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JUUL Joins The UK Vaping Industry Association

As the UKVIA launches a new Code of Conduct for its members they say they’re ‘excited’ to welcome vape giant JUUL into the fold.

The UK Vaping Industry Association works with both Big Tobacco and Pharma as well as leading UK vape companies and says it along with its powerful membership is:

…spearheading one of the biggest market disruptions in the 21st century – the seismic shift from smoking to vaping.

A UKVIA blog post says JUUL was impressed with the organization’s Code of Conduct and this was a key reason the company decided to join.

UKVIA’s Alexandra Taylor wrote:

The ten-point code of conduct outlines the standards that all UKVIA members apply across their businesses from retail to marketing; this includes requiring retailers to use “Challenge 25” in stores, have robust online age sales verifications and ensure products are only marketed towards adult smokers or vapers.

This clear approach to standards in the vaping industry has been a key driving factor behind JUUL’s decision to join the Association. As one of the world’s most recognised vaping brands, JUUL have the ambition and expertise to make a significant contribution to the UKVIA’s work to advance vaping in the UK.

John Dunne UKVIA
John Dunne [right] UKVIA
John Dunne, Director of the UKVIA said:

We only allow companies to become members if they share our ambition to set high standards for the industry and our aim to help the UK’s seven million adult smokers make a life changing switch to a safer alternative.

Our new code of conduct confirms the standards that all of our members follow every day as they work to grow and expand the dynamic vaping industry.

JUUL has been partly blamed as the ’cause’ of the so called US youth ‘vape epidemic‘ and is about to increase its sales in the UK with a roll out to almost 250,000 nationwide with profits forecast to be $3.4billion in 2019 alone.

Dan Thomson, Managing Director of JUUL Labs UK said:

The UKVIA’s new code of conduct was a crucial part of JUUL’s decision to join the Association, including affirming the adoption of Challenge 25 across the Association’s members to restrict youth access – a key policy which we have enforced since our launch in the UK last year.

This is alongside a wider program of responsible measures that we have implemented exceeding regulatory or legal requirements, including sanctions for any non-compliant retailers on Challenge 25; two-factor authentication for purchase online; a limited range of adult-focused flavours; marketing which is entirely focused on adult smokers over 30 years; and zero presence on social media.

JUUL’s mission is to improve the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers and to achieve this we are committed to having an open dialogue with government and stakeholders to promote vaping and its benefits over combustible cigarettes. Greater collaboration across the sector will provide both the wider industry and the UKVIA with a more credible voice to achieve our mission.

Looks like JUUL is settling into the UK nicely…and now they are a member of UKVIA I reckon any UK anti-JUUL rhetoric will be dealt with swiftly and professionally – unlike over the pond which has reached hysteria levels the like not seen since Prohibition.


Legalizing Vaping In Australia Would Be Good For Public Health

A new study co authored by vape crusader Professor Colin Mendelsohn says legalizing the use of nicotine based vape products in Australia would significantly improve public health especially those from ‘poorer backgrounds’

The study was published by the McKell Institute, an independent and non profit public policy group and co authored by Dr Alex Wodak AM who is a director of Sydney’s Alcohol and Drug Service.


It concludes:

We recommend that vaping products should be primarily regulated as consumer goods rather than as a therapeutic, medicinal or tobacco product.

Regulation should aim to maximise the benefit for adult smokers while reducing any potential risks to users and harm to the wider population, especially young people who have never smoked. Regulation should be proportionate to the risk of vaping.

The authors strongly recommend that Australia’s successful tobacco control policy continues and is supplemented by two changes: first, ending the de facto ban on vaping; and second, re-introducing appropriately funded mass media campaigns and supporting counselling to increase quitting rates.

Let’s hope the hard headed anti-vape politicians of Australia take note…especially as despite being one of the most expensive places in the world to buy lit tobacco the number of Aussies that smoke has steadily reason over the past few years.

The FDA Should Stop “Stifling” Life saving E-cigarettes

Following the resignation of FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb a Fox News opinion piece calls for the new man or woman at the top to act swiftly and help American smokers switch to vaping.

Elizabeth Wright – the director of Health and Science Policy at Citizens Against Government Waste says the FDA has spent the last 10 years “failing to consider and approve harm-reduction products — such as snus and snuff, heat-not-burn devices and e-cigarettes” – and this she says is stopping millions of Americans from quitting lit tobacco and costing millions of dollars.

In the article on the Fox News Business website she says most Americans are confused about the benefits of making the switch and uses the success of the UK on harm reduction:

Since then, the FDA has done little to make consumers sufficiently familiar with tobacco harm-reduction products. Repeatedly, the FDA has fallen woefully behind schedule on issuing guidance or regulations regarding these products.

