Disposable vapes seem to be everywhere at the moment and here’s another release the Kuga Heat Ration.

I’ve been fortunate enough to review most of the Kuga Heat stable of vape kits and HNB devices and so far they’ve all really impressed me.

Kuga Heat Ration review

The Kuga Heat Commando is a superb advanced HNB set-up, as is the Desert Eagle, though much simpler to use.

The Knights is a dead easy to use pod kit offering both MTL and RDTL vaping whilst the Shells is a sexy looking disposable.

Kuga Heat is a relatively new vape company but with an all star team from Geekvape, Voopoo and SMOORE behind it.

The company has a superb and very classy website and from what I’ve seen so far, the products ooze class.

BTW, Kuga means ‘Gift of God‘ and in this case Heat means fire.

So – has the Kuga Heat Ration got me all fired up or will I be rationing their use?

What Can We Expect From the Kuga Heat Ration?

Ease of use of course, and a quick look shows me to expect some very interesting flavours!

As I’ve already mentioned, the Kuga Heat Ration is a disposable vape kit/pod and comes with a different coloured funky camo design for each flavour.

disposable vape kit in hand

I’ve received a reviewer box and if I’m honest tech specs and list of retail contents don’t seem to be available – I’ll update this vape review when they are.

What I do know is Kuga Heat says the Ration is good for up to 500 puffs – about the same as a packet of 20 lit cigs.

OK, the 5 Ration flavours were sent direct from Kuga – thank you – and as always my thoughts and opinions are not swayed by freebies.

And for the record, Kuga tells me my pre-release samples have a temporary camo sticker and say:

…the camo print sticker is now of digital print using a water-based glue hand-pasted with our workers, you may find the sticker not sticky enough at the edge.

We will use oil-based glue and machine paste during bulk production and will stick well on the device.

As for the five flavours I’m reviewing, Kuga says:

The e-liquid pre-filled are now formulated based on preference from one of our Europe distributor.

Depending on different regions such as Russia or Asia, the flavor may have slight difference due to custom request from our exclusive distributors.

Right then, on with the review.

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Kuga Heat Ration – Mentha Piperita

Kuga Heat Ration - Mentha Piperita review

I Say:

Nope absolutely no idea what that means apart from guessing it’s a posh menthol.

Good old Wiki tells me it’s a hybrid cross between spearmint and watermint – sounds refreshing.

And yeah, I’m going to say it, I don’t do menthol vapes, however just lately I have started to enjoy a few.

OK, no mistaking the smell with those old Wrigley’s spearmint gums coming to mind.

W O W – that’s some icy blast at the back of the throat on the inhale – O U C H!

The spearmint is bang there and daft as it seems on the exhale that watermint kind of waters it down quite beautifully.

Hard to explain other than this one has surprised me as to just how good it is!

Kuga Heat Ration – Iced Jasmin Tea

iced jasmin tea

I Say:

Puffing on this one in the pub raised a few eyebrows – pink camo is soooo last year darling…

This one smells almost more like a mint tea, but that flowery jasmin certainly hits the taste buds.

Not at all perfumy and extremely delicate with a nice tickle to the tonsils.

Not that keen on it if I’m honest, but I reckon many of you will love this one as it’s very refreshing.

Kuga Heat Ration – Jamaica Blue Coffee

Kuga Heat Ration - jamaica blue coffee review

I Say:

I’m guessing this is based on the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee variety.

It’s an extremely rare blend I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting – I’m a Kenco man myself lol.

The smell is bloody gorgeous – a real rich dark blend that now makes me want to find a Barista to make me one.

I had a bad experience with coffee flavoured e-liquid back in the very early days of vaping – but this one is an absolute delight and then some.

Rich deep and dark with a really quite lovely hint of bitterness and the natural sweetness of the coffee bean.

There is a slight cooling effect too which I actually quite liked.

Kuga Heat Ration – Orange Tobacco

Kuga Heat Ration - orange tobacco review

I Say:

One whiff of this and I immediately thought chocolate orange.

The inhale gives a slight hint of orange – it’s the tobacco that takes centre stage – no bad thing.

There’s the merest throat hit – it’s more smooth than harsh tobacco.

The exhale does see the orange make a reappearance, but again it’s a very subtle note.

Not bad and given I love tobacco flavoured vapes, this one emptied first.

Kuga Heat Ration – Super Iced Cola

super iced cola

I Say:

Definitely smells of cola – well spotted me lol.

Once again my tonsils screeched W O W!!!

Super iced is indeed the description with a real arctic blast sending my tonsils back to the ice age.

To be honest the cola tries very very hard to come through, but it’s way back in the back notes.

If you like a jaw juddering cold vape this is right up your street.

Kuga Heat Ration MTL Or DTL?

Given they’re about as basic as vape kits get, there’s no airflow control…kind of.

On the base are three holes and covering one or two does tighten the vape somewhat.

However off the bat and they’re what I’d call a loose MTL.

OK, a very loose MTL almost but not quite DTL.


I was until I kind of did a hybrid vape mixing both styles.

On a scale of 1:10 with 10 being very airy these are a high 7 early 8.

Decent amount of vapour too if that’s your thing…

Final Review Verdict

I said recently that disposable vapes were now becoming a ‘big thing‘.

Sure we all need to make sure we recycle them properly, and maybe they’re not for everyone.

kuga heat ration
kuga heat ration – slim

I think they’re perfect for smokers looking to quit and as a back up or whilst out and about.

The Kuga Heat Ration disposable vapes are a very welcome inclusion into this particular market.

They do indeed slip in the coin pocket of your jeans and given they’re throw-away are dead simple to use.

The flavours are definitely not your run of the mill either and trust me if you like a cccccold vape some of these will blow your socks off!

There’s limited info on the Kuga Heat website and they don’t appear to be in the store yet either.

As soon as they are I’ll update the link because I reckon these are well worthy of your hard earned cash.

So the big question is…

What do you think of disposable vape kits?

Are these ones you’d like to try?

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECIGCLICK

Jamaica Blue Coffee
Mentha Piperita
Iced Jasmin Tea
Orange Tobacco
Super Iced Cola
Ease Of Use
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