The Joyetech AIO – A Welcome Addition To The Vape Pen World?

Joyetech are one of the longest standing e cig brands in the world producing their first product way back in 2007. In this time they have been at the forefront of some of the earlier e cig development.

They went a little quite for a while but the past couple of years has seen the release of a number of vape devices such as the Ego One, Evic VT series and more recently the Cuboid and the AIO vape pen that we are reviewing today.

The Joyetech AIO is a new all in one (AIO) e cig that is looking to add much needed options for new vapers that are simply looking for the ‘next step’ device from smoking and more specifically for that plug and play vaping experience.Joyetech AIO Review
Lets have a look to see if the Joyetech AIO succeeds!

In The Box

The presentation box is tidy and well fitted out containing the following:

  • 1 X AIO Vape Pen
  • 2 X Stainless Steel 316 0.6 Ohm atomizer coil heads
  • 1 X Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 X User Manual – View Joyetech AIO Manual

Main Specs

  • 1500 Mah Battery
  • Child Lock
  • 2ml Tank
  • Coil change without emptying tank
  • 118mm x 19mm
  • Various light settings

Design & Build Quality

The Joyetech AIO (All In One) is unsurprisingly an all in one vape device!

By all in one they are referring to the refill tank system being incorporated into the vape pen body rather than a separate clearomizer tank that needs to be screwed on.

The great thing about this setup is there are just three components to the e cig (battery/ top cap mouthpiece / Atomizer coli head) which simplifies things further for new vapers. In my book that can only be a good thing.Joyetech AIO Vape Mod Review

OK the mouthpiece can be removed as well and this would make it four but mine was in place so tight I initially thought this was fixed!

I have only seen a similar thing in one other vape pen and that was the V2 Pro Series 3 although this had a replaceable/removable tank.joyetech All In One Vaporizer

I bought the white and black version which I a have to say looks wise is the business. This thing is small, fits in the hand perfectly.

I used this out and about and found I was just throwing this in my shirt pocket. Not something I can really do with many of the other vape devices I use.

The battery is rated at 1500 mAh which is decent but with the 0.6 Ohm coil touches on a day before a recharge is needed.

Everything is well built and the mod itself is solid. I did have slight issues with the threading on the tank not catching quite right but with a little back and forth this wasn’t too much of an issue.Joyetech AIO Starter Kit

There is the standard 5 click on and off function activated by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession. Much needed for when you are carrying around in your pocket or bag.

The USB Charging port is located on the side so the device can be stood on it’s end while charging.

Child Lock Function

One of the main unique selling points Joyetech use in their promo material is the inclusion of a child lock on the top cap.Joyetech Child Lock

I guess they are trying to make something that fits into the TPD requirements, I’m not sure. I guess there is no harm in having a child lock but one thing is super important. It needs to work 100%.

Now I’m not sure if this was just the device I received but mine was more of a 50% child lock.

It works in the same way any child lock works in that you need to push down and turn. In the AIO case you push down the outer ring of the top cap. This then allows you top ‘unlock the cap’.

The problem I have is that I can just grip the mouthpiece and unscrew the top section of the tank as you normally would. It could be that my mouthpiece was really set in place hard even though it’s removable?

So good idea in theory but Joyetech need to make take another look at this. It’s not a negative as such as no other vape pens have child lock tanks.

Light In The Tank

Joyetech AIO Light In Tank
There is also a light in the tank section of the e cig that lights up when vaping. This can be changed to different colors buy turning the vape pen off with five clicks of the power button.

Then press and hold the button until a light appears.

Then press the power button to move through the 7 light color options.

Not something I’m personally bothered about and not a feature that is going to improve your vaping experience by any stretch of the imagination and to see the light you will need to vape while looking in the mirror.

How Does The Joyetech AIO Perform?

Filling With E Liquid

Filling the e liquid chamber is possibly the most simple I have come across. No need to drip down the side of center chimney pieces or coils. Simply take the top piece off (coil included) and fill the tank.Joyetech Top mouthpiece

When I say fill though.. Don’t ‘FILL’ it. There are e juice markers on the vape pens that you are advised not to go past. On the one color devices an actual marker is present.

The tank has a 2ml capacity. Not sure if that is a full tank or the capacity upto the line though.Joyetech AIO In Hand

On the two tone color versions the window dips into the contrast color which in turn supplies the marker/refill max.

Once the juice is in just screw the top piece back on, making sure you have a coil attached.

Leave the coil to sit for 5 minutes in the e juice so the cotton can soak things up and you are good to vape.

One of the big bonuses of the AIO is that you can change your coil head (Once you taste the e liquid flavor deteriorate) without emptying out the e liquid. I love it when I can do this, makes things so much easier.

Joyetech recommend adding a drip of vape juice to the coil head itself before installing it to help with ‘priming’. You may want to do this as well.

How Does it Vape

The SS316 coil heads provide a decent amount of vapor and flavor. Nothing ground breaking on either but for new vapers it more than does the job.Joyetech AIO Review

I vaped both mouth to lung and direct lung inhale and both were good. The mouth to lung is on the verge of being too airy but it’s still very ‘doable’.

With the tank only being 2ml I did find with the 0.6 Ohm coil I was having to refill pretty regularly. On similar vape pens such as the Innokin Endura T18 this isn’t so much of an issue as the coils are 1.5Ohm and tend not to drink as much e juice.

The ease at which the AIO can be filled though makes this less of an issue.

The battery as mentioned lasted around a full day of moderate vaping before a charge was needed so not too shabby on that front.

The airflow adjustment is limited but at least it’s there. This is done by twisting the top cap.

There are two markers, line them up for full open airflow or turn 90˚ for the minimum setting. I personally could tell very little difference in the airflow settings.


The AIO by Joyetech is a superb starting point for new vapers. In fact even experienced vapers that want a tiny device for out and about could do a lot worse. Yeah it’s fixed wattage but still hits home.

The all in one design is simple to use. Unscrew the top, fill with juice, screw back on, wait 5 minutes and away you vape. Plug and play simple.

This for me so far is very much a leak free device. No problems at all.


The threading was a touch on the temperamental side for me. Didn’t really cause any major issues though.

The child lock works until you just try and unscrew the tank using the mouthpiece. Then it just comes off like any other tank.

I found I was getting through e juice in the 2ml tank pretty quickly.

My better half said I look like I’m vaping a tampon.

Final Joyetech AIO Review Verdict

I’m a big fan of ‘vape pen’ e cigarette products, I see them as one of the first steps for many smokers into the world of vaping.

The fact that a large majority of vapers I see ‘on the street’ are still using standard ego type devices tells me that this kind of product is working.

It also tells me that many current vapers likely have no idea of the other options available to them.

It’s about time the EGo + Ce4 clearomizer setup was improved across the board to provide an improved experience to smokers making the switch.

I think along with the Innokin Endura T18, the Joyetech AIO does this very well indeed. We just need the masses to see these products as an option.

In closing, if you are a new vaper this is an excellent option especially at the price point.

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
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    • Hi Jayne,

      You can use any strength nicotine. It really all depends on how much you smoke at the moment. The more you smoke the higher the recommended nicotine will likely be.

      I personally use 3mg or 6mg in the AIO.


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