As promised, here’s the review of the new IVG Crushed Range e-liquids.

As the name suggests, these are ideal for summer given they’re mixed with crushed ice to hopefully give a cooling fruity vape.

ivg crushed range e-liquid review

There’s x4 flavours available in zero nic 50ml 70/30 PG/VG short fills and 10ml nic salt versions.

IVG is a multi award winning UK based vape juice company and has made a big splash globally with its wide range of popular e-liquid flavours.

What Can We Expect From the IVG Crushed Range E-liquids?

Refreshment and flavour is the obvious answer!

And hopefully the cooling agent used isn’t one of those that overpower either.

crushed nic salts
nic salts available too

One of the flavours in the range is now IVG’s best seller – read on to see which one and what I think of it 😉

OK, for the taste test I used the flavourful Augvape BTFC RDA and for the nic salts it was the Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA

For the record, the IVG Crushed Range was sent to me direct from the company – thanks Lilly – and as always freebies in no way impact on my thoughts and opinions.

IVG Crushed Range – Iced Melonade – 70/30 PG/VG Shortfill

iced melonade

IVG Says:

Deliciously fresh and fruity watermelon, shaken not stirred, with a dash of galia melon and sweet and tangy lemonade on ice.

I Say:

Opening the bottle gives me a smell of the fruit counter in your local supermarket – very fresh and with more than a hint of healthiness if that makes sense!

There’s a real whack of watermelon that washes over your taste buds, before the sweeter almost floral galia melon arrives.

The crushed ice effect builds up before exploding on the exhale.

Just the right amount of coolant means the fruity flavours aren’t washed away leaving a very refreshing vape with a lovely cleanliness to it.

Nic Salt Version: Much of the same if a little more intense flavourwise and a tad cooler – very tasty.

IVG Crushed Range – Green Energy – 70/30 PG/VG Shortfill

ivg crushed range e-liquids green energy

IVG Says:

Stimulate all of your senses with this powerful punch of your favourite energy drink, crushed with lime and ice, giving you the meanest all day buzz.

I Say:

Having never tried a green energy drink I was going in blind with this one.

The smell reminds me of Red Bull in fact that’s exactly what it smells of….spookily so!

The inhale delivers a very crisp lemon and lime, a little bit sugary for my palate especially when the green energy drink washes in.

The lemon and lime is more cordial than fresh…but just stops short of being too sweet.

I did get a very nice little tickle on the back of the throat from the lemon….nice.

The magic happens on the exhale where the crushed ice effect really arrives calming down the sweetness.

Not one for me but if like you energy drink flavoured vape juice you’ll adore this one…

Nic Salt Version: I found this one a little too sweet – but again the coolant saves the day.

IVG Crushed Range – Paradise Lagoon – 70/30 PG/VG Shortfill

paradise lagoon

IVG Says:

Juicy pineapples on ice, softly blended with ripe papaya chunks and citrus elements, leaving you with a delicious taste of paradise.

I Say:

On paper this one should be right up my street…I bloody love pineapple flavoured e-liquids.

The aroma from the bottle is strangely muted, certainly not as vibrant as the previous two.

Any worries of a slightly muted flavour soon disappear on the inhale…OMFG – this is delicious!

Those ice cool naturally sweet pineapples smash your taste buds with fresh fruitiness before the papaya adds a wondrous other level.

This one is as clean fruity and refreshing as any mocktail by the beach – wondrously tropical vape juice.

Nic Salt Version: Let’s put it this way – I emptied the bottle in less than a day!

IVG Crushed Range – Frozen Cherries – 70/30 PG/VG Shortfill

ivg crushed range frozen cherries review

IVG Says:

Indulge in a combination of freshly handpicked red cherries, splashed with a blast of crushed ice, giving you a sweet and icy burst of flavour.

I Say:

IVG tells me the Crushed Frozen Cherries is now their best seller, so I was very intrigued to find out why.

Come to that I’m pretty sure I’ve never tried a cherry flavoured e-liquid so double the intrigue!

First couple of sniffs and I got a hint of perfume but that soon passed to be replaced by the unmistakable smell of fresh cherries – well spotted my nose lol.

Wow this is a clever piece of blending…

The cherries are intense deep and rich and almost overpower until that crushed ice arrives.

It literally smooths away that cherry intensity creating a very fruity refreshing almost grown up vape.

Pop this one in a fancy bottle and call it ‘artisanal‘ and posh vapers would be raving lol.

Very nice indeed!

Nic Salt Version: Another bottle that emptied far too quickly – lovely drop of juice and then some.

Final Review Verdict

For once the mixologists haven’t gone overboard with the coolant with the IVG Crushed Range.

Far to many times too much koolada means the flavour is washed away and you’re left with a muted flavoured mouthwash.

I’m pleased to say that’s not the case with the IVG Crushed Range – they’re perfectly balanced.

I can see why the Frozen Cherries is the company’s most popular – very classy and despite being a single fruit, there’s layers to it too.

The Green Energy Drink wasn’t my cup of tea but if that’s your flavour bag, the lemon and lime adds another dimension.

The Iced Melonade is one of the best melon flavours I’ve ever tried – beautifully balanced.

For me the Paradise Lagoon was the standout – bloody lovely stuff and seriously moreish.

If you’re looking for an extremely refreshing tasty vape this long hot summer then the IVG Crushed Range should be on your shopping list.

Are these flavours you’re looking to try or have tried?

Let me know what you think of them in the comments below 🙂

Iced Melonade
Green Energy
Paradise Lagoon
Frozen Cherries
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