The Jack Rabbit Vapes e-liquid range is a dessert style range of juice, and I’ve been wanting to try these for a while now.

Unfortunately they are not easily found in brick and mortar stores near me in Northern Ireland, and we’ll soon find out if I will start harassing them to stock them – they are readily available on the mainland and online.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Range

The flavour profiles are perfect for a certain diabetic that likes the flavours but doesn’t want to pump a gallon of insulin for just smelling that dessert.

Let’s hop straight into this juice review 😉

What Can We Expect From These Jack Rabbit Vapes E-liquids?

So, Jack Rabbit Vapes has been around since 2015, and was started by a couple of self pronounced vape fanatics originally creating juices for family and friends.

After receiving some amazing feedback, they decided to take the leap and go into production.

Jack Rabbit Vapes states that they aim for a layered flavour profile so that different flavours come through during inhale and exhale.

Keeping the sweetness levels as low as possible, this should help to extend the life of your coils.

They have also released another range which we really enjoyed as well. Check out our Rachael Rabbit e-liquid review here.

The six bottles of Jack Rabbit Vapes e-liquid are all 50ml short fill bottles 70/30 PG/VG mix with zero nicotine. You can of course add a 10ml nic shot to bring this to 3mg nicotine.

Dispergo Satisfaction Guaranteed

Unsure on whether you will like the e-liquid offered by Dispergo, makers of Jack Rabbit? Well they are taking a risk off approach for you, the customer.

With Dispergo manufactured eliquid, if you are not happy you can exchange it for something else free of charge! You will receive a pre-paid returns label in your e-liquid delivery. Simply fill this out and send it back. This applies to all own brand e-liquid with the logo above. T&C’s apply so please check out their website for further details.

For the purposes of this test we will be going back to my old faithful Wotofo Recurve RDA, built with a 0.3 ohm flat Clapton coil and running at 65 watts.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Range with mod and RDA

This has been placed on top of the Lost Vape Paranormal.

These bottles of e-juice have been supplied to me free of charge for the purposes of the review and I will give my honest opinion.

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Note: Updated by Will with two new flavours…and they’re the first two you’ll see:

Custard Doughnut – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Jack Rabbit Custard Doughnut

Jack Rabbit Say:

A new and delicious Custard Doughnut mix.

Just like your childhood warm filled doughnuts this flavour will leave you wondering how intensely delicious both notes of Custard and Doughnut are!

I Say:

The smell from this is exactly like a freshly fried doughnut! My mouth is watering already…

Testing it on the knuckle, it’s the custard that’s most noticeable. Creamy and rich, without some of the harsher caramel flavours you sometimes get.

The inhale is pure doughnut, like you’re taking a deep breath right over a tray of freshly fried doughnuts. There’s a brown sugar undertone to it, but it mostly all fried dough-y goodness.

It’s on the exhale that you start to get the custard coming through, it’s fairly subtle, but it adds a lovely creaminess to the vape.

It’s a lovely indulgent, comforting vape!

Strawberry Cheesecake – 0mg 70/30 VG PG

Jack Rabbit Strawberry Cheesecake

Jack Rabbit Say:

The flavour profile is designed to give a thick, sweet, creamy cheesecake with a biscuit base.

Strawberries come through on the exhale to round the flavour profile.

I Say:

The smell from this one is pretty much full on bakery! I can just about get strawberry from the smell, but it’s pastry first and foremost.

Doing a knuckle test the strawberry becomes a lot more pronounced, quite a delicate creamy taste.

On the inhale you get a biscuity, pastry taste. There’s a subtle creaminess to it, but it’s mostly the buttery biscuit base you get.

Exhaling and you get a real cheesecake taste. There’s a slight savouriness to it, that is lightened by a sweet strawberry taste at the high end.

Cheesecake is a challenging flavour, as there’s a lot going on, but Jack Rabbit has done impressive work with this one. If I could change one thing, it would be adding a little more strength to the strawberry.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Banoffee Pie

Jack Rabbit Vapes Banoffee Pie

Jack Rabbit Vapes Says:

On the inhale you get the dreamy whipped cream with sweet caramel toffee with a touch of fresh banana.

