We will be carrying out the Logic Pro e cig review today but first a little about the company.

Logic Pro ECig ReviewLogic E-Cig is a US based company and a big one at that. In July 2015 the company was acquired by Japan Tobacco Groupo, makers of some of the biggest cigarette brands such as Camel, Silk Cut and Benson & Hedges.

They recently landed in the UK and Europe with the Logic brand being sold under another JT owned company E-Lites. They are also available nationwide in a number of store including Sainsbury’s.

Logic Pro E Cig Introduction

The Logic Pro Advanced Vapor System e cig was received free of charge for the purposes of this review. As always our views are our own. Is this the best vape pen for e liquid? Let’s find out.

In The Box

The packaging is designed to be used in retail stores, clean and simple. Inside the kit:

  • 1 X Logic Pro Vaporizer Battery
  • 1 X Tank/Capsule holder
  • The Logic Pro capsules are added in the kit selection with a choice of Cherry, Menthol or Tobacco
  • 1 X USB Charger
  • Logic Pro InstructionsLogic pro e cigarette

Build Quality And Design

The Logic Pro e cigarette, at first glance, is the same as any standard vape pen / eGo type device.

Finished in a stainless steel finish the Loic Pro feels good in the hand. The battery is small in size but has a respectable 650 mAh capacity.Logic pro Advanced Vaporizer Review

The fire button is pretty much flush to the battery button so no protruding buttons that are more likely to attract accidental clicks when in the pocket.

This is helped further with a 5 click ‘on/off’ function and an auto lock feature that will turn off the e cig battery off after 10 minutes of inaction.

The tank itself one of the longest I have seen, almost doubling the overall length of the e cig.Logic Pro ECig by E-Lites

There is a reason for this, however, and that is due to the new capsule design.

With standard vape pens you fill the tank with e liquid and the tank itself will have a coil system that allows the e liquid to be absorbed and vaporized.

With the Logic Pro this works completely different.

Logic Capsule / Cartridge Refill System

This is where things are new and get a little interesting, at least for me, but then I am a bit of an e cig nerd!

Instead of filling the tank section with e juice you simply slot in a pre-filled Logic Pro cartridge into the tank section and screw this on the battery.Logic pro Refill Cartridge

The Logic Pro capsules are completely sealed units that cannot be refilled. The capsule contains the wicking material and, at a guess, no more than 2ml of e-liquid.Logic pro Battery And Cartridge

These have definitely been produced with the TPD regulations in mind.

The drip tip / mouthpiece is fixed and made from stainless steel. Not everyone likes stainless steel drip tips for I personally don’t mind them.

How Does The Logic Pro E Cig Perform?

So we’ve worked out that the Logic Pro capsules are simple to install. I can’t see anyone having an issue with this, it really is plug and play stuff.Logic pro Refill Capsule

The 650 mAh battery got me through just short of a days vaping. So not too bad on that front.

At checkout, you are presented with three cartridge flavor and nicotine options. Red Cherry, Brazilian Bold Tobacco and Ice Fjord Menthol.

The nicotine strengths are fixed, there are no choices here (at the time of writing). This is OK for new vapers that are unsure what to choose but for me, it would be good to see some options here, at least when buying refills.

At the moment though that option isn’t there. So not ideal, especially if you want to gradually reduce your nicotine strength over time.

So What Are The Logic Pro Capsule Flavors Like?

Red Cherry

Logic pro Red Cherry ReviewOne of of the first e liquid flavors I tried when I first started vaping was Cherry. It was also one of the reasons I managed to stay off cigarettes.

I enjoyed the Logic Pro Red Cherry. It isn’t a super strong cherry flavor but it does provide that familiar taste leaving a decent cherry aftertaste. Not great, but OK.

The 15mg nicotine strength was verging on too strong a throat hit for me. It didn’t quite tip over the edge of being uncomfortable but it definitely hits the back of the throat. I’m usually around the 3mg for sub ohm vape tanks and 6-12mg for vape pens.

