however the tank isn’t compatible with all 810’s – You’ll need to make sure your alternative 810 drip tip has the O-Rings on them, as there is no in-set O-Ring on the tank itself.

The Top-Fill ‘slidey’ door was stiff to begin with, but with a little use it eases up nicely and slides smoothly. The top fill door does not lock shut unfortunately, which could mean its possible for it to slide open whilst bouncing around in your pocket.

This only happened to me once and fortunately I didn’t lose any e-liquid, but a simple push button lock would solve any concerns.Innokin Plex Top Fill Vape Tank

The filling hole is more than ample. Pointing the bottle spout at a 45 degree angle worked best for me which avoided the dreaded spillage. If you do happen to spill a little and then slide shut the top – the liquid will splodge down the side of the tank, so keep an eye on to fill innokin PLEX TANK

The 2 large airflow slots at the bottom are completely adjustable and they are the same on both sides. There is a nice amount of restriction when adjusting the airflow and with the bevelling you are able to grip that section nicely.

At the bottom you have a silver plated 510 connection.

The Mod/Body

The actual ‘Mod’ itself is fairly basic, with a spring loaded 510 connection up topInnokin Plexar Vape Mod

An LED fire button which is situated quite high up the Pen with nice straight, indented line styling running down the device. There is a bottle cap style lid at the base to install/remove you battery.

In The Hand

Quite frankly, the Innokin Plexar feels comfortable to hold. Vape pen style kits are popular generally because they are easier to handle, more practical to carry around unlike a large box mod and although this mod is quite tall (149mm) its extremely portable as well. innokin plexar mod in handThe fire button is perfectly positioned, right where your thumb wants to sit, and in my hands, the base of the stick sits perfectly at the bottom of my hand when slightly cupped.

Thanks to the straight line indent styling around the device, its fairly grippy even though the paint finish is so smooth.

On The Desk

If you’re likely to leave this kit stood upright on your desk, you’ll notice its not too difficult to knock it over, so perhaps invest in a tank band, or leave it on its side. However the screw cap at the base is slightly wider than the rest of the kit so it does give you slight stability when standing at attention.

Setting the Tank & Mod Up

To set up the Kit for first use, it’s pretty simple:

  • Just screw the tank onto the body
  • Install a battery and screw the base back on
  • Slide the Top fill section of the tank and Fill the Tank with e-liquid.
  • Let the e-liquid seep into the coil for at least 5 Minutes
  • Press the fire button 3 times and away you go!

If you need to change coils, here’s what to do:

  • Unscrew base of the tank (Ensuring tank is empty of eliquid)
  • Remove the glass tank section
  • Unscrew the coil
  • Fit new coil
  • Re-fit glass tube
  • Re-fit tank base



  • The Led fire button does everything
  • 3 clicks on/off
  • Press and hold to fire

Whenever you press the fire button, the LED light will show your battery charge level:

  • Green is Full
  • Blue is Half Full
  • Red is Low.

innokin PLEXAR BATTERy indicator lights
When charging the device, the fire button will glow Red, and will turn Green when fully charged.

How Does The Innokin Plexar Perform?

I’ve put the Innokin Plexar kit through its paces, using a number of coils (same type) and all styles of batteries that could possibly fit the device. Along with a range of e-liquids.

Flavour & Vapour

Innokin recommend you only use the Scion Plex3D 0.14Ω coils with this tank, so that’s what I did but for some unknown reason the 2 coils which came with the kit delivered barely any flavour.

After a week of trials, and still no flavour I was thankfully sent 3 additional coils. Which performed beautifully.

I have no explanation as to why the 2 x included coils provided me with a flavour-free experience, maybe I was just unfortunate with a very early release version of the product. But keep this in your mind when purchasing this kit, and perhaps order an additional pack of coils – Just in case.

No matter what batteries I used (18650 or 20700) the tank performed well, with good vapour production and the flavour was impressive once broken in fully. This doesn’t change throughout the airflow range.

The coils seem to bring out different notes to some of the other tanks I have used in the past, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Wood Pulp/Cotton coils wick really well and through my intense vaping tests I had no dry hits or burning taste which is always a plus.

The kit as a whole does get quite warm at times, which I put down solely to running a 0.14Ω on a single battery device. Which is quite frankly, a very low Ohm coil.

Using the tank on other devices performed just as well, if not a little better when used on a dual battery vape mod at around the 90w mark, which also improved battery life.

Batteries/Life and Charging

Innokin advertise this kit as 18650 and 20700 compatible, and they are exactly that. With both styles of battery, the kit performs extremely well. It’s fair to say both size batteries, are near their limit with a 0.14 Ω coil, however a single 20700 battery lasted me pretty much all day, every day.

The interesting point to make is that only SOME 21700 batteries fit the device as well.

My Samsung 30T’s fit like a glove, however the Ijoy and Golisi batteries did not fit.

Unfortunately, I have no other batteries to try. I spoke to Innokin-Europe about what I discovered, and they were surprised! I don’t believe it can cause a safety issue, I just think maybe they decided not to advertise the kit as 21700 compatible, as technically, it isn’t. Only certain 21700 batteries fit. So keep that in mind.PLEXAR with 21700 battery

The kit can be charged via the Micro USB socket on the side of the stick, and with a 1.5A charge rate, it will charge your battery pretty quick too. PLEXAR 1.5A CHARGE INFOHowever, during my testing the batteries do not get fully charged in comparison to charging on a stand-alone external charger. We always recommend picking up a standalone charger for external batteries.


  • Simple to use
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Very good battery life
  • Well built
  • Multi-Battery Compatible
  • Good flavour & Vapour once broken in


  • Top fill slide door does not lock shut
  • Charging doesn’t fully charge battery
  • Uncertainty with coil reliability

Final Review Verdict

After a traumatic start, Im very impressed with the Innokin Plexar as a whole, and especially with the Plex tank.

For the average e-cigarette user, this will provide everything they could possibly need day to day. It’s nothing too fancy but it certainly keeps up with the other big boy Pen style kits on the market.

Build Quality - Mod
Build Quality - Tank
Design - Mod
Design - Tank
Ease of Use
Replace if Lost?
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