Introduction – The EKEE With Procore Motor By Joyetech

The Joyetech EKEE mod is the latest from this powerhouse vape brand that is synonymous with affordable vape gear for the masses, the adorable Penguin Atopack, the Cuboid range and the Evic Primo.

Sometimes they hit and sometimes they miss. I’m afraid that with the EKEE mod and Procore Motor Tank, the Shenzhen brand has missed the mark, at least as far as I’m concerned.

The Key Fob inspired 80W TC Mod boasts a shape I don’t recall seeing in a mod before…and for good reason, it’s this shape that lets the mod down, even before you get to vaping it.

What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Joyetech EKEE Mod
  • ProCore Motor Atomizer
  • Pro C1 0.4 Ohm DL Coil Head (40-80W)
  • Pro C1 S 0.25 Ohm MTL Coil Head (25-55W)
  • 4.5 ml Glass Tube
  • Coil adaptor for tank extension
  • QC USB Cable
  • 2 X Manuals
  • Warranty Card
  • Spare Parts

Features of EKEE Mod

    • 27mm x 47.5mm x 78mm
    • 138g
    • 2000mAh
    • 1.3 Inch TFT Color Screen
    • 1-80W
    • Power/Bypass/Temp(Ni, Ti, SS)/TCR(M1,M2,M3)
    • Resistance Range 0.05-1.5 for Temp/TCR Mode, 0.1-3.5 Ohm for Power/Bypass Mode
    • temp Control 100-315C/200-600F
    • 4 – 5.5mm 510 Pin Depth Compatible
    • 2 A Max Charge Current
    • 30 A Max Output Current
    • 9 V Max Output Voltage
    • Charge temp protection
    • Clock
    • Preheat
    • Nicotine intake calculator

Build Quality & Design


On opening the white box packaging, I am greeted by what looks, for all intents and purposes, like a key fob. The upside down shield shape actually looks really good.

I like the big clicky fire button on the upper left corner of the mod, in black (I have the silver version, there is red, yellow, blue and green). There’s an identical black plastic, diamond shaped area on the opposite side that has the up and down adjustment buttons in the front.

There’s a big, 1.,3 inch color display in the front and the brushed metal finish looks really classy. Not only is the mod aesthetically pleasing, it feels perfect in hand…just like a key fob does. Its easy to hold.

The thing is, that 2000mAh battery weighs next to nothing. Picking the mod up, I’m struck by its lightness and I just know that when I add a full tank to the top, the curved base of this mod is not going to help it stand steadily.

In fact, I instantly know why this ergonomic shape isn’t more common, its ridiculously unsteady when you try to stand it up, even without the Procore Motor tank fitted. I can’t imagine what they were thinking.

Besides the 6 battery ventilation holes on the base, all I see is curved edges, this thing was made to fall over.

Once you’ve fitted the tank, you have to carefully balance the mod to get it to stand, after which the softest blow of air will cause it to fall over.

Procore Motor Tank

The Procore Motor Tank comes as a 2ml tank but there’s an extension glass and coil adaptor that’ll turn it into a 4.5ml tank, handy.

The tank has a huge base, a full centimeter thick, which is where the adjustable airflow is situated, in the form of four slots, 2 either side, on a ring that turns easily.

The top cap is equally thick and the knurling with which it’s decorated didn’t make it any easier to dismantle this tank, especially when I tried to install the glass replacement for extra capacity. That glass tube just didn’t want to budge. All the seals and o-rings are insanely tight. I contemplated breaking the original glass in order to get it off that seal…I got it right eventually though, without casualties.

The tank uses a top fill system with one of those slide and flip, hinged caps, after which you fill easily though two openings in the rubber.

The drip tip is a centimeter in diameter and the rim is decorated with little holes.

How Does The Joyetech EKEE With Procore Motor Perform?

The first thing that happened was, after I’d filled the tank and stepped out while the wick soaked, the device fell over and every drop of juice in the tank leaked out of the airflow.

I have learned to close my airflow when storing a full tank, because leaking does happen, with a good many tanks…but this is extreme. The device can’t be trusted to stay standing unless it’s leaning against something, propped up…and when it falls over it becomes juicy mess.

Utilizing the same menu system, with similar features and functions to the Cuboid Lite, the device has its merits. Accurate TCR, a real time clock, preheat function, a nicotine counter and more.

The Included ProC Coils

Noting about this device is set up for MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping. The airflow, the drip tip, all only lend themselves to DTL (Direct to Lung). That’s why I was surprised when I visited the product page on the Joyetech site and saw the ProC 1 0.25 Ohm coil advertised for MTL. Joyetech Procore Motor replacement coil headsIt does not work on this device as a MTL coil, there just isn’t enough resistance, even with airflow only open a sliver.

And since these coils couldn’t provide a MTL hit, I attempted a few DTL hits, getting very good flavor and pretty decent cloud but within a few hits at 40W, I started tasting burn. So these are MTL coils that you can’t MTL on… and you can’t DTL on them either. Make’s sense. Useless.

The 0.4 Ohm DTL Coil also has pretty good flavor, thought not as good as the MTL coil. I found the sweet spot to be around 65W for this coil, with fairly good cloud but really nothing special.

Neither coil is a winner in my book, sadly.

The thing is, these coils and this leaky tank are no fun to work with and simply ruin the entire experience.

The vape mod on its own has a decent ramp time and does all the things it’s supposed to properly, except stand.

I could harp on about the ins and outs, the functions and features but knowing that once I’m done writing this review, I’ll pack this mod away, never to be used again…I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.

This mod was not designed with vapers in mind. Someone must have noticed that it can’t stand!! Someone must have noticed that you can’t vape mouth to lung with these MTL coils. Yet here I sit with this kit in my hand, very disappointed.

How To Fill

  • Slide the top cap away from the little teardrop logo
  • Flip the cap in the same direction
  • Fill through one of the fill holes

How To Change the Coil

  • Grip the base of the atomizer and unscrew the the Pyrex
  • The Coil Head is threaded into the base, unscrew it
  • Replace

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 Clicks on fire powers on or off
  • 3 Clicks to enter modes and then +/- to cycle through Power/Bypass/Clock/Temp and TCR modes
  • Once In TCR press – and then + to switch between metals or memory settings
    in Temp mode press fire 3 times and then – 3 times to lock/unlock resistance
  • Hold fire and + and then press – to set screen protection
  • Hold fire and – to toggle stealth mode
  • Hold _ and – to enable button lock
  • When off, press + and – simultaneously to flip the screen

Battery Life

The device charges quickly, in less than an hour. The battery will last you about 6.5 hours vaping at medium wattages between 45 and 65W..

What I Liked

I like the clock feature and pictorial layout of information on the color screen with the red circular bar that diminishes with battery life and the blue circle within it that indicates wattage.

I like the way the mod feels in hand and the brushed metal finish feels quality.

What I Dislike

The mod can’t stand properly. The tank leaks. The MTL coils are useless. The DTL coils are less than mediocre. The battery life is not great.

Final Review Verdict

I’m sad to say that my experience with the Joyetech EKEE mod has been technically frustrating and on the vape front, nothing brought it back for me. I think the mod is badly designed and the tank equally so, I can’t recommend it to anybody. Sorry!

I’m afraid there’s no way I’d buy this device again if I lost it.

Have you used the Joyetech Ekee kit? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  • Accurate TC
  • Decent Ramp
  • Color Screen Layout


  • Included Coils Not Very Satisfying
  • The Device Can’t Stand Properly
  • Tank Leaks
  • Tank Difficult To Break Down
Build and Design
Included Coils
Overall Performance
Liklihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged?
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