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JUUL Sued Over COVID-19 Complications Claim!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the vape giant – the headlines scream ‘JUUL sued over COVID-19 complications!’

Oh my…you have to feel slightly sorry for them…


Wow you’re a tough crowd 😉

juul sued over covid19 omplications

OK, moving on…

There’s no proof that any form of vaping can lead to complications from the virus – and there’s not actually been any cases reported that could even be linked to JUUL – or any vape product come to that!

It’s down to the lawyers – who are lumping COVID-19 in with the current avalanche of law suits the controversial e-cigarette company is facing.

I’ve said before, it’s a great time to be a JUUL legal eagle lol – those folks must be rushed off their feet and probably making more than a few bucks!

This latest twist in the constant court battles comes from where else but California…the crazy state when it comes to vaping as I like to call it…

An amendment to the current legal action/s was filed in the San Francisco district court last week – the city as you well know is home to JUUL.

The lawyers are worried that any vaper – especially young vapers – that contract COVID-19 could become very ill…

They said:

JUUL users are also at greater risk of suffering more serious complications if they contract the coronavirus.

And they’ve covered all the bases calling for :

…timely treatment and prevention of exacerbation of injuries.

According to Bloomberg Quint, JUUL has declined to comment.

Love JUUL or hate them – one thing’s for sure this and probably the vast majority of lawsuits they’re facing are BS…IMHO – don’t come for me 😉

Footnote: JUUL is about to release a new menthol flavoured pod to the European market.

juul uk menthol pods

They’re obviously aware of the coming Europe wide ban on ALL menthol tobaccos on May 20th this year.

The pods will go on sale on the company’s website later this month.

For an alternative to the new pod flavour, do check out my article: Best Menthol Vape Juice 😉

IQOS Menthol Ban Sales Calculator!

Speaking of the menthol ban, our old friends over at IQOS have come up with a calculator for shopkeepers showing them how much revenue they will lose once the ban comes in!

The upside of the loss factor, is the net gain factor, IF the shop starts to stock IQOS kits, and of course the menthol flavoured HEETS!

iqos menthol cigarette ban loss calculator

You have to hand it to them – this is genius marketing – if smelling quite a bit like scare tactics – hey it’s a dog eat dog world out there 😉

Plus don’t forget, Public Health England recently gave Heat Not Burn [HNB] devices almost a clean bill of health.

It’s studies has shown whilst not as safe as e-cigarettes, HNB products are considerably safer than lit tobacco.

IQOS, owned by Phillip Morris Inc, is also offering a ‘buy back packets of menthol cigarettes‘ as part of the sweetener…

I took a screenshot of the calculator and I based it on a small shop selling 30 packs of menthol lit fags per week.

As you can see from the results, it’s a heavy loss that many smaller businesses will struggle to cover – especially during the lock down – if of course it is extended that far.

However, looking at the net gain it will of course interest both big and small stores.

BTW: we’ve reached out to IQOS to review the new version 3 – still no reply…

Vampire Vape Acquires Irish Vape Firm

Despite the global market looking uncertain in these trying times, Vampire Vape is continuing its expansion.

The UK based firm has just bought Irish vape distribution company Total Vapour, the largest in Ireland, and for a ‘seven figure sum‘.

Vampire Vape director, Phil Boyle, said:

Total Vapour are specialists in e-cigarette hardware, so it was a natural fit for us to purchase the company to continue to develop our growth strategy.

This acquisition helps to strengthen and secure our distribution platform in a key market, whilst also bringing on board expertise on hardware which historically only represented a small share of our product offering.

The buy-out is one of the first steps in an ambitious 5-year-plan of expansion.

Vampire Vape was founded back in 2012 and operates in 80 countries.

Phil said it was also great news for its customers:

The acquisition of Total Vapour is a huge leap forward for us in building a one-stop solution for our customers, be that a broader product offering, additional expertise, and the capacity to fulfil a greater number of our customer’s needs.

It really is good to see the UK vape industry doing so well – long may it last.

UK Vape Shops MUST Stay Closed Says UKVIA

Following a couple of media stories about UK vape shops staying open against the lock down policy, UKVIA is urging all bricks and mortar stores to remain closed.

Last week I wrote about the shop on the Merseyside that had flouted the essential shops only rule resulting in the owner man-handled by police and arrested.

john dunne ukvia
Director at UK Vaping Industry Association John Dunne

Now the UK Vaping Industry Association says all vape shops should shut, but can adapt and offer local delivery services.

UKVIA Director John Dunne said:

We understand that we are talking about people’s livelihoods here, but it is paramount that the industry follows the government guidance. We have to wait until we get the green light to reopen.

