A vaping Christmas present – as in what will the EcigClick team be vaping on this Xmas and why – yule be surprised 😉

And the future – as in – what does 2020 hold for the world of the vape?

a vaping christmas present ecigclick 2019

Grab a mince-pie – a glass of your favourite tipple and of course your current favourite set-up and have a read!

Merry Christmas!

Laura-ann – Wants To Get All ‘Touchy’!

Well now!

This has been one awesome year but, nonetheless, I’m breathing a sigh of relief, as it’s also been a very busy one for me.

So, after a long year vaping on mostly pod mods, I decided to kick back and do a little build on something big.

This Xmas I’ve opted for a 0.10 Ohm Interlock Clapton build on the monumental Oumier Bulk RTA, I’ve paired it with the Sigelei Top 1 mod, as I just love the look of this combo.

A vaping Christmas present laura-ann message

I’ve thrown in some of my 2nd favorite juice, Exotica Sequel II Atomic Soda, which is made by my local vape shop.

My first favorite is Uniloop by BLVK Unicorn but it’s so bloody expensive in SA!!!

I definitely think the pod trend will continue into 2020, though I’d love to see some new high wattage classics coming out as I’m starved for some serious sub-ohm action.

As for me, I’m hoping to get my hands on a new touch screen this year, I’m thinking maybe the Smok G-Priv 3, as I’m quite ashamed that I don’t even a own a single G-Priv and I’m actually quite a fan of touch screen mods!

Harley – Where’s My Vamo?!?

I’m still looking for my old Vamo V2, It is about somewhere, I saw it at the beginning of the year.

Hopefully I will have found it before Santa comes, then I can be enjoying the full 25w on Christmas day with my LD IGO RDA…

Maybe with some of that Faroe Rocher inspired E-liquid that I’ve seen knocking about online…

harley father christmas

Hmm, next year…

My Vamo V2 will appear, vapers of the world will approach like cavemen discovering fire.

And just like that, the…

Oops sorry I’ve reached my character limit…


Checkout Harely’s YouTube Channel: Vape Mill

Michelle – “Her Annus horribilis…”

Wow I will be glad to see the back of 2019!

I can honestly say this was the worst year of my life.

It started with my mom still very ill and bed bound and sadly we lost her in May.

It was my worst nightmare come true leaving my amazing 83 year old dad lost. On top of that I am suffering a premature menopause and have recently just been made redundant.

So yes 2019 can piss off.

A vaping Christmas present Michelle

As you can gather I am not really feeling the festive shit this year, but I have a beautiful young niece and want to keep my dad happy so I am entering into the spirit – a bit.

One big change though this year was I stopped smoking at last.

I first quit in April but started smoking again after losing mom.

However I finally quit in June and on 27th December it will be 6 months since I was a smoker.

I have had the odd ciggie here and there and to be honest I have not enjoyed them.

Even after cleaning my teeth multiple times I could still taste the revolting taste of only 1 cigarette!

Nords and Caliburns This Christmas

So my main weapons of choice are still my Uwell Caliburns – I love the flavour but the battery life really gets me down. When at mid battery capacity remaining the power drops significantly which is such a shame.

I still have my trusty Smok Nords to use when my Caliburns are stuck on charge.

I still love the Crazysaltzzz Nic Salt e-liquid and the bubblegum is my favourite, and has kept me off the smokes!

caliburn blue red black

I would love a little box pod or mod pod which uses the Caliburn pods, one with a bigger battery and a constant regulated output.

Come on Uwell knock something up for me as the Caliburn pods are incredible they are just let down by the device itself.

I was gutted that the recent Uwell Koko had the same battery capacity as the Caliburn – so of little benefit for me.

Anyway enough of my rambling, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Ready To Quit Smoking This Christmas?

To those of you who dread this time of year, just remember it is only one day – 24 hours and it will all be gone for another year.

I find it easier to think of it that way.

If your new year resolution is to quit smoking, have a look at some of the great pod and pen kits around now – Nord, Caliburn, any of the Innokin Endura etc. and team them with some good nicotine salts.

You could have a good set up now for less than £50 and will be strong enough to hammer them cravings.

I have been trying for about 15 years to stop smoking, tried all sorts, even prescription medication. The only thing which worked for me was a good pod kit and nic salts.

If I can do it, when hormonally unstable, grieving and generally losing the plot I am sure you can do it!

Thank you for all reading my drivel over 2019 and for all of your support.

Much love – Shell and the Furries <3

Neil Cozens – Pods Pods Everywhere!

This time last year I was being introduced to two limited edition seasonal flavour profiles by none other than master mixologists, Riot Squad.

The local vape shop was bragging about one of them, not so much the other.

Drunken Pig was pretty much like those Frazzle bacon flavoured crisps – you know the ones that stick like magnets to tooth fillings Lol !

a vaping christmas present and future neil cozens

..It got very sickly, very fast to be thrown back into Santa’s grotto with a resounding “bah Humbug”

Juicy Pudding however was sublime in its rich texture, pudding, dried raisin and especially Brandy (hic) content.

After new year festivities had ended, I returned to my local vaping vestibule to pick up the remaining bottles at a reduced price – Ha! (they call me Scrooge?)

Limited edition means just that – if I had my way I would be vaping Juicy Pudding this year too!

I’ve got a few gingerbread variations to try out this time around – with an authentic bottle of brandy as company! Lol.

The Vape Of Christmas Future

During 2019 there seem to have been a lot of manufacturers attempting to appeal to all types of vapers from one device.

To be quite honest, this has been more of a miss than a hit.

The “Jack of all trades, master of none” syndrome if you like.

It’s usually reflected in airflow arrangement, coil resistances and dodgy ergonomics.

Let’s reserve touch screens to mobile phones.

Alexa should be seen to be answering questions around the house or on a tablet.

Call me old, which I am, but let’s have music pumping through a dedicated hifi system – with woofers and tweeters – I did say I was old Lol!

There have also been lots of copycat designs.

From industry leaders too! I won’t mention names but pouring over some of the EcigClick written reviews there’s a very common denominator – pod systems! You, yes you! Lol!

In 2020 the gimmicks attached to vaping devices will hopefully recede to become their very own ghosts of Christmas past.

I still think the immediate future will involve pod based systems.

Let’s face it, they are incredibly pocket friendly, lightweight and versatile.

There will be a continued back compatibility with coils and fingers crossed, airflow structure to actually appeal to the mouth to lung vape enthusiast.

Like it or loathe it, the All In One vaping device is here to stay.

A vaping Christmas present aspire mulus review

Towards the end of this year I was lucky enough to review the Aspire Mulus – flawless pod based system that was only betrayed by an insistence on copying the billet box format.

Proof if you needed it that this style of vaping is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

From a personal perspective I would like to see more originality to RTA designs if that’s indeed possible.

There’s still a market for them but very understandably eclipsed by starter kits designed to help those quit the deadly fags.

When the chips are down, or the Christmas Turkey relegated to a cold Boxing day sarnie it’s all that really matters.

I wish you all the very best of seasons greetings and a big thank you for supporting everyone on the team at EcigClick over the last twelve months.

Eat. Drink. Be Merry. Above all, vape on!

Neil Cozens

Checkout Neil’s excellent Facebook group Vaping Views

Ken the Diabetic Vaper- Planning A Cloudy Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again, yes, it’s December.

Unlike many shops and online stores that say it before Halloween, I saw selection boxes in July, I feel I can officially say it now…

Happy Crimbo everyone!

What a year it has been for vaping, some good some bad and some down-right criminal.

My thoughts go out to all the vapers worldwide that are facing an unknown vaping future.

May 2020 be the year that all of these ridiculous bans come to an end and the money chasing politicians that are forcing it get what’s coming to them.


OK, so now that is out of my system, let’s get to what the big man Neil has asked us.

The theme, A Vaping Christmas Present and Future.

So, I am going to be spending Crimbo with family and a crap load of insulin, isn’t that what it’s all about?

What am I going to be vaping on this Christmas?

Gonna be short on this bit cause I’ll probably waffle a bit on the future.

