Introduction – The Magic Atopack Pod System by Joyetech

The Joyetech Magic Atopack Pod System is a large heavy semi hybrid pod device that works without the traditional coil system you see in most vape devices.Joyetech magic ato header colours

The Magic Pod is the latest in the Atopack range that also includes the Penguin and the Dolphin, two very good pod mods that were very popular and ahead of their time as far as pod kits went for back then.

Of course Joyetech have other ranges of e-cigarettes in their back catalogue catering for beginners to the more advance vapers out there.

What did we think of the Joyetech Magic Atopack? Was it worth the wait for the 3rd Atopack? Let’s find out with an up and close look………..Joyetech magic ato ready use

This kit was sent to us for the purpose of this review. As always my thoughts and views are my own after considerable testing.

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In The Box

  • 1x Joyetech Magic Atopack Battery
  • 1x Joyetech Magic Atopack Pod
  • 50 Cotton Pads
  • Pair of tweezers (good quality)
  • 1x QC USB cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Warranty card
  • 1x Warning cardJoyetech magic ato kit

Main Specs/Features

  • Size: 38 x 18 x 101mm
  • Cartridge capacity: 7.0ml /2.0ml (TPD edition)
  • Heater: NCFilm heater (0.6ohm)
  • Light: 7 changeable lights
  • Output: Ultra-low constant voltage(2.3V)
  • Innovative single switch design
  • High build quality and ergonomics
  • Compact pod mod with stylish design
  • Built-in 1300mAh battery
  • Supports changeable cotton
  • Various battery protections
  • Colours: Silver, Phantom Blue and Black

Design and Build Quality

The Magic Atopack comes displayed well in a card box with a paper over sleeve.

The full device is a tall 101mm and weighing in at 102g, the main part of the mod is made from zinc alloy, the pod is plastic, the whole kit has a quality feel to it with a clean, well done design.Joyetech magic ato ready


Made of smoky plastic my pod is the standard 7ml, when you buy this kit in the EU the pod will be 2ml fill capacity. The pods have a handy label for writing your e-liquid details which can help keeping track of what’s what if you have a number of Atopack pods.Joyetech magic ato front Each pod has pre installed a non removable 0.6Ω NCFilm heater,which apparently will last up to 3 months of use.Joyetech magic ato heaterThe reason I called this kit semi hybrid at the beginning of this review is while you can’t replace the heater you can replace the cotton. Joyetech have included 50 squares of organic cotton in a pack that you can replace.Joyetech MA cotton packIts recommended that you change the cotton after every 3 tank fills.Joyetech MA padsThe fill port and cotton flap are located under a plastic door on the base of the pod.Joyetech magic ato door The airflow is located at the side of the pod and is small a vertical slot. The air is drawn across the heater and up the wide mouthpiece.Joyetech magic ato AFThe pod is pressure held in the mod with no movement detected.


The body is made of zinc alloy the Magic has a 1300mAh internal battery and is operated by the central plastic fire button located on the face of the device.Joyetech magic ato fire Where the pod fits into the mod you will see 2 gold plated spring loaded contact points with an LED light surround.Joyetech magic ato connThe base of the device has the normal safety marks and battery venting.Joyetech magic ato bottThe reverse side of the device houses the micro usb charge port and charge indicator light.Joyetech magic ato usb portThe branding is minimal with “Magic Atopack” on the front and “Joyetech” on the back. Joyetech magic ato adv frontJoyetech MA adv backThe mod has 7 different colour battery LED lights which can only be seen through the usb charge port while the pod is in position.

While I would say the design and quality of the Magic is excellent I am left to somewhat ponder why Joyetech have included changeable battery LED’s? Unless at some point during design and construction they were intending that the pod would light up on firing! What a cool idea that would be.

Quick Start Guide

Changing the Cotton

  • Open the plastic doorJoyetech magic ato door
  • Flip open the silicone flap and remove old cotton with tweezersJoyetech magic ato replace
  • Using one of the included cotton pads replace the cottonJoyetech magic ato cinplace

Tip – don’t press the cotton in to hard but make sure the flap is level.

Filling the pod

  • Insert your bottle nib into the juice intake and fill the podJoyetech magic ato filling

Tip – keep an eye on filling. If you overfill it might cause liquid to leak from under the pad.

  • Close the plastic door and insert the pod into the mod

Tip – take care with the plastic door the lock tab is delicate and easily broken,Joyetech magic ato door clipBefore first use leave the pod to stand for around 5 minutes so the cotton pad can soak up liquid.

Magic Atopack Operation

  • X5 clicks on the fire button= on and off
  • X3 quick clicks to change the LED lights
  • X1 click to cycle the 7 colours, hold the fire button down to confirm your choice, you can turn off the LEDs
  • The charge light will be red and will go out once fully chargedJoyetech magic ato bat leds


  • 10s Timeout protection
  • Over-charging protection
  • Over-discharging protection
  • Short circuit protection

How Does The Joyetech Magic Atopack Pod System Perform?

For this review I have filled the pod with Yami Vapor “Butter Brew”.Joyetech magic ato display A lot of manufactures are saying their pod system is optimised for Nic salt e-liquid!

Joyetech is no different but the Atopack Magic will run perfectly well with normal nicotine based liquid, I suggest either a 50PG/50VG or 70VG/30PG liquid at 10 to 12mg or if you want to use nic salt e liquid, 20mg.Joyetech magic ato lean

The NCFilm Heater

Instead of a traditional coil as we know it the Joyetech Magic Atopack pod uses the new NCFilm heater which was seen with the Ultex T80 kit. The NCFilm Heater looks similar to a Notch Coil that has been laid flat and permanently fixed within the pod.

You can change the wicking over and over again thereby making full use of the NCFilm heater’s longevity, also the NCFilm does not relying on tilting of the pod to wet the cotton as its fixed in the base of the pod with cotton placed underneath.Joyetech magic ato eliquid

The NCFilm inside the Magic’s pod behaves just like it does in the Cubis Max tank on the Ultex T80, it produces a coolish vape which will not be to everyone’s liking, but it suits me and my micro lungs ok.

BTW as a side note, I keep the Ultex T80 and Cubis Max tank on my desk so I can use them while working, the tank has still got the original NCFilm installed and after 4 months of use the flavour is still very good, so I can definitely attest to the longevity of the NCFilm.Joyetech utlex t80 disp The only thing with the NCFilm that disappointed me is nowhere in the paperwork or online do Joyetech tell you what the heater material is made of!Joyetech magic ato hand


The flavour, in my opinion, is fair with good vapour production. I’ve been comparing it and testing it next to the Smok Nord pod mod.Joyetech magic ato nord podThe airflow from the pod for Mouth to Lung (MTL) is ok but if you are looking for a tighter draw this may not be the pod system for you.

Testing MTL was hard to do due to the draw being so light, so I gave up and have been vaping this device as Direct to Lung; Which is more my style anyway!Joyetech magic ato test


I was sent the 7ml (standard edition) which means I don’t have to be continuously refilling the pod, if you buy this product in the EU you will get a 2ml pod, an added bonus is if you have more than 1 pod you can write your liquid details on the side. The wide mouth piece while made of plastic is very comfortable in the mouth.Joyetech magic ato hand ready

Battery longevity

The 1300mAh battery life is very impressive as the Magic outputs an ultra low constant output of just 2.3v. This is perfect as the 0.6ohm NCFilm needs a lot less wattage than a standard coil.

I managed around 6hrs vape time with each charge which is very impressive for Direct to Lung (DTL vaping). What does let the battery down for me is the amount of time it takes to charge, nearly 2hrs from flat.Joyetech magic ato usb cable

Battery LED lights

I mentioned the LED lights earlier in the review; I personally think they are a waste of time!

It’s hard to say what Joyetech had in mind here whether the lights were supposed to shine through the pod but at some point pre production they changed their minds. It’s also hard to see the lights through the usb port in bright light unless you remove the pod which really defeats the object!Joyetech magic ato leds


  • Fair flavour production
  • Good vapour production
  • Excellent battery life
  • Well constructed quality of build
  • Design is ok but could have be executed better
  • Kit price point is cheap


  • Non removable NCFilm Heater
  • Heater material not named
  • Battery LED’s
  • Hard to MTL
  • 1 pod included with the kit
  • No mention of the heater material

Final Review Verdict

I was excited when I was sent the Joyetech Magic Atopack as I have owned both the others in the range; and as excellent as they were, they felt like toys in the hand. The Magic Atopack is made of zinc alloy and it’s a heavy bit of kit but still pocket friendly.

It has great battery life but the pods let it down a bit for me for use as an MTL device, the changeable LED’s are a strange one and would have been better if they had been left out altogether!

The flavour I get from this device is ok but not stellar and it may not be to everyone’s taste as its rather cool. Having said that, the device would make a good starting point for those new to the hobby.

Would I buy the Joyetech Magic Atopack kit again due to loss or damage? For me personally – “No” I wouldn’t.

USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of World – Free Shipping

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Flavour Production
Vapour Production
Price Point
Replace if Lost or Stolen
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