Having said that I had no problems vaping this. If cherry sounds like a flavor you would like then I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed with this.

Ice Fjord Menthol

Logic pro Menthol ReviewMenthol isn’t a flavor I have vaped for a number of years. The Logic Pro Menthol is your standard Menthol and definitely tastes as you would expect.

The ice blast of the menthol lingers in the mouth long after you have vaped and is quite refreshing.

Menthols are a good way to ‘clean’ the palette when you start to get the dreaded vapers tongue with other e liquid flavors. This was good for me in that aspect but personally, I couldn’t vape this all day. I’m just not a big fan of menthol vapes.

Throat hit was subtle with the 15mg nicotine strength and vapor volume OK.

Brazilian Bold Tobacco

Logic pro Brazilian Bold ReviewI have only tried a handful of tobacco e liquid flavors that I actually like. Similar to the menthol, I moved away from tobacco e juices quite quickly once I started vaping.

The Brazilian Bold is definitely ‘Bold’. It’s quite a generic tobacco flavor and it has to be said not something I’m a fan of.

The throat hit isn’t too harsh but the nicotine strength (20mg) for me was too strong. I couldn’t vape this for very long before getting the old nicotine rush.

For those switching from tobacco I can see this being the flavor where most will start. And the nicotine strength should do you well in terms of giving you enough nicotine delivery to keep you off the cigs.

The vapor volume wasn’t great with the tobacco, this could have been down to me tentatively vaping so as not to take too much on. The throat hit was manageable.

Logic Pro Flavor Summary and Pricing

So that is all of the flavors that are available. Nothing ground breaking and certainly not the best eliquids available but I have tried hundreds of great e liquids over the years.

For smokers new to vaping, however, the Logic Pro e cig flavors should do the trick.

Just keep in mind, flavor profiles are a personal preference. You may well have a different experience with all of the above.

One thing I did find to be very good with the Logic Pro cartridges is that I experienced zero leakage. So in that department, they are designed very well.

Prices are reasonable 9 for a pack of three refills. As a moderate vaper I found vaping the Cherry, on and off, lasted me a couple of days.

Final Logic Pro E Cig Review Verdict

Without stating the obvious the Logic Pro Advanced Vaporizer is a device for new users.

It’s very easy to pick up and use straight out of the box, no refilling of cartridges, just pop a capsule in the tank and you are ready to vape. So if simplicity is a key thing for you then it’s an option that should be considered.

Flavor wise I wasn’t blown away. Maybe if I was a first-time vaper (and hadn’t tried anything else) I would be happy with them so again, maybe worth a try for you if you fit into that category.

Also, with the E-Lites online stores at least, the nicotine strengths are limited to one per flavor. Not great if you are looking to reduce your nicotine strength over time.

The price is excellent for the kit and refills. So just giving them a try should be within most peoples budgets.


  • Build quality is good
  • Plug and play easy to use
  • Excellent price
  • Cartridges last a good amount of time
  • Cartridges are leak free


  • Limited flavor options – Only Red Cherry for me was OK
  • Limited nicotine strength options at the time of writing
Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Red Cherry Flavor
Ice Fjord Menthol Flavor
Brazilian Tobacco Bold Flavor
Recommended (For Certain Vapers)
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
logic-pro-e-cig-reviewFor new vapers the Logic Pro ecig is as easy at it gets. A true plug and play device. If this is what you look for in an e cigarette then this should be looked at. If you prefer to have options with various types of e liquid flavors then this isn't going to be the right e cig kit to choose.


  1. I used the Logic Pro for 2 days and charged it once. Then the charger only showed green and no charging would occur. I notified company, thinking they’d send me a new charger—but NOOOOO! Even though their site lists stores where you can buy the product, if you buy at them and not their website they don’t stand behind the product. They wanted me to buy a whole new unit from them. Forget that!

