The ‘Kamry 20’. A Good Release Into The Box mod market?

Kamry have been developing electronic cigarettes for a number of years but have largely been playing second fiddle to competitors Innokin, Aspire, Kangertech and now iSmoka.

Their recent box mod product line up however could see them break the mould with devices ranging from 20W upto 200W.

Today I’m going to be looking at their vape mod which is simply named the ‘Kamry 20’.

This e cigarette was purchased by myself for the purposes of this review.

In the box / Presentation

The Kamry 20 is packed in a tidy cardboard box complete with authenticity scratch panel.

  • 1 X Kamry 20 box mod (Built in 18650)
  • 1 X Carry Pouch
  • Manual
  • Micro USB Charging Cable


First impressions of the Kamry 20 out of the box are good, this is a solid little box. The build quality feels great, the anodised aluminium casing is well engineered, the corners smoothed so it feels comfortable in the hand.

The weight for me is also that adds to the quality feel. While it isn’t that much bigger than the 50W iStick the metal casing makes it feel a fair bit heavier and I actually quite like that.

Kamry 20 Box Mod Review

The 510 threading is solid with a spring loaded pin, on the side we have the three buttons all of which again feel solid and have a satisfying click when pressed.

The OLED screen sits in between the buttons and while clear it is a little on the small side, then again every screen at the moment looks small when compared to the MVP 3 screen.

The Kamry isn’t built in one mould, there is a back plate that can be removed. This is fixed in place with screws and can be taken off with a mini screwdriver.

If you are a vaper that likes to tinker you may be able to replace the battery once this runs down to the point that it effects performance. Only mess about with this though if you know what you are doing!

The battery inside the Kamry is a 18650 2000Mah.

Kamry 20 with Aspire Atlantis Tank

Kamry 20 Functions

The Kamry has a voltage range of 3V-7.7V and wattage from 7W-23W. Bit of a strange one, before buying the Kamry 20 I presumed the 20 would have stood for 20W?

Maybe Kamry 23 doesn’t quite have the same ring to it or it could just be that the box will only go to 20W when using a 0.3-0.5Ohm coil.

So back to the functions, the screen displays the following information:

  • Battery power remaining
  • Resistance of atomiser attached
  • Wattage or voltage output – Depends on what you have selected, if you are vaping using Watts it will display the voltage output and vice-versa
  • Current voltage or wattage

Selecting the different functions is very simple and if you have used a VV/VW box mod or device before you will pick it up straight away.

  • 5 Clicks of the power button will turn the device on/off
  • 3 Clicks of the power button will change to preferred mode, volts or watts.
  • +/- buttons to flow through the VV/VW settings. These can be set in 0.1 increments.

That’s pretty much it! One thing I did find a little annoying was the time it takes to go up and down the V/W settings. When pressing in voltage mode it’s like watching paint dry as it ambles through the settings in 0.1 increments, there is no hyper mode or whatever you want to call it here.

kamry 20 OLED Screen

In the wattage mode, which in fairness is how I vape most of the time, the settings go slow for example from 10W to 11W and then, as long as you keep the button pressed down it starts flowing though in full 1.0 increments and before you know it you are 2W or 3W past your preferred setting.

Then you need to come back down the slow and fast again stopping and starting as you do. I don’t want to dwell on this too much but it did prove to be a slight ache in the balls! I know, first world problems!

Apart from that everything else was good, the safety features include:

  • Safety 10 second cut off
  • Will shut off if temperature get 70ºC

Battery Life

The 18650 2000 mAh battery doesn’t seem that big of a capacity when compared some of the other box mods out there but it still performs well seeing me at least through 2.5 days of moderate vaping.

As mentioned before, the back case does unscrew giving you the opportunity to replace the battery.

It isn’t just a case of popping the battery in and out like the Cloupor Mini though, the Kamry battery has wires stuck in place on both ends so I’d say only mess around with this if you know what your doing.

Kamry 20 USB Port

Come to think of it why Kamry didn’t just make this an easily replaceable battery to begin with is a strange one considering the back case is not soldered into place and can be unscrewed.

A good thing though is the ability to use the box mode while it is charging, some people may find the placement of the USB cable on the bottom of the case a bit of a nuisance though.


I love the design and build of the Kamry 20, it feels nice and solid in the hand. Battery life is good and the functions work well apart from the slow selection of voltage/wattage on the OLED screen. They could have also made this a proper replaceable battery mod as well.


I tried both the Aspire Atlantis with 0.5Ohm coil and a Kanger Aerotank with 1.8Ohm coil and both worked perfectly fine. I could fire up to the maximum 23W with the Aspire and the flavour and vapour volume were great with the e-liquid I was using.

Kamry 20 with Kanger Subtank Mini

For some 23W is not going to be enough. For my personal vaping habits this just fine. The 18-23 Watt range with the Atlantis gives me great results.

Overall – Battery life will of course depend on the battery you choose to buy but performance in all other areas was fantastic.

Overall – Final Thoughts

The look and feel of the Kamry 20 is excellent, a nice robust solid build that feel great in the hand. If it’s your first foray into the box mod market then this is a good choice.

Check out my summary to get an overview.


  • Quality, solid build. Well engineered
  • Small enough to fit comfortably in the hand and carry around in bag or pocket.
  • Back cover can be screwed off without damaging device.
  • Has a 18650 battery inside
  • 23W. Fine for my use.
  • Use coil heads down to 0.3 Ohm
  • Simple to use
  • Can vape whilst on charge
  • Works well with a variety of tanks that I used.


  • Choosing the settings with the +/- buttons can cause a bit of annoyance initially with it’s slow selection
  • Kamry should have made the battery easier to replace
  • No adapter included for EGO tanks.
  • Micro USB port is positioned on the bottom, not a huge issue it has to be said.
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