In the meantime, vape retailers are offering online and home delivery services. In addition, whilst supermarkets and corner shops, which the government has allowed to stay open, don’t have the range of vape products sold by specialist offline and online stores, consumers can still buy vape devices and e-liquids from these outlets.

I take it from that, the dialogue UKVIA and indeed the Independent British Vape Trade Association [IBVTA] – has had with the UK Government has come to nothing?

Both trade groups had said they were in talks with politicians looking to get vape shops classed as ‘essential’ – I guess that’s dead in the water…

and finally…Good To See Trump Stopping WHO Funding!

Not sure how the USA stopping its funding of the World Health organization will impact on e-cigarettes, but seeing Trump turn the money tap off brought a wry smile to my face.

I’ve written thousands of words about the WHO and it’s ridiculous bordering on criminal stance as the world’s leading anti-vape organization.

Here’s just a few:

May 30th 2018

It’s a sad and almost criminal state of affairs that one word from WHO and billions of smokers would reduce the risk of the tobacco related heart diseases [and others] they claim to be so virtuous and passionate about.

Shame on them…

Or as famous smoker Jim Royal might say “World No Tobacco Day My Arse…“

Full article: World No Tobacco Day – WHO Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Adhanom..?

June 4th 2018

…But still the WHO ignores the science and facts…

And as I reported in my piece World No Tobacco Day – WHO Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Adhanom..? – the WHO is also quite an ignorant organization in both attitude and knowledge around vaping.

They wrongly believe passive vaping is a risk – it isn’t – and have refused to consider evidence on the benefits of vaping vs smoking from advocacy groups around the world including the UK’s New Nicotine Alliance.

Indeed the WHO not only refused point blank to accept any of the NNAs carefully considered evidence around vaping – but placed them on their ‘black list‘ alongside tobacco companies and wait for it – arms dealers!

Full article: WHO Missed a Trick
who anti-vaping

June 4th 2019

…Sure the movers and shakers from the WHO, Governments and tobacco control ‘intelligentsia’ enjoyed a lot of back-slapping, lavish lunches and the willy-nilly handing out of ‘awards’ – all very friendly. However, underneath those virtue signalling soundbite speeches and fancy posters, the plight of the world’s smokers was pretty much forgotten.

Harsh? Not really given the WHO steadfastly – some might say ridiculously – refuses to budge on its anti-vaping stance…not only that it’s actively looking to remove all ‘novel’ nicotine products, including that e-cigarette you’re holding right now…

Full article: WHO Are UK Vaping Advocacy Groups Taking To Task?

July 29th 2019

It’s been anti-vaping since day one and now the World Health Organisation is doing all it can to prop up Big Pharma’s failing stop smoking medication, patches, gums and sprays.

In a quite remarkable statement, this un-elected body of so-called medical professionals has used the 2019 Global Tobacco Report to slam vaping as “undoubtedly harmful” and doing nothing to eradicate cancer!

As for helping smokers quit – the WHO says there’s “insufficient evidence” that e-cigs and vaping do indeed help – lol.

Full article: WHO Says E-Cigarettes Are Harmful

WHO report on ecigarettes

August 1st 2019

IF and that’s a big IF, the WHO is really keen on tackling what they’re calling a “global tobacco epidemic” [they do like that e word don’t they lol] then they MUST talk to who they perceive as the enemy – in this case Big Tobacco and most definitely the New Nicotine Alliance.

Sitting on their first-class seats on flights to the next paradise based junket with their fingers in their collective ears singing “we’re not talking to you” is pathetic even more so when people’s lives are at risk.

The WHO needs to stop fiddling about whilst the world burns – literally – because the lives of billions are at stake.

Full article: The WHO Needs To Embrace Vaping Not Attack It

January 23rd 2020

As for the WHO – Bloomberg recently sponsored the World Health Organization’s 2019 Global Tobacco Report.

That little gem concluded vaping was: undoubtedly harmful – not helping to tackle cancer and a gateway for young people to smoking!

Seems the WHO dare not embrace vaping if they want to keep Bloomberg’s money pouring in – hence the ludicrous attacks on what is a life saving product…

Full article: WHO Vape Report Misleading and Misinformation Say UK Health Experts

So yeah, forgive me if I didn’t chuckle a bit – smile a lot and toast Trump with a glass of single malt…

America is the single biggest donor and I doubt serial WHO donor Bloomberg will be able to offset that hit…

Maybe the WHO delegates will have to cut back on all those first class junkets around the world…

Or at least swap the Cristal and canapes for Asti Spumante and sausages on sticks…


PS: If you’re a vape company / shop or a vaper and you have a piece of news you think would fit nicely on here – let me know!

Contact me at: neilh @

Press releases with photos especially welcome 😉


More vaping news on Sunday until then – stay safe!

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