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The Devil Vaper and The Worthing Vaper Share Their Quit Stories

We’re half way through Stoptober and if you’re hanging in there and staying off the smokes then very well done you!

Week two means a heck of a lot as far as your body is concerned so here’s a few things to think about:

  • Cravings should be down to just 2 per day – less if you’re vaping!
  • Blood circulation in your teeth and gums now the same as a none smoker
  • It’s now your mind telling you a cigarette is needed NOT your body – keep on vaping!
  • Your lung function will have improved
  • The risk of heart attack is starting to drop

OK so just remember it’s the nicotine you’re craving NOT the cigarette and you’re getting that from your vape!

Plus we now know vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking so keep it up!

OK so we have three reviewers left to tell their quit smoking stories – Dean the Devil Vaper – Kevin Jeffrey the Worthing Vaper and at some point Mike Murphy lol.

Mike’s so busy running marathons with his new healthier lungs his story is yet to arrive – but once he’s had a warm down and a healthy [?] macrobiotic kale and quinoa shake I’ll pop his up too 😉

OK first up in order of age not beauty lol we have Kevin Jeffrey:

Kevin – the Worthing Vaper – Quitting Improved His Sex Life!!!

I quit smoking or at least tried to quit back in 2009 I guess the main thing that pushed me that way was my son who was 3yrs old at the time started to copy daddy by putting crayons in his mouth and pretended to smoke them that was a big wake-up call.

Well I’d love to say as soon as I started vaping I never had another cigarette! It took me until 2011 to quit completely with the aid of vaping, I started vaping with what is known as a cigalike this did nothing for me, to be frank it made me want to smoke as I just was not getting the satisfaction I then tried the early versions of the eGo vape pen this was better but I still could not quit!

Of course I also tried some of the commercial quit aids like gum, lozenges, and patches.

Around 2012, I suffered a micro stroke the specialist that I saw without prompt asked if I’d thought about giving up smoking and said some of his patients had had great success with vaping lol.

I was fortunate enough to have made great friends with the owners of a small vape business called “Freddy and George” they are still good mates even today!

They had just started selling under license from Innokin products and in particular the Innokin iTaste MVP an 11w box mod this sorted out my problem and I quit smoking the same day and apart from a few hiccups along the way I haven’t had a cigarette since.


Back in 2009 e-liquid was quite rare in the shops and you might be lucky to find cheap horrible Chinese brands on market stalls if you were lucky, a friend of mine and I got fed up with the crap taste of whatever liquids we could get hold off and decided to try and make our own lol.

We did this by boiling a can of coke down to a paste without burning it diluted the result with vg and vodka to thin, no nicotine we had no idea how to get hold of any back then, I can say it vaped ok but it killed every coil we tried it on lol.

Shuffle forward to 2012 to my mates Fred and George. I can’t remember the brand but they were doing a butterscotch liquid that made my mouth water 24mg was the first decent strength liquid I bought and I stayed with that right up until 2014 when I found Totally Wicked and started sub ohm’ing I dropped the nic level down to 6mg, in 2016 I dropped to 3mg and this is where I am today!

36mg Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid

Although I will admit to having a bottle of tobacco liquid from totally wicked that is 36mg I have only once had a puff of it when I got so desperate for a ciggy lol the bottle is now taken pride of place in my fridge I have not touched it since thanks Neil you have just reminded me to throw it out lol.

In the early days I was pained because I just couldn’t give up and do without my fags I didn’t want my boy copying me but could not quit, I would say it was very hard for me to give up until I found the right device when I found it that was all she wrote good bye stinkies.

Within a month my taste came back, my sense of smell improved, I enjoyed eating again lol as a side benefit my libido improved 100%!

Vaping has helped me and in some respects saved my life yes I have replaced smoking with vaping but the benefit of being able to chase around a ball with my son without shortness of breath far outweighs smelling like an ashtray all day long.

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Dean the Devil Vaper – Loves Helping Smokers Quit

So, I tried my first cigarette at the age of 14. Absolutely coughed my lungs up and nearly collapsed.

It then grew into the weekend ritual with our circle of friends to have a smoke on a Friday/Saturday night under the slide down the park, out the way of everyone, including our parents!

dean the devil vaper

At this time, the legal smoking age was 16, so the older looking people were the ones that got served in the local shops using the usual excuse of “my ID is at home”… For whatever reason it worked!

Just before I was 16, I made the decision to tell my parents, who were already smokers, that I smoked. I expected an arse whooping, but all i got was a firm talking to, and my dad offered me a Marlboro Red to try and put me off the smokes, I refused.

I continued to smoke normal cigarettes up until the age of 17, where I decided to get into roll-ups as the “healthier and cheaper choice” and this continued until the age of 26.

I just got a new girlfriend, and I really didn’t feel comfortable smoking around her and subjecting her to the smoke as she came from a very strict, non-smoking household.

So I decided to pop down to my local e-cigarette shop which was called Liberro – I went in, they asked me all the relevant questions; how many do I smoke, what do I smoke and what flavours would I like.

I tested out all the flavours they had in there, in an 18mg on an EGO/CE4 setup and I was instantly drawn to a flavour called Eskimo, as I absolutely loved smoking menthol cigarettes. Eskimo was a massive hit of icy cold-ness as well as a great throat hit. 70PG if I remember correctly. So I bought a Pro Amo Kit, along with a couple of CE4 tanks.


They helped me set it up in store, what to do if anything went wrong and when to replace the CE4. I left the shop feeling pretty confident with the information I was given and wasn’t bamboozled at all by all this new tech.

Overall, I think this half hour shopping trip came to around £50. It seemed a big investment at the time, but I was determined to quit the cigarettes.

Smell of Cigarette Smoke “Repulsed Me”

I got home, put the kettle on to have my after work cuppa, and immediately started to roll another cigarette out of habit. And I thought “No, I’ll have a vape instead” So I made my coffee, had a vape and continued vaping throughout the night without any slip ups.

Then a few days later, I felt that at the times I was stressed, I craved a cigarette more. I just desired that nicotine boost straight away. But instead I stuck by this little pen that had kept me company for the past few days. I never ended up touching a cigarette from that day forward.

A week or two after quitting, I started to notice that the smell of a cigarette being smoked made my stomach turn. It just repulsed me beyond words. I then noticed myself coughing a lot more often. I kept asking myself whether this should be happening, so I popped back to Liberro and told them about it.

They reassured me and said that this is just my lungs clearing out all the bad stuff that had amassed because of the smoking. But after a week or so, the coughing subsided.

With the EGO/CE4 setup, I was going through about 10ml of e-liquid every 3 days, which I was extremely happy about. It was a lot cheaper than smoking, so I was already reaping the benefits of vaping within the first two weeks!

Who would know that spending that £50 would put me where I am today. Helping people quit the cigarettes, reviewing lots of products and best of all, HELPING PEOPLE QUIT SMOKING!

Directly, in my 3 years of vaping, I have helped about 15 friends, family and colleagues stop smoking and to completely stay off the cigarettes – which I am extremely proud of.

I’m not sure how many I have helped quit via my video reviews, but I am hoping that I have helped quite a few.

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You Will Get There In The End Honest!

There you have it the main reviewers at EcigClick – well almost lol – and we all managed to quit smoking by vaping.

Whilst we all have different stories we all wanted the same thing – to quit those bloody cancer sticks and strive for a healthier body and lifestyle.

Sure it took willpower and commitment and sure there’s been times I for one certainly lapsed but we all got there in the end.

So as we’re half way through Stoptober and if you’re hanging on in there keep going it’s all downhill from now on!


And hey you can quit smoking at any time and we have a useful guide: How to Quit Smoking By Vaping – which shows you pretty much what this vaping malarky is all about.

And of course we’re always here to answer your questions in the comments and speaking of those if you’d like to share your Stop Smoking stories let us know down below!

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