Americans generally do not know that smokeless products, such as snus, eliminate 98 percent of the risks associated with smoking, such as cancer and heart disease. This product helps Sweden to have the lowest smoking rate in Europe.

In England, 1,000 smokers quit every day because its public health agency is encouraging the use of vaping and the nation has Europe’s second lowest smoking rate.

It’s a good read to say the least…let’s hope the new FDA commissioner reads it 😉


Hawaii Next To Criminalize and Impose Flavoured E-liquid Ban?

The government of Hawaii has already banned vaping in public spaces and is now about to consider an outright ban on all flavoured e-liquids.

The island already has stringent restrictions of sales of anything vape related to the under 21s including a law that vape shops cannot be placed within 750 feet of social housing – schools and parks!

fight the flavoured e-liquid ban

Bill SB109 calls for a complete ban on:

…candy and local flavors designed to appeal to the State’s youth, such as candy, fruit, chocolate, mint, Kona coffee, Maui Mango, Shaka strawberry, and Moloka’i hot bread.

If passed the bill could come into law on January 1st 2020 and ‘punishments’ for both retailers would be severe:

Any flavored tobacco product found in the retailer’s possession that is in violation of this section shall be considered contraband, promptly seized, subject to immediate forfeiture and destruction and shall not be subject to the procedures set forth in chapter 712A.

Any person who violates this section may be sentenced to a fine not exceeding $500. Any subsequent offenses shall subject the person to a fine of not less than $500 nor more than $2,000.

I’ll say it again criminalizing what is a life saver is not only crazy it’s criminal.

On a lighter note that Moloka’i hot bread flavour sounds intriguing…


New Bill Calls For Vape Ban In The Philippines

Just last year the country approved e-cigarettes as a harm reduction tool but a new bill put before the Government of the Philippines wants to ban them out right.

House Bill 8671, the proposed Electronic Cigarette Restriction Act, is the work of Jose Enrique Garcia III and calls for a ban on importation, manufacture, use, sale, distribution and advertisement of electronic cigarettes.


He’s also up in arms about the increase in e-liquid home brewers in particular adding:

In the Philippines, backyard manufacturing of e-cigarette flavorings and e-juices have become rampant. The fact that local manufacturers could mix their own juices and flavourings sans public disclosure of the ingredients and solutions used is very alarming. Unless sooner halted, this backyard manufacturing could no longer be controlled.

However is main concern is the amount of ‘exploding e-cigarettes’ reported around the world:

…media reports of exploding e-cigarette products have become increasingly common, with more than 300 reports of related explosions all over the world.

Nowhere near as many as laptops and mobile phones…but hey don’t let the facts get in the way…

The politician also believes [wrongly] that e-cigarettes do not help people quit smoking and instead turn people into ‘dual users’:

As a matter of fact, while marketed as an alternative to tobacco use, a recent study by the University of California revealed that the use of e-cigarette actually reduces the likelihood that the people would quit smoking. Instead of quitting tobacco, they just eventually become dual users.


As part of his bill he wants to see folks caught vaping given up to 6 years in jail and/or fines of up to £18968.13…

Another day and another crazy politician spouting complete BS about vaping…


Vape News From The Main Page

Just a nudge to checkout the more detailed vaping articles published on the website so far this week:

and finally…Politician Falsely Claims One Suck On A Vape Will Give You Popcorn Lung!

Just when you thought the craziness and hysteria levels of those virtue signalling ban all the vaping things American politicians couldn’t talk any more out of their ample lobbyist funded asses…along comes this imbecile…

As you’ll see from the video [time stamp:31:00] Sen. Dayna Polehanki told the Regulatory Reform Committee this absolute whopper…OK lie…

…when I was a teacher one of my freshman students tried vaping and got popcorn lung, the first time she tried it. She quit vaping and it went away.

Lord it’s a miracle! Praise be!

Wait what..?

One puff on a vape and you can get popcorn lung…put the vape down and it miraculously disappears…


Thanks to Kimberley Manor on Twitter for highlighting yet another hysterical – false and contemptible so called fact wrapped up in a huge lie that will no doubt sadly drip into the public mindset…

popcorn lung rebuffed

You really should checkout Kimberly’s response to the stupidly scary senator…she absolutely nails it 🙂

Incidentally if you are worried about vaping causing so called popcorn lung – DON’T BE!

But DO checkout Laura-ann’s article: Diacetyl & Popcorn Lung: A Real Concern Or Just More Propaganda?

*Shuffles Papers*

More vaping News on Sunday!

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