The Mig Vapor Torpedo dry herb vaporizer sits at the higher end of what I’d call mid-range devices and is designed to be simple to use and highly portable.

I say mid-range given price-wise it sits slightly above vaporizers such as the Black Mamba and way below the likes of the awesome FireFly 2 and the PAX 3.

What Can We Expect From the Torpedo Vaporizer

The Torpedo has a large 2200mAH internal battery and has three temperature settings that are refreshingly simple to scroll through with one button control. It’s a top fill design and has a rather large baking chamber at 1.7ml.

mig vapor dry herb vaporizer review

Design wise it certainly looks like its namesake as in it’s long and sleek – longer than you might think, but comfortable in the hand thanks to the rubberized coating covering the majority of the device.

I’ve reviewed a couple of products from Mig Vapor – a US company that on the whole designs all its own vape devices and juices – particularly the MigQuid range. The Neo sub ohm kit was a little cracker and the Minion pen style kit was very good indeed.

OK scene set and this was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review by UK based Vapour2 – thanks Paul – and as always my thoughts and opinions are mine.

Please note dry herb vaporizers are not just designed for use with leaf that may be illegal in your country or area. Google is your friend to find out what benefits vaping on herbs such as mint – lavender and even catnip – can have.

Right, let’s see if the vape off the Torpedo has blown my senses out of the water…

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Inside the Box

mig vapor torpedo dry herb vaporizer box

Colourful sturdy box with plenty of goodies inside:

  • 1 2200 mAh Rechargeable Battery [the vaporizer]
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 3 Silicone Mouthpiece Covers
  • 2 Long Black Silicone Mouthpiece Covers
  • 5 Mesh Replaceable Filters
  • 1 User Manual

mig vapor torpedo dry herb vaporizer box contents

Torpedo Quick Start Guide

  • Make sure device is fully charged
  • Remove top cap – gentle wiggles side to side!
  • Place herbs inside heating chamber – don’t pack too tight or loose!
  • X5 clicks to power on/off
  • Set temperature:
  • X1 click in 1 second intervals:
  • Red 360F
  • Green 380F
  • Blue at 420F
  • Slow steady inhales for best result

Key Features

The Mig Vapor Torpedo is only to be used with herbs and NOT e-liquids or oils.

OK, as we’ve already seen the device has x3 temperature settings and has a large 2200mAH internal battery.

It has a large baking chamber at 1.7ml – which is top fill – and easy enough to clean after use – a brush and spare mesh filters are included.

torpedo baking chamber
torpedo baking chamber

If things get a little hot – something I’ll touch on later – there’s also a couple of silicone mouthpiece covers.

Incidentally there’s no info from Mig Vapor on the heating chamber being conduction or convection – they simply say it’s engineered by the in-house tech team.

From experience I’d hazard a guess it’s conduction – as in heated from base – rather than convection which bakes via hot air. Saying that it could be a hybrid of the two – that’s me fence sitting given I’m technically illiterate lol.

Design and Build Quality

I’ve reviewed quite a few vape devices from Mig Vapor and on the whole the build has been very good on all of them – I’d go as far as saying solid!

The Torpedo Vaporizer is very light and feels a little plasticy if I’m honest, however, apart from the front and mouthpiece the rest of the device is rubberized giving it a nice feel and grip in the hand – bit of a button rattle though.

torpedo in hand

Design wise it does indeed look like a torpedo. The cut-outs on the rear look to be dual purpose – as in a design feature that also helps dissipate the heat from the heating chamber.

torpedo rear

The Mig Vapor logo is a little intrusive on the front, but overall the design and build is acceptable especially at the price point – herbal vaporizers can be eye wateringly expensive!

How Does the Mig Vapor Torpedo Perform?

Just like vaping, for me, key to a good herbal vaporizer is the flavour.

Filling this one is simple enough – though the first few times the top-cap is pretty stiff. I suggest being careful as it’s snap on and off, too much pressure may damage it – moving left/right is best.

torpedo mesh
remove top cap to change mesh filter

Simply grind to a mid-range consistency and pack well – but not too tightly else this will choke the herb leading to an uneven vape. I found grinding slightly finer than other herbal vaporizers I’ve reviewed worked best – of course you’ll find your own way.

Whilst there is a brush for cleaning purposes – there isn’t a stirring or tamping tool, however the handle of the brush worked well if you haven’t got one.

Ok let’s take the Torpedo through the 3 heat settings.

mig vapor torpedo dry herb vaporizer lights

For the taste test I used my go to herb – nuff said 😉

Red – 360F

This is the lowest setting and it shows.

A very cool vape with a smooth almost none existent throat hit and I was using quite a strong strain.

Flavour was I’m sad to say more than a little mediocre and barely [if any vapour].

Green – 380F

Obviously things warmed up a little and the flavour popped a tad more.

There was the hint of a throat hit and vapour increased slightly.

Despite the mid-range temperature I noticed after 3 toots, the mouthpiece started to heat up somewhat. Using the silicone cover calmed it down a little.

Blue – 420F

This was more like it!

A hotter side of warm vape that calms down a little between vapes – go steady and it stays a manageable temperature if that makes sense. Chain vape and things get way too hot!

I learned my lesson from 380F and this time popped the silicone mouthpiece cover on which just about made things more comfortable.

Flavour as you might guess was much better – not amazing but good and vapour was very good indeed if that’s your thing!


  • Lightweight
  • Dead simple to use
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • X3 temperature selections
  • Consistent, even vape if packed right
  • Decent – not amazing flavour
  • Good vapour
  • Low aroma 😉


  • Takes a while to heat up
  • Battery whilst 2200mAH lasted just 3 fills
  • Mouthpiece and device can get hot [use silicone covers for lips!]

Final Review Verdict

I’ve been lucky enough to review some of the most expensive and cheaper herbal vaporizers out there and the Torpedo is maybe a good entry point for a newbie on a budget.

On the two higher settings things can get a little hot – especially without the silicone mouