The JustFog Compact 14 Kit is brought to us by a Seoul based, South Korean brand that specialises in compact vapes in this class…and it’s up for review today!!

Now, JustFog may not be very well known but I was surprised to discover that they are now operating in 46 countries worldwide and have quite a large inventory of products on the vape market. Their products include the Q16 kit, the Q14 Compact kit and the extra slim C14 starter kit.

Most of their devices have a very old school look, slender, vape pens, tiny with long narrow mouthpieces.

What Can We Expect From The Compact 14 by Justfog

To start with, a sexy and compact little salt nic vape with a massive 1500 mAh onboard battery.

The JustFog Compact 14 has some very modern looks but there are still some features that take me right back, such as the eGo style 510 connection and that old school mouthpiece. So this one may be a good bet for those nostalgic vapers out there.

This kit was sent to use for the purposes of review by Ave40, thank you. As always my views are my own.

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In The Box

  • 1 x Battery
  • 1 x Clearomiser tank
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x 1.6 Ohm coil head
  • User Manual
  • Safety guide



  • Dimensions: 21 x 37 x 67 mm
  • Weight: 78.5 g
  • 1500 mAh on board battery
  • Output: 1.6 ohm = 8W, 1.2 Ohm = 11W
  • Micro 5 USB charge
  • Zinc alloy and pC chassis
  • eGo 510 compatible


  • 1.8 ml capacity
  • OCC 1.6 Ohm bottom coil
  • Pyrex glass and chrome coated brass
  • Dimensions 14 x 71.6 x 26 mm
  • Weight: 26 g
  • eGo 510 compatible

Design and Build Quality

Alright! So, opening up the rather “meh” collapsible JustFog box, I was intrigued to see the product of a brand that was completely unknown to me.

When I laid eyes and hands on this rather heavy but really compact little mod, I was pleasantly surprised by the look and clear feeling of quality.


This is a gorgeous little vape. Viewed from the base, this AIO takes the shape of an 8 outline.

The shiny chrome base and top extend a little into the body, which is a solid zinc alloy with a beautifully clean looking, vibrantly coloured matte finish, definitely scratch proof, which is a big plus.


One side of the coloured body section has a rectangular cut out in the middle (see the pics) which reveals the eGo style 510 connection and the tank with a large, knurled chrome base.

A thin black adjustable airflow band with a 7x1mm cyclops style slot sits on top of the base.justfog compact 14 kit side 1

A narrower chrome band is above that and then the tank section, through which the small coil head is partially visible, once installed.

This eGo pen style tank is removed through the top of the device, where the narrow mouth to lung (MTL) removable mouthpiece sticks out.

Next to the mouthpiece, on top, are three LED battery level indicators. Next to that, just at the opposite edge, is a contoured and clicky, black fire button. Moving a little further down is the micro USB charge port.

Further down, on the zinc alloy case is a small Compact 14 brand, at the top, with a massive, vertical JustFog brand at the bottom of the zinc alloy section.

No battery vents are visible, just 2 small screws on the base.

The 8 shape I spoke of means this device is extremely ergonomic, hides away in the palm and just feels beautiful between the fingers,

This vape really is a looker, with a hand feel to match.

Top Fill

Now, it has to be said the user manual was useless, as it didn’t explain how I was supposed to use this thing.

The top cap and 510 connection were screwed on so tight, I mistakenly assumed there was something I was doing wrong when I tried in vain for 10 minutes to get the tank out so I could install the coil and refill.

I eventually watched a video review, which was the only way I figured out that I was doing the right thing… but that the parts were stuck.

A pliers and serious risk of damage to the device finally did the trick…I was able to remove the tank, install the coil and fill.

Filling takes place through a very narrow opening around the central shaft.

Unfortunately, my top cap is stuck again after my 3rd refill, so I will have to use the pliers again soon as I’m due for a refill…obviously there is an issue with the threading here.

How Does The Justfog Compact 14 Kit Perform?

Other than the threading issues, this JustFog Compact 14 Kit is an excellent performer.

I get a a solid mouth to lung (MTL) draw and a nice restricted direct to lung (DTL) hit, with a good vapour production and decent flavour.

Read more about the difference between MTL and DTL here.

The draw has a definite, lingering crackle, reminiscent of the eGo style vape pens of old, but vapour production and flavour definitely gives away the fact that this is a modern device.

I find the mouthpiece extremely comfortable, just the right size for both MTL and restricted DTL and really nice and long, so there is no chance even the smoochiest lips will touch the top cap.

Vapour production is good enough here to force me to mix in a regular juice with my nic salts, so I don’t get a nicotine overdose, lol!

Unsure what nic salt e-liquid is? Read more here.

Despite the vapour production, the 1.8 ml tank is surprisingly ample.

One issue I have is that there is no extra coil head and the included coil head does not come preinstalled. Indeed, some users might even make the mistake of thinking there is a coil installed and trying to vape with no coil! Don’t do that!

There is one feature that puts this device in a class entirely of its own…and that you will read all about in the battery life section.

1.6 Ohm OCC Coil

Great vapour production from this coil, which fires at 8W on this device. Flavour is there but nothing spectacular, just a little bit above average.

I’ve been doing mostly restricted DTL on this coil head and have experienced no burning with extended draws and heavy usage.

Battery Life

Bloody hell. This device has the most incredible battery life I have ever experienced on a device of this size.

The only give away to the massive battery life is the hefty weight (over 100g total) of this vape, given its diminutive size.

Using the vape intermittently between rounds with my regular sub-ohm tank, I used it for 4 days before it even dropped to 2 LED’s. Then another 4 days before it dropped to one.

The device is advertised as having 48 hours of consistent battery life but I can tell you that that means continuous vaping for 48 hours…the 1500mAh on-board battery has a charge life that is totally off the charts and it is SO DAMN CONVENIENT!

  • 3 LED = 70-100%
  • 2 LED = 30-70%
  • 1 LED =0-30%


  • Battery life is off the freaking hook
  • Great vapour production
  • Perfect for DTL and MTL
  • Stunning look and quality finish
  • Very ergonomic


  • Threading problems make filling and coil change difficult
  • Lots of crackling when you draw
  • Only one coil included

Final Review Verdict

If you’re a lover of sexy, sophisticated vapes with old school features, this JustFog Compact 14 would be a great addition to your collection.

If you are after an MTL or nic salt device that’s attractive, compact and has incredible battery life then this little number certainly won’t let you down.

In spite of the fact that flavour isn’t the best and threading leaves a bit to be desired, this device’s vapour production, look, feel and phenomenal battery life leave it highly recommended by me!

Have you used the JustFog Compact 14 kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Free WorldWide Shipping – Save 12% With Code ECIGCLICK12

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Battery Life
Replace if Lost?
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  1. El problema que tenías en el rellenado se debe a que se hace por la parte inferior y es muy simple y fácil.
    Yo también lo estoy disfrutando por su gran autonomía ,pequeño tamaño y discreccion al vapear.

  2. Just to say I love mine, and to provide the info that the threading/ pliers issue you had is due to the fact that this unit is supposed to be filled by removing the entire cleariser and coil from the unit and filling from the bottom after removing the coil.


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