I’m going to have my two current favourite setups this Crimbo, my Ehpro Cold steel with the Vapefly Brunhilde MTL on top filled with Titanic Vapours Dragons Blood.

The juice is red, who says I’m not Christmassy.

For my cloud chucking, I’ll be using the Lost Vape Drone with Vandy Vapes Phobia II on top, the squonk bottle will be filled with Charlie’s Chalk Dust Black Ice.

I reviewed this juice recently and WOW, love it, like seriously, cucumber, who knew?

Smart Vapes Are the Future!

Now, what do I see myself, or what would I like to be vaping next Crimbo?

This I could type about for probably a couple of thousand words.

In short, a Smart Vape.

Let me explain this, firstly, what have we seen in the past year, wireless charging, working touchscreen, a vaping watch, Bluetooth speakers, SMOK getting back in the game.

Some would say we haven’t seen a lot, if any, innovation this year.

amulet watch design

The meaning of innovation is “a new idea or method”.

All of the above, check!

So, here is my thinking for a Smart Vape.

Any hardcore vaper will misplace their phone 100 times more than their favourite setup.

Our smart wearables can find our phones, answer calls, send texts.

Why not have a box mod that can do the same, maybe not answer calls, because having to move the mod away from your ear to vape every two seconds may get annoying.

Half of the work is already there, Bluetooth and touchscreen, let’s get some Android on there and get this going.

No iCrapples though, don’t want the price being over hiked for tech from 5 years ago.

Yea yea I hate crapples, I’m a geek, what ya going to do 😊

Nearly hit my word limit here so let me finish off by wishing all of you a Very Merry Crimbo and a Prosperous Happy Vaping New Year.

Checkout Ken on Facebook and Instagram

Will Jameson – The Future Is Side By Side!

It was at the beginning of 2019 that I started reviewing for EcigClick, 25 reviews later, and I’m still as committed to providing engaging content so people can make informed decisions on how to spend their pennies.

The support from the vaping community has been great, and there’s always someone willing to chat and help out.

On a personal note I’ve been able to help a couple of friends pack in the stinkies, and that’s the best reason to keep informing and educating.

Looking back over the year we’ve seen some interesting changes.

The massive amounts of pod systems has (finally!) started to drop off and AIO’s are becoming more popular, there’s also been a bit of a renaissance in my own favourite style of vaping, the mouth to lung rebuildable.

will jameson christmas vape

Over Christmas I’ll be vaping on my absolute favourite tank this year, the Kayfun Lite 2019, on top of the Stratum Zero.

Seriously, this combination is a match made in heaven! Discrete but beautiful, and flavour for days.

I like a good cloud chucker, but when I’m out with my friends, or sitting around with the family watching Christmas movies, it’s nice to have something that is a bit more sociable.

For 2020 I’m looking forward to seeing more manufacturers try something a little different, or bring back designs that I missed the first time around.

Personally I think side-by-side mods are due a bit of a comeback!

Also I think we’re all getting a bit tired of pod systems, and even AIOs can be a bit of a pain if you can’t easily get a hold of the coils you need.

So I’d love to see more cross compatibility within ranges, or even (gasp) across manufacturers!

As I sit here writing and vaping in my favourite little pub, I’m thankful that in the UK at least, we finally seem to be getting the message out that vaping is not the same as smoking.

I hope that we continue to see evidence backed research, proving how many people this is helping, and more businesses taking the opportunity to be welcoming to vapers.

I hope everyone has had a great year, and whether you’re a years long vaper, or someone looking to finally give up the fags.

Then reach out, have a chat, ask a question, and lets keep talking about how important vaping is in 2020!

Gaz aka the Flatcap Vaper – Making A Man Cave!

As we come to a close on the year 2019, its a time where people reflect on the past 12 months.

We all go through good times and bad times along with the general day to day grind of life.

But for a lot of us, we are fortunate enough to enjoy this time of year with friends and family.

I’ve never really ‘reflected’ on the year gone by.

Maybe its because I’m perhaps growing up finally? Surely not!

Or perhaps because this year hasn’t been an ordinary year for me.