  2. I have had the Logic Pro vape pen now for 3 weeks I have only experienced 1 problem and that is 1 out of the 3 cartridges don’t work but otherwise no complaints.So far this is a good vape.Ill give it 10 out of 10.Love it

  3. I’ve smoked the Logic Pro for the last 21 months I’ve never had a problem until recently when they’ve changed the packaging the cartridges come in, I’m finding now 2 out of the 3 cartridges in every pack are in smokable, a very bitter burnt taste. I thought it was just me until I read the comments on this site. I was a smoker for 24 years I gave up with the e-cig and moved on to a vaper, I haven’t smoked a cigarette for nearly 3 years and don’t want to! But this is so wrong I’m washing my money now and will look for a new product.

  4. Was looking to buy the Logic Pro but after reading the comments here have decided against it. Too many complaints about dud cartridges, leaks and other quality issues.

    • Do not buy this product salespeople have no clue as to how it works. Parts do no fit together. Threads different diameters and will not join or screw together. Amazed this product still on market. Very poor quality very expensive only bought late Christmas eve. DO NOT PURCHASE under any conditions.

      • I do not believe the positive feedback avoid a complete waste of time. None of the shops have a clue about this product. Spent a lot on product placement and none on quality or control. Disregard any positive feedback they do not appear to be real customers

  5. Day two and I’m happy. I’ve spent 100s on vape stuff from large tanks with massive clouds but always end up going back to the deadly fags.
    I really wanted a basic vape where I’m not buying coils or large amounts of costly liquids I found the 6mg strong enough I’m very happy.

  6. These things are HORRIBLE. If there was a better word to describe it I wish I knew what it was! I have been using these for years because I love them when they work, but at least 3 out of 4 cartridges taste GROSS. Like a fish taste mixed with an empty hit taste. Anyone who vapes knows that empty hit taste when the juice runs out. Mix that with tuna fish and that is what I get in the first two hits 3 out of 4 cartridges! The worst part is they are the most EXPENSIVE vaping system on the planet. I just can’t keep bringing them back anymore. I changed pens thinking that may be it, but it still happened. Then I bought cartridges in another state. I even bought some on ebay. EVERY time, same thing. that HORRIBLE NASTY GROSS taste. I’ll go back to other ones that are never bad, and I get nearly 2,000 draws MORE for the same money.

  7. i have a logic pro changed the cartridge pro started out ok then i charged it up and the light keep flashing after i switched it on

  8. Purchased the Logic Pro x2 units on tobacco capsules of different strengths to help with giving up smoking.
    I must say I’m only wanting to stick to tobacco flavour etc to mimic as close as possible smoking normal ciggerettes.The tobacco flavour capsules are utterly disgusting and I found it very difficult to get any type of satisfying drag from the Logic Pro no matter the nicotine strength..
    Logic have really cut corners and seems not to have listened to their customers while the concept is great the delivery is very poor from such a large company..
    Lack of capsule flavours,lack of decent flavour Eliquid,poor distribution,poor customer service,

  9. Second pen in 2 weeks, I love this product when it works. After a week I don’t gat any draw from it, it’s like sucking a straw. Is this issue the pen or the cartridge? I assumed because 2 cartridges did it, it was the pen. Not wasting any more money on this.

  10. Just bought this yesterday and keep getting mouthfuls of oil, using the cherry one and like puffing on it but hate the oil in my mouth 😝

  11. Have used for years and have never had to replace battery or cartridge body. Cartridges last 2 days and have higher nicotine than other Pod systems. No hassle or mess. Easy plug and play and great vape.

