US Government Says Give Kids That Vape Prescription Drugs Before They Turn Into Zombified Homeless Heroin Addicts

Just when you thought the anti vaping crowd over in America couldn’t get anymore shocking or ridiculous apparently vaping now causes addiction to heroin leads to homelessness and other ‘anti-social’ traits…

Yes really…more on that in a moment…

This comes hot on the heels of the FDA’s crazy notion that hardcore prescription drugs are the best way to tackle the apparent teen vaping ‘epidemic’. And the launch of a new website The Real Cost – that portrays vaping as the work of the devil and probably about to turn you into a zombie – complete with a flesh eating virus and with a USB socket for a mouth…once again yes really…The real cost of vaping - Anti vape America

Hey I’m all for education rather than legislation…but the education has to be full of checked facts and certainly not a one sided scarefest that looks as if it was created by one of the writers of the Walking Dead.

OK let’s try to break down this shit storm of complete anti vape bollocks into manageable chunks…excuse the language but this lot has really got my usual patience a little stretched…

Is There Really A Teen Vaping Epidemic And Is Nicotine So Bad?

Scientists seem clear that nicotine delivered via smoking can affect the developing brain of adolescents – just how is not 100% clear as there hasn’t been that many studies done on kids for obvious reasons. However to be fair and balanced some tests in rats have shown that given the adolescent brain is not fully developed there is possibility of changes to the brain.

But that’s through smoking and NOT the use of e-cigarettes. Despite a raft of research and studies there’s still not one conclusive piece of evidence that older teenagers that vape nicotine based e-liquids are damaging their brains.

Nicotine and vaping

The mainstream media feed off obscure and pretty much inconclusive research papers that points to anything vape related as not only dangerous for kids – but that vape companies are actively targeting kids to hook them in early.

This is plainly bullshit of the highest degree but that hasn’t stopped sound bite hungry politicians from all levels of Government from jumping on the “save the poor kids” bandwagon with the battle cry “Ban the Flavours!

Despite the use of the word ‘epidemic’ there’s no real evidence this is the case – for a start Scott Gottleib the FDA commissioner will not release the data he says proves this! However the last public record of actual teen vapers shows a very different story – especially when you remove the spin on the numbers the FDA is using to ‘prove’ their point.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association [CASAA] blows a hole in this claim of an epidemic quite beautifully:

In his statement, Dr. Gottlieb refers to having “preliminary data” that shows an “epidemic” of vaping among young people.

But it is perplexing, if not suspicious, that the FDA is threatening extreme enforcement action (e.g. removing products from the market) without releasing the data.

It’s especially curious given that the public data from the annual National Youth Tobacco Surveys (NYTS), 2011 – 2017, clearly shows that youth use of vapor products, cigarettes, and tobacco products as a whole is declining since a peak in 2015. (See graph and chart below.)

no teen vape epidemic
via: CASAA

So once again we’re at a impasse with both sides arguing their figures are right – only one side actually showing it publicly – and yeah Mark Twain’s quote “lies lies and damn statistics” comes to mind. But I reiterate the CASA figures are public knowledge – the FDA’s is hidden…

So sure it’s a worry that under age kids are vaping – but that’s NOT the fault of the vape industry or flavoured e-liquids – it’s down to parents – proper education on the facts and for sure adults quitting smoking should NOT be the ones punished by having vaping removed as a harm reduction and enjoyment option.

Kids drink alcohol…are we to ban that [it’s been done before in America] – pretty sure glue sniffing was a ‘thing’ once – did they ban glue? And how about the recent ‘trend or ‘epidemic’ of dusting – where kids were getting high inhaling computer keyboard cleaners – did those get banned? I could go on but you get my point – banning anything to ‘protect the kids’ is using a sledgehammer to crack a peanut…

Give the Kids Drugs To Wean Them Off E-Cigarettes

So Gottleib’s 180 on all things vape has come off the back of a fake media vaping news feeding frenzy due to the apparent epidemic of teens using the hugely popular JUUL pod kit.

