The Atlantis – The First Sub oHm Tank From Aspire

Notice: Aspire have now release their updated tank.

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Aspire have a stellar line up when it comes to clearomisers and tanks for the mass market. Anyone that has used the Nautilus, Nautilus Mini, Aspire ETS or their CE5 clearomisers may agree. The New Atlantis Sub oHm tank, however, is a completely different beast. Boxed Aspire Atlantis

I’ll say a couple of things up front, first is I don’t use build my own coils or use drippers and this is my first experience into sub oHm vaping. I’m all about keeping vaping simple!

The second, more important point is that this is not a tank you can just chuck on any battery! If you vape with any standard vape pen type e cig or even with the likes of the MVP2 they are not built for sub ohm vaping. Check out our guide if you are new to this type of vaping.

For those that are new to using sub oHm coils make sure your battery has the power output for low resistance coils!

I myself purchased the Aspire CF Sub oHm battery and Atlantis together as a kit, the battery was released by Aspire in conjunction with the Atlantis tank and they work a treat together! Obviously you can use other MODs/batteries, just be on the safe side and check your battery!

OK… I’ll shut up now about that and get on with the review!

Aspire Atlantis Setup

The Atlantis comes in a tidy perspex presentation case and the CF battery a simple, nice looking cardboard tube. On first view the tank design isn’t dissimilar to many other tanks on the market, it’s a solid piece of kit with clean lines with the only telling difference being the drip tip which is a big bugger, like sucking on a drain pipe.

Aspire Atlantis Review

The real differences become apparent when taking the tank apart. At first I was struggling to release the pyrex glass from the top piece due to the new design having metal teeth gripping the glass. Believe me they really do grip on tight!

I was actually a bit concerned the tank was going to break but with a bit of persistence it came off without incident. Every time I came to fill though I go through the same battle! Maybe this is why there is a spare glass tube in the box.

Atlantic Sub Ohm Tank Setup

The kit comes with two 0.5 oHm BVC coils and whoa! These are big fellas! They dwarf the standard coils used in the Nautilus tanks. To add to this they also have four large holes stamped into the side to help soak up a lot of e-liquid. So far the Atlantis build looks impressive.

Some may find the 2ml capacity restrictive but filling is easily done from the bottom so for me not so much of an issue.

The airflow control has the satisfactory clicking sound when each setting is in place, the airflow holes themselves are humongous. Or at least compared to the likes of the Nautilus. The larger hole is touching on 1cm wide! The smaller settings are also a pretty impressive size but do give you options to tailor your draw.

Aspire CF Sub oHm Battery

The CF battery, as mentioned before, is built to be used for sub ohm vaping. The battery pretty much looks like an over sized EGO, in keeping with the general theme so far this is a biggy as well! It dwarfs any EGO battery and is pretty much the same size as the old, old favourite. The Vamo V5.

Aspire CF Sub Ohm Atlantis Kit

Aspire have made a quality battery here, it’s weighty (in a good way) and the carbon fiber finish looks the part. There is also a solid spring loaded pin that ensures a solid connection with the tank.

The internals of the battery have a host of features but on the outside it just has the simple on\off function activated by pressing the over-sized power button 5 times and two coloured lights around the button that give a rough indication to the current voltage.

Battery Features

  • 4.2V Output
  • Blue Light – Voltage 3.5-4V / Orange light – Voltage below 3.5v
  • Max Current 40A
  • Works with 0.3-1.0 oHm atomiser coils
  • Battery Capacity – 2000mAh
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Overcharge Protection – Stops charging if battery reaches 4.25V +
  • Over discharge Protection – Below 3.2V
  • Atomiser Short Circuit Protection
  • Charger Short Circuit Protection

How Does The Atlantis Perform?

The Aspire Atlantis tank was a strange one for me at first, in fact it was pretty tough going. Reason being is that I vape mouth to lung as I did when I smoked. While you may be able to vape this way with the Atlantis that isn’t what it’s made for, the results won’t be there. If you vape like that just keep this in mind.

I thought I was going to have to pass on this review because of this but I persevered and I’m glad I did. It actually took me a couple of days to actually get used to direct lung inhales as well as the vast airflow the drip tip and settings give you.

Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank UK

I will give some advice now to those new to sub oHm vaping AND direct lung inhales. Start on a low nicotine strength! I was vaping 6mg nic strength, anything above this and I would have coughed my guts up but maybe that’s just me!

So…. I was vaping Decadent Vapours Absinthe. Fast forward to me being comfortable with lung inhales and WOW. The flavour that comes through is fantastic, rich, warm and satisfying.

The vapour it pumped out was second to none but then I am a regular user of Aerotanks, Nautilus and the like so probably not much of a surprise there.

Not to say there is anything wrong with the vapour volume from those tanks, they are still very good!

The different airflow settings do the job, as part of getting used to vaping direct to lung I worked my way up from the smallest opening. Now I’m using the largest airflow setting and for me it couldn’t be better.

Overall – Final thoughts

After an extremely rocky start I found the Atlantis to be an amazing bit of kit that could change the way many vapers vape. A must try for those wanting a simple out of the box sub oHm vape.

Here are the takeaway points.

The Good:

  • Build quality is excellent.
  • Big airflow, big coils = Big flavour & big vapour
  • Spare Pyrex Tank
  • Quality battery – A good option for those new to sub oHm vaping

The Not So Good:

  • The metal teeth in the tank seem to tight to the point it feels like the tank may shatter
  • 2ml Capacity while not an issue for me may be for others.

Neither of the above would stop a big yes recommendation from me.

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
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