Joining the EcigClick family, along with the wider vaping community has been that big change in my life this year, and for the most part, its consumed every spare minute of my time, and I really don’t mind!

gaz flat cap vaper christmas message

But Christmas for me is a huge opportunity to sit back, relax, enjoy far too many puff pastry mince pies and chocolates and have plenty of decent family time with my wife and 3 children.

Of course vaping wont be disregarded, I imagine I’ll be enjoying the naughtier e-liquids over Christmas, from a honeycomb latte to a salted caramel popcorn and maybe the odd Lemon Lush from Rochford Projects for dessert.

More than likely I’ll have a Wotofo Profile on a Dovpo Topside and the Dovpo Blotto on the Innokin MVP5 Mod.

Also I’ve asked Father Christmas for the Dovpo Topside Lite so we’ll see if that comes to fruition (Fingers Crossed).

The last 2 years roughly has seen an emergence in Pod Systems, but its clear to see they’ve ran out of options in that category, but its great to see in recent months
that things have evolved to the birth of the Pod-Mod, which I believe will play a big part in Vaping going into 2020.

I may be wrong here, but I have a feeling we will get to a point where the usual 24-28mm Tank sitting on a dual battery regulated box mod will be less prominent, and large high capacity Pod-Mod style systems will flood the market – but that’s a guestimate if anything – we’ll have to see.

elfcap vaper
pointy cap vaper?

If that does happen, I have no doubt that’s what I’ll be vaping on in 2020.

As my first year in this amazing e-cigarette industry comes to a close, I make a start on the ‘Man-Cave’ – converting it into an ‘Office/Studio’ for work and play.

So 2020 is already looking like a fresh start for me and I’m excited to get going.

I’d like to thank EcigClick for allowing me to join the team and learn so much this year.

2019 really has been a stand-out year for me.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for supporting EcigClick, myself and everyone else who puts their time and energy into the world of vaping.

Checkout Gaz the Flatcap Vaper’s YouTube channel

Neil H – Plans To Suck On A Cuban!

2019 was one crazy and at times outrageous year for vaping.

I literally couldn’t look at Twitter most days without letting out a sigh at yet another vape ban or general BS article/study about vaping in general.

I fear 2020 is going to be exactly the same…but enough doom and gloom – it’s bloody Christmas and we can hopefully take a little break from all the negativity!

I shall be sucking on my usual Cuban on Christmas Day…a cigar you dirty minded sods!

It’s a yearly treat and I know I shouldn’t be saying it on here – but hey I look forward to it all year!

neil h santa

At my age, and apart from Guinness and a good malt whiskey, they’re the only vices I have left…probably!

As for vaping – I’ll be on the Loch Ness mod I picked up for an absolute steal topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA – one of the best I’ve ever used 😉

For my MTL I’ll be on the Baby Ness – again picked up for an absolute steal – topped with the Geek Vape Ammit MTL RDA – awesome flavour!

As to the future of vaping?

I’ve once again been asked to write my predictions over at the superb Ashtray Blog – suffice it to say my outlook is a bit gloomy…


So rather than put a downer on your celebrations I’ll move swiftly on lol.

I live alone – work from home alone – and don’t have a partner – get the violins out!

So after seeing my son, his partner and my awesome grandson on Christmas Eve, that will be me shutting up shop for at least Christmas Day.

No big dinner, just me and whatever streaming service is showing decent films 🙂

I might wander around the streets, pressing my nose against windows to get a feel of Christmas festivities…

Though after the ‘incident’ a few years ago…maybe not…

Ha! I’m J O K I N G honest!

OK, in all seriousness…

I can’t thank all the team at EcigClick enough for their excellent work this year.

Jonny – in a moment of madness lol – bumped me up to editor – cheers mate 🙂

I now get to edit most of the reviews and can honestly say we have an extremely talented NO BS team of vape reviewers at EcigClick and I’m immensely proud to be part of it!

Anyway, have a fantastic Christmas and a very Happy New Year, and do look out for some very special interviews over the festive period 😉

Merry Christmas from ecigclick

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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