This has led to McCarthy style witch-hunts on not just JUUL but all pod systems – vape kits and of course flavoured e-liquid. San Francisco was the first to ban all flavours with more including New York state looking to follow suit. Indeed JUUL recently had its offices ‘raided’ by FDA storm-troopers who ‘seized’ documents as part of the department’s ‘war on vaping‘…crazy!

FDA-approved stop smoking drugs

Gottleib has held meetings with what he’s calling the ‘top 5 vape companies’ in America – 4 of whom are Big Tobacco based – and on the back of that he’s called a Public Meeting the aim of which is to:

…discuss its efforts to eliminate youth electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) use as well as other tobacco product use, with a focus on the potential role of drug therapies to support youth e-cigarette cessation and the issues impacting the development of such therapies.

And there once again is that proverbial sledgehammer to crack a peanut analogy. This isn’t even a knee-jerk reaction it’s actually a fully fledged field goal kick – or conversion if like me you’re a rugby fan…

Just let that sink in a minute…

If a youngster is vaping rather than have the facts explained to them by the educated not the ignorant – they should be offered prescription drugs to wean them off…

The Kids In America Are The Most Drugged In The World

Drugging kids is nothing new in America – far from it…I remember seeing a Louis Theroux documentary – America’s Medicated Kids – and found that shocking to say the least. Having administered hard hitting drugs in another profession I know the side effects ANY drug can have on adults let alone kids.

In that documentary Theroux calls the parents shoveling ritalin down kids necks as ‘lazy’ – couldn’t agree more. Sure you can bang on about ADHD all you want but there’s an real epidemic mainly in America of kids hooked on this shit with might I add full FDA approval.

And yes…the side-effects of those drugs echo worryingly with the so called stop smoking prescription medication. Cast your minds back to my article Suicide Or Vaping? – You Decide. In that piece I wrote of the awful and deadly side-effects the stop smoking drugs have including suicide. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the issue here…

The FDA want to ban vaping because of the possibility teens [i] become addicted and [ii] it may harm their developing brains – but are happy enough to allow Big Pharma to cash in using mind bending drugs that side effects include [there are far more]:

Serious mental or mood problems (including depression, suicidal thoughts, suicidal attempts) and completed suicides…sleep disorders – vomiting – anger – belching – constipation and flatulence…</span

Fart jokes aside the only stink here is Big Tobacco and Big Pharma creating and fanning a wildfire then cosying up to the FDA to offer a cash grab solution…Big T kills – Big P rules…a very very clever pincer movement any battle hardened general would be proud of…the warmongers of the day are without doubt lobbyists from the big two…

Grimm Green Enters The Fray

This issue has just been picked up by the extremely popular US YouTube vape reviewer and advocate Grimm Green. In his latest 510 Report video he slams the FDA drug the vaping kids planned policy as “lunacy“…see his full video below and also make sure you follow his rallying cry to get involved with the fight to save vaping in America.

The video also gives a brilliant timeline of vaping and how the hell we got to where we are today with this monumentally stupid situation of drugging kids – well worth a watch:

As regular readers know I completely agree with his assumption that Big Tobacco and Big Pharma are at the heart of this war on vaping and love his quote:

…this is kind of crummy capitalism at its worst…

On the matter of the FDA considering drugging kids that vape he asks the question:

How is everyone not outraged by this?

Absolutely…and might I suggest to my learned friend those Big Pharma lobbyists are making damn sure the holier than thou politicians and mainstream media are keeping their mouths well and truly shut about the true facts here…me a conspiracy theorist? Naw….

Incidentally his comments on the Johns Hopkins ‘study’ of heavy metals found in e-liquids are excellent and echo the piece I did back in February this year: No…Vaping Won’t Give You Brain Damage Due To Heavy Metals.

OK if this issue has indeed got you all riled up – show your outrage by heading over to CASAA and joining the fight to literally save vaping and to save the kids…

So Does Vaping Lead To Heroin Addiction and Homelessness?