Following this, during the exhale the hints of butterscotch compliment the buttery biscuit base.

Deliberately made to be that dessert flavour that you can vape all day, we think we have achieved what we set out to do.

I Say:

The smell from the bottle is pure caramel toffee, after a couple of sniffs I’m starting to pick up the banana mixed in there.

The first drip on the finger test brought a hit of a sweet banana, the same as the sweetie ones you would have got as a kid.

Complete opposite to the smell, the banana is at the forefront with the toffee lingering at the back.

To the vape, on the inhale you are getting a subtle cream with the toffee, the instant you start to exhale you immediately get that biscuit base with banana and a slight touch of butterscotch.

Jack Rabbit Vapes description is almost spot on from my experience, the only difference is I picked the banana on the exhale, not the inhale.

The sweetness from that banana goes away with the vape as well and comes through more as a fresh ripe banana.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Raspberry White Cookie

Jack Rabbit Vapes Raspberry White Cookie

Jack Rabbit Vapes Says:

Dreamy White Chocolate, creamy tones of vanilla surrounded by chewy cookie dough.

Complemented by a perfect blend of sweet and tangy raspberries.

I Say:

I’m certainly getting raspberries when having a sniff from the bottle with cookie dough subtly in the background.

The finger taste is all about the tangy raspberry. You pick up the white chocolate second followed by a hint of dough.

On the inhale of the vape I’m getting very subtle white chocolate, I think there is a hint of vanilla there as well, there is something I’m struggling to pick it out.

The exhale hits you with the vanilla, the raspberry and dough quite frankly are afterthoughts with this and only come to the fore near the end of the exhale, until then, it’s all vanilla.

I’m thinking this should be called “Vanilla Raspberry White Cookie”.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Rio

Jack Rabbit Vapes Rio

Jack Rabbit Vapes Says:

The profile for this tropical flavour is, fresh, juicy Pineapple that gives a sweet punch on the inhale, with Papaya and Mango followed by a delicate touch of Coconut and Cream to give a tropical blend to allow a taste of summer all year round.

I Say:

There is a very strong pineapple smell from the bottle, that’s all I can pick up sniffing it.

Tasting it on my finger is actually quite nice, sort of a candied pineapple, papaya and mango combination. I wasn’t picking up the coconut initially, but there it is in the aftertaste.

On the inhale of the vape I am picking up on the pineapple only and it is not candied one bit, quite fresh. On the exhale is where this really comes alive, Mango at the forefront with subtle hints of the pineapple and papaya.

Again, as with the finger test, the coconut is way back there in the background.

It really hits the tropical flavour notes, just like drinking a tropical juice.

I’m having a bit of trouble putting this one down.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Mandarin Cheesecake

Mandarin Cheesecake

Jack Rabbit Vapes Says:

Delicately sweet mandarin provides a zesty element to create the ultimate balance between the creamy vanilla and biscuit cheesecake base. This surprisingly light e liquid is a dessert lovers dream.

I Say:

The smell from the bottle is all biscuit, like sticking your face into a packet of digestive biscuits. No sign in the smell of anything else at all.

The finger test though is all about those mandarins with a hint of vanilla, quite a refreshing taste.

On the inhale of the vape I am actually not picking up a very strong taste of anything to be honest, a very small hint of vanilla but that’s really it.

The exhale is literally mandarins, not sweet or overpowering, just like biting into a fresh mandarin segment. I am getting a bit of the vanilla in the background as well.

The biscuit base though is completely lost, very clearly there in the smell but I am not tasting it at all in the vape.

Still a lovely vape though, but I gotta score it against the entire flavour profile.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Blueberry Duffin

Blueberry Duffin

Jack Rabbit Vapes Says:

Juicy, sweet, fresh blueberries added to a perfect mix of light, fluffy muffin and a sweet doughnut base. The careful balance between desserts and fruits makes this flavour perfect for all vapers.

