“People often talk about musicians needing to “pay their dues” before they deserve success.

Truett has paid his many times over; enough to treat himself and ten friends to an all expenses paid trip straight to the top.

Sweating it out night after night in blues bars around the South, screaming into the bright lights and cigarette smoke like the ghost of Howlin’ Wolf, soloing until his hands bled hour after hour, roadhouse after roadhouse, mile after mile.”

From the

After my visit with TRUETT and the crew at Vaporious, when I read the above I thought to myself, “it seems vapers who care pay their dues too… ”

If you have spent any time on any of our social media sites, (and you know you SHOULD be) you have seen me hyping our friend TRUETT. Fresh off the end of a world tour, it is done with the best intentions, and with a three-fold purpose.

First, we know him and like him and his message comes in music that the world should hear. We like supporting an idea like that.

His Vaping Story

Second, his vaping story, and the experience, hope, and strength that comes from it needs to be heard as well.

This industry is awash in those who are making a difference because they #maketheswitch, and then repay a portion of their rewards by helping the next future ex smoker.

TRUETT is one of those people. He hopes you will be too. His day job is spent tirelessly managing Vaporious in Marietta, Ga.

If you watch him in the shop for a little while you will see it. He is aware of all that is going on. If you watch a little longer, it won’t take long to realize he’s really trolling for an opportunity to talk vape, help a newbie, do a build for a customer to improve their vaping experience or to explain the importance of advocacy.

His musical prowess gets a little workout too I’d imagine.

On my visit on Monday, I watched TRUETT spend about thirty minutes with an older gentleman vaper explaining the deeper inner workings of an e-cigarette.

He educated, and demonstrated exactly what the customer needed to know.

The customer knew how to use the device, and how it worked. When the customer was happy with the vaping , he went about his business more educated, satiated by the vape and even further away from anything combustible.

That is a joy to see and be a part of.

We are all products of our environment. Vaporious, and the diverse and welcoming Atlanta vaping community has provided a lot to TRUETT…. Music, being on the road, and all its trappings offer a different set of rewards.

But really, are they so different?

Helping to change lives by helping to save lives, and helping to save souls through the universal gospel of song. are not mutually exclusive.

You have no doubt noticed that above I referenced a three-fold purpose but only mentioned two.

The third and perhaps the most selfish reason is that we really just want to be able to say “we knew him when.”

We hope his experience, strength and hope will encourage you to #maketheswitch, #sponsorasmoker, or get involved with the appropriate advocacy groups and trade associations.

We also hope that you will join us on the TRUETT train. It has left the station and is picking up clouds, and flavor.

Meanwhile, we get to enjoy the ride knowing we are helping to foster a worthy artist and human as he chases his dreams. Chases them right past Satan at the Crossroads, with a big old smile, and a hearty “no worries” proclamation to the Devil. “I got this.”

Who knows?TRUETT may just hit a riff, peel the paint with the right note, or build THE coil that makes old “Horny Head” switch from smoke in Hell, to vape only. Wouldn’t that be cool…er?

Follow TRUETT socially via the links below, visit iTunes and support the arts, and do yourself a favor and watch the ascent.
Meanwhile, #MeetTheVapers: TRUETT

TRUETT FaceBooked

Vaping: Phoenix v3 w. Doge x2 .04 clapton – Legato/Drift
Music: The Allman Brothers – Eat A Peach (1972)


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