Stupid question I know…but hey buckle up for this little gem from the charity Children4Change in which a child addresses a group of politicians about to slam the ban hammer down on flavoured tobacco products.

The little girl in question is definitely eloquent – though as my old newspaper editor used to say when tearing up one of my [many] badly researched articles “don’t let the facts get in the way of the story…” – a harsh irony at the time 😉

Anyway here’s a piece of what she said that had misty eyed local politicians reaching for the tissues and the ban hammer.

Vaping can lead to other drugs or alcohol addictions such as cigarette smoking, heroin and more. Vaping can lead to poor decisions such as going homeless, dropping out of school, child abuse, going broke, and more.

As I’ve said before if you begin an argument from a lie then the rest no matter how eloquently spoken is invalid!

little girl vaping tweet

Here’s the link to the full video and active Twitter conversation:

The Kids Are NOT Alright

Speaking of protecting the kids…surely that should include protecting them from the brainwashing idiots in some anti-vaping and child themed causes and websites?

Apparently not because as shown above…the anti-vaping crowd – unlike the vape industry – really does like to ‘hook ’em young’.

The Ross Valley Children for Change Club is proud of their kids playing a part in the banning of flavoured e-liquids in the area:

A big day for our community and for C4C. Thanks in large part due to the voices of our youth, the Marin Board of Supervisors passed unanimously a ban on flavored tobacco products.

Our C4C students spoke eloquently, confidently and with conviction…it made the difference we are sure!

Budding activists, leaders…you can call them many things. We call them our future! Way to go guys!!#changeforgood

Call them many things?

How about brainwashed and unclear of the facts…or is that a bit harsh?

Look if you want to throw kids into the political arena and have their voices heard then please let them face the fact that emotional ignorant based rhetoric means nothing.

The comments on Stefan Didak’s tweet which highlighted this little girls speech makes for interesting reading with legendary advocate Clive Bates asking:

This is truly shocking and very sad … any idea what the origin is and who has put her up to saying these things?

This is the immediate group… …but is there some tobacco control outfit that has these talking points?

Not sure if the charity has any Big Tobacco funding but someone has put those words into her head and that is brainwashing no doubt about it.

Final Thoughts

This is without doubt a thorny subject after all no one wants to see kids harmed.

However the idea there’s an adolescent vaping epidemic in America is plainly false or at least the FDA is reacting in a ridiculous manner given all the genuine truly harmful issues they should be tackling on behalf of the kids of America.

But the battle lines are drawn and if flavoured e-liquids – pod kits and whatever else is banned in America to protect the kids the only losers will be America’s smokers who will get ill and die in the millions. It goes without saying the winners will once again be Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

If flavoured nicotine is so bad then how come the Big Pharma backed gums and sprays are perfectly acceptable? Sure I get it those products are designed to get smokers off the cancer sticks – but the point is clear – if nicotine is so bad why is it in approved products that on the whole don’t actually work..?

And for goodness sake government backed websites that tell blatant lies and try to shock and scare kids into quitting or not starting vaping are the last thing we need. A quick look at the key points on The Real Cost shows me the ‘bad things’ about vaping are old fake science and then some! Trust me I could take each one of the site’s ‘scare points’ and blow them away with truth bombs – but let’s leave that for another day…

I mentioned at the start that according to the FDA not only will vaping give you a USB port for a mouth – it’ll also give you a flesh eating zombie virus…zombie vaper

Like I said at the beginning of this article…I’m pretty sure the FDA is employing redundant writers from the Walking Dead for its hit pieces on all things vape…crazy times indeed…

FDA Public Hearing On Vaping Adolescents

The public hearing will be held on December 5, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The public hearing may be extended or may end early depending on the level of public participation. Persons seeking to present at the public hearing must register by Friday, November 23, 2018.

Persons seeking to attend, but not present at, the public hearing must register by Monday, December 3, 2018.

Section II provides attendance and registration information. Electronic or written comments will be accepted after the public hearing until Wednesday, January 2, 2019.


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