  12. Started using this with menthol 4 month ago ,I was smoking 20/40 cigarettes aday , I had been smoking since age 13 now 50 , I had constant chest infections every 3 months ,coughs , asthma and I’d used 2 types of inhalers daily for 28y , ……after 7 weeks on this e cig I wasn’t wheezing, cough went…no longer have to use my inhalers , they where keeping me alive, I would recommend this e cig ,as not touched one cigarette for 4 months, and my health has improved 100 per cent

  13. Hi there, is the logic pro MTL? This is my preferred way to vape as my previous one was STL and I couldn’t get on with it although it was a good product in itself. After reading all these reviews I am a little concerned about the logic pro to be honest… doesn’t seem to be a reliable product! Luckily my lovely mum bought it for me as a gift to stop smoking so certainly worth a try 🙂

    • Hi Victoria,

      Yeah it’s an MTL device. Everyone has different experiences with devices, you may find it’s just fine for you. So if you already have the Logic pro on the way then you can only give it a go 🙂

      Be interesting to see what you think of it though, be sure to let us know!



    • Hi Francis,

      Where are you finding leaking takes place? From the mouthpiece? Base?

      Not used this product for a long time but if you are getting e-liquid coming from the mouthpiece try rolling tissue tight and poking down the cartridge to mop up excess liquid.

      Let me know how you get on.

  14. Would’nt buy another logic pro waste of money not turning on when following instructions called Helpdesk no help at all as the only response was you didn’t buy it direct from us!!!!!

  15. Why are they changing the taste? I was using 1.8 really enjoyed the light menthol taste now they are replacing the 1.8 with 20 taste is not the same seems harsher not light not enjoyable at all

  16. What’s s
    a person to do when the logic pro e-cig cartridge 3 PAC don’t all work. I like it when it works but I’ve lost money because of this quite a few times.

  17. I don’t like it. Lost my pen on the weekend so i Bought this from Tesco for £10 (i thought thats good) got home then had to go back to the shop to buy a cartridge, (didn’t realized i couldn’t fill it up).

    Bought tobaco and methol, so normally i fill a tank up and it lasts me all day but i have to carry these cartridges around that holds only about 2ml of fluid.

    And you can’t use it while its charging it charges via the vape socket, and 5x click to turn on is a bit obsessive, when it has an auto shutoff feature, i’d rather just shut it off if i put it in my pocket, but otherwise don’t shutdown (it’s not like i leave it around for kids to use whats the problem, it’s my pen, my responsibility)

    I do like the menthol and tobacco flavours but i buy 10ml bottles of menthol for 99p each from B&M’s so it just feels like I bought a cheap printer that takes expensive cartridges.

    I’ve ordered a new refilable tank to go on it as it looks like it has a standard socket, and i’ll probably end up replacing the battery too at some point when i get fed up of having to charge while not vaping.

    So it got me out of a pinch while i had no good vapour shops about but I wouldn’t ever recommend, unless you like the cartridge idea and dont mind the stiff market value priced refills, and the fact that wherever you are you can hopefully find a supermarket that stocks this stuff and therefore you know what you’re getting which i like.

    I found a £4/10ml oil before that i liked from a independant but then whenever i was away i would have to gamble buying some rank oils so then i found one at tesco i liked again £4/10ml because there are tesco’s everywhere but then they discontinued it, but since switched to B&m oils because i like them and they are a quarter of the price at 99p/10ml.

  18. Where can i get the aniseed flavour capsules from all the stores that sell logic pro in manchester only seem to have 3 flavours i need a better choice

    • Hey Angie,

      If you can’t buy online it may be worth giving Logic Pro an email. They may be able to tell you where you can get the flavour you are looking for.

  19. Twice I had to return the cartridges because they are duds. Once I got a replacement and the second time they stated that they never received it. I didnt send it with a tracking # because it would have cost me more than what I paid for the 3 pack. I think they just didnt want to replace the item and lied about receiving it. Wouldn’t even honor it anyway. They told me they get lots of returns without incident. Well if they get lots of returns than there is a serious problem with their products/quality control. I would not recommend their products to anyone.

  20. I bought the logic pro a couple of months ago started to use it inbetween cigs so could start to cut down. I have also noticed now that I get no vapour just liquid.

  21. Very disappointing product, It lasted about 4 days before developing a fault. It seems to take a charge so I think the button must be faulty. The shop were I bought it will not allow a refund. A total waste of money.