I Say:

The blueberry smell from the bottle is quite frankly amazing and spot on, that’s all I am smelling, no complaints on that though, it is all about the vape.

Placing a drop on the finger, you get smacked in the face with the sweetness of blueberry, as that flavour starts to go away the doughnut then comes bouncing through.

Ok, so this one may get a little graphical because I need to explain how spot on this is without just repeating what Jack Rabbit Vapes says and comparing it to a tin of Ronseal, does exactly what it says on the tin.

So, you have a blueberry Doughnut in your hand, you take that first bite and the first thing you will taste is the doughnut itself, its the first thing your tongue will make contact with. Just the same as the inhale of this vape.

You then start chew and the flavour of those blueberries comes running to the forefront, you swallow that bite and you will be left with an aftertaste of doughnut. Exactly like the exhale of this vape.

I’m saying it now, I am in love with this juice and it IS going straight into a tank!

Jack Rabbit Vapes Succulent Strawberry

Succulent Strawberry

Jack Rabbit Vapes Says:

The flavour profile is designed to give a thick, sweet, juicy strawberry taste on the inhale followed by the delicate cooling effect on the exhale to give a fresh feeling. A subtle twang is experienced at high wattage to really give that true, fresh, strawberry experience.

I Say:

I literally have two words to describe the smell from the bottle with this one, “Strawberry Laces”.

Head round to your local sweetie shop and buy a bag of strawberry laces, then face plant that open packet, that is the exact smell from the bottle.

Then, when you have finished inhaling that sweet smell, shove half the packet in your mouth and you will have the exact flavour from the finger test!

This is another exact description moment again. Although the taste from the vape is not as graphic as the smell and finger test, the description from Jack Rabbit Vapes is bang on the money again.

That candied smell and taste from the sniff and finger tests is replaced by a more natural sweetness like fresh strawberries.

I’m really not going to do this any more justice than their own description.

Final Review Verdict

So, when I am scoring a juice, it is being scored against what the company have said the flavour profile is.

In saying that, when you glance down at the scores below, I have to say, I enjoyed every single one of these.

There is literally not one of them I wouldn’t want to vape all day.

Which quite frankly can be a problem cause it takes me long enough deciding what socks I’m going to put on in the morning.

I have done a few juice reviews now and I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is the first time I have liked every bottle from a range.

However, you will see that a few have been marked down, this doesn’t mean it is a terrible juice it just means the profile didn’t quite match the description.

Also the fact that I am scoring 2 of the flavours top marks and 3 others only a point away really shows that the guys at Jack Rabbit Vapes know what they are doing!

That Blueberry Duffin, WOW!!!

I would highly recommend any of them.

Have you tried this range of e-liquids?

Let us know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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Ken The Diabetic Vaper
Ken The Diabetic Vaper

Vaping since 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the vape that has over 2k followers and climbing. A fan of all things tech (Geek and Proud), vaping was a natural step as it included both nicotine and technology. I started vaping with a simple budget pen setup, now, vaping is my main hobby and I'm passionate about getting people to switch from smoking to vaping.

Jack Rabbit Vapes Banoffee Pie
Jack Rabbit Vapes Raspberry White Cookie
Jack Rabbit Vapes Rio
Jack Rabbit Vapes Mandarin Cheesecake
Jack Rabbit Vapes Blueberry Duffin
Jack Rabbit Vapes Succulent Strawberry
Vapour Production
Vaping since 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the vape that has over 2k followers and climbing. A fan of all things tech (Geek and Proud), vaping was a natural step as it included both nicotine and technology. I started vaping with a simple budget pen setup, now, vaping is my main hobby and I'm passionate about getting people to switch from smoking to vaping.
jack-rabbit-vapes-e-liquid-reviewQuite frankly an amazing range of juices, a couple of flavour profiles may not have matched as described, but still a lovely vape!



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