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Expert Says Heavy Metals Vaping Study Is Based On Wrong Baseline

Welcome back to another episode of ‘No Vaping Wont…[fill in the blanks here].’

Now as vaping scare stories go this one has spread through online and offline media like wildfire – kinda makes you think huh?

OK my vape news alerts have been absolutely packed with this particularly frightening anti-vape piece and it has been covered by local newspapers – national newspapers and pretty much every website with even the slightest interest in e-cigarettes.

And as seems to be the norm these days very many that don’t given a fig [for want of a better word] about e-cigarettes but are looking for a sensationalist headline acting as click bait.

A case of screw the facts and world health let’s get those adsense clicks…

And every single one of them has almost gleefully written various dire warnings that e-cigarettes leech dangerous and deadly heavy metals into the vapour and DUM DUM DAAAA [dramatic pause music] will lead to brain damage and various cancers.

And to a writer every single one of the articles – and trust me there’s a multitude of them – has simply parroted the findings of the study – without the need to check or challenge.

Scientists Aren’t Always Right You Know!

Because hey they are scientists – they use big words – wear white coats and google and create seriously great diagrams and calculations – so they must be God like and oh so very right.


I usually like to keep my powder dry on rebutting scary scientific anti-vape studies that slimy PR companies can sex up in press releases until I get 2 or 3 real experts commenting.

But on this occasion I’ve waited a few days and the usual true experts in the field of e-cigarettes and health are strangely quiet.

Don’t read that as they can’t rebut it – maybe like us they’re tired of rebutting every single silly and scary anti-vape story that appears in the media.

Trust me – as soon as more of them offer up a different take on the study I’ll add their comments but until then here’s why the heavy metals story is once again ‘sexed up’.

Proper Vaping Scientist Rebuts Latest E-Cig Scare Story

One of the world’s leading experts in the field of vaping and health – Dr Konstantinos Farsalino has studied the findings – sighed and then rebutted it clearly and concisely.

He says:

The “significant amount” of metals the authors reported they found were measured in ug/kg.

In fact they are so low that for some cases [chromium and lead] I calculated that you need to vape more than 100ml per day in order to exceed the FDA limits for daily intake from inhalation medications.

The authors once again confuse themselves and everyone else by using environmental safety limits related to exposure with every single breath – and apply them to vaping.

However humans take more than 17,000 breaths per day but only 400-600 puffs from an e-cigarette.

Once again a ‘scientific study’ has shown that even from the onset the ‘scientists’ have failed to actually understand the whole process of vaping.

So if they begin the whole experiment from a false perspective and the wrong data – then quite obviously the results are going to be skewed and that’s putting it mildly.

Look the only damage from heavy metals vapers are likely to get is if they vape and listen to Metallica at ear bursting decibel levels all day every day for the next decade…

And once again and as I keep on saying – a press release on dubious research results around vaping is taken as gospel and splashed across the media without any rebuttals from true experts in the field.

This Particular Study has Interesting Funding

OK I’m not even going to bother linking to this particular study – just Google it lol.

But let’s just say these folks in white coats are based at Johns Hopkins University school of public health and they ‘tested’ 56 users…

Yeah 56…

And some of the funding came in grants specifically designed to combat tobacco related disease and comes from the fines given to Big Tobacco companies.

E-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco – so why are they using tobacco specific funding for e-cigs research I wonder?

John Hopkins University has stated it will NOT accept research money from another Big Tobacco organization the Foundation for a Smoke-Free World<.

That particular ‘foundation’ is backed by none other than our old friend Phillip Morris Inc – those of Marlboro – IQOS ‘fame’ who are pledging to quit manufacturing fags some time in the misty future.

But hey if the Big Tobacco cash comes from a fine and not a grant then it’s OK?

Things that make me go ummm.

But look once again the damage has been done – not to the body but to the mind.

There really is a war on the public’s and particularly the smokers perception – a war on the mind if you like – and the more of these sexed up scare stories make the headlines without any rebuttals of any kind – the less people will trust e-cigarettes.

Which as I once again keep saying is nothing short of criminal.

OK – that’s enough on this one – but do join me next time when I shall be rebutting ‘A Vaper Ate My Hamster‘ – ‘Vaping Made Me Grow Horns‘ and ‘E-Cigs Linked To Dry Knuckle Syndrome‘…

Oh wait – hasn’t that last one already been done 😉

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