  22. I bought my Logic Pro Ecig yesterday, i was disappointed that there was no starter cartridge in the box with the pen and had to return to the shop to purchase this.

    I am using the Tobacco flavor as this was the strongest available (flavor not too bad).

    Putting this together was quick and simple and also came fully charged.
    Price was great (£9.99 for the pen and £3.99 for 3x refills), much better than £10 a day on ciggies.

    I am just out of hospital with lung issues so hoping this will deter me from the fags 🙂

    • Good luck Sammy, vaping still requires that bit of will power at first but the e cig will be your go-to in no time at all! Let us know how you get on.



      • Hi have bought this in the quest to give up wonder I’d u can advise have tried to insert cartridge into battery not happening wonder if I am doing something wrong any advice ?

        • Hi Margaret, have you tried putting the cartridge into the tank/sleeve and then screwing onto the battery? The cartridge itself needs to be screwed onto the battery to work. If it doesn’t try a different cartridge in case there is an issue.

          Let me knwo how you get on.



        • Make sure you have removed the plastic at both ends of the cartridge. Sometimes the obvious solutions are overlooked. I speak from experience

  23. I’ve been using the Logic Pro for a couple of weeks now and find it great.

    Previously I’ve tinkered about with other pens and even wasted £80 on one of the super tank things but have always ended up with leaking liquid or I had problems with either the inhale being too strong or weak.

    The Logic Pro has nullified any issues I had. Personally never had a faulty cartridge and I’ve moved down from the 18mg tobacco to the 12mg cherry.

    I used to smoke 30 cigarettes a day and with this I probably use 1 & a half cartridges a day.

    As for battery life, it’s pretty much ideal. Like the reviewer mine lasts just under a day but I did buy 2 so always have a spare battery.

    Charging time from empty is 2-3 hours.

  24. I’ve just bought mine , really like it but first two refills I had did leak ! I was getting a mouthful of liquid and couldn’t understand why! Why ? Faulty cartridge or me being a vaping novice ? They seem to have been ok till about half way down the cartridge then all liquid no vape 🙁

    • Hey Nikki,

      May be worth getting in touch with Logic directly to see if they have had issues like this and if they have a solution.

      Let us know what they say.

      If anyone else has had this issue let us know!

      • Either you flooded it by sucking too hard – common problem ? or the battery is getting week and doesn’t give enough power for a full burn, so grab a quick charge up. While you are doing this (and especially if you’ve had gurgling from the device) take out the cartridge, take a thin twist of tissue / kitchen roll and pass this down into the hole in the blunt end of the cartridge. Once you’re all charged and mopped up, reassemble and make your draws less strong. Hope it helps.

  25. Thankyou for all comments. I was on my way to Tesco to buy the logic but after reading all the comments, definately not going to bother. I’ll stick to the fags

      • Hi johnny I would really like to give up the cigs! I’ve used the basic cigarette looking ones but after a couple of uses I lost my voice??! Too harsh maybe I’m not really a heavy smoker although proberbly smoke less due to cost!! There are so many different products out there I don’t have a lot of money and don’t want to waste it on rubbish ecigs can you offer any recommendations please?

        • Hey Michelle,

          Thanks for stopping by.

          A vape pen may be the way to go for you. There are some great options at good prices. These are two of the best sellers in the UK.

          Innokin Endura T18
          Jacvapour Series S

          You will also need e liquid for both of these.

          Let me know if you have any questions on the above or anything else!



  26. I’m getting on pretty well with mine (only had it a week, mind) but can’t understand why it says in this review that there is only one strength per flavour. I bought Brazilian bold and it’s not 15mg as it says here, it is the low 6mg… have they recently improved the choice or is this guy wrong?

    • Hey Ria,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I mentioned at the end of the review these were the options at the time of writing, that was all that was available then.

      Looks like they have changed their nicotine strength offering and now have Brazilian Bold in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.

      Appreciate the heads up though, I’ll look to get this updated with the latest options!


  27. I really enjoy my logic pro but if had nothing but hassle with the refills…if bought 2 new pens because they broke so easily.

  28. I too have been using Logic Pro for almost two years. I liked it and didn’t have issues until this year 2016. Now I always have one or two cartridges that are duds. What happened to the quality of the product. I’m very disappointed and don’t appreciate being taken advantage of. I know have a collection of new refills that don’t work!!! What do I do with them?

  29. Logic pro is a rip off. They used to be good but not anymore. First it was a 5 pack refill…then it dropped to three in a pack…same price. Now one…sometimes two of the refills are complete duds. Such a waste of money. I’m planning on sending back the 20 or so dud refills to them and let them know people are starting to talk about what poor quality they are.

  30. I have had my Logic pens for 2 months it’s the second one I’ve bought in 5 months…The battery on each one won’t fully charge after 2 months and now when I press to inhale I am met with squirts of vapour and liquid instead of just vapour… I had the taste of burning prior to the battery failing… The button lights up and the liquid begins to heat up, sadly not enough to give consistent vapour… I won’t be using these again.

  31. Hey
    Beats dealing with liquid refills…..initially they sold 4-5 pack refills
    Now 3 pack same price, liquid has been getting thinner vape not lasting as long and many defective refills

  32. I bought a logic pro vape stick and it tasted like horse shit. It was honestly the worst vaping experience I have ever had and I am furious. I plan on starting up a class action suit, hopefully with the help of the others who have left a comment on this site. I already have secured the testimony of my fellow vapists in my after school vaping club. In conclusion, I love vaping, but this shit sucks. Stay golden ponyboy, @Jonny.

  33. I have been trying to get the vanilla flavour in some shops, but they keep saying that their supplier can not get that flavour. All the shops are advertising the brand and flavour, but not supplying the goods!!! This should be looked into by the trades and standards so we are not lead a merry dance over this problem. If a company is advertising a product and does not deliver the goods to the shop, then I think it’s the suppliers fault not the shop! If you have had the same problem, do not let them get away with this. We are always the last in the chain and the customer is suppose to be right. Well how about the supplier getting it right first time. This problem has always been with this flavour no matter what type of E-cig you use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Hi, I bought a logic pro over the weekend and had to charge it, but when I reattached the battery there’s an air bubble that just don’t want to dissipate and the liquid in the cartridge just dropped rapidly. Do I have to take the cartridge out and seal it again while charging?

    • Hi Anita,
      You shouldn’t have to remove the cartridge from the tank when charging.
      I found that there was an air bubble at the top of the cartidge as well. Didn’t affect the performance though.
      Are you able to use the e cig normally?

  35. I’ve just bought one, not happy. 2out of 3cartridges are okay,1 empty but can’t even get the pen to work, it’s fully charged but no smoke whatsoever, rubbish, taking it back for refund

  36. The pro logic is great but I’ve bought two packets of cartilages and 1 out of the 3 doesn’t work so its a rip I’m paying £4.00 for 2 not good think yous need to find out the fault as its not worth buying them

  37. My problem with the logic pro refill cartridges is that I get at least one in every pack of 3 that is faulty and will not work. This is not cost effective and I am going back to the refillable type – messier maybe, but at least less waste of money.

  38. I have given up with my logic pro silver pen.
    I only like the cherry flavour cartridges and I get so many that taste bad, like burning metal
    I bought another pen in case that was at fault, but still the porblem persists, and about 1 in 3 of the cartridges are unsmokable, due to the really bad taste.
    The cartridges retail at UK Pounds 3.90 per pack of 3, but if I am loosing 1 out of every 3, then this is too expensive and not worth the hassle.
    I have tried different retailers in different perts of the UK over the last 2 months, so I know it is just not one bad batch of cherry flavour cartridges out there.
    Whoever makes these cartridges needs to get a grip, as I cant be the only one having this problem.

    I now use the VIVID ecig, and although I have to refill it, at least the taste is consistent and it works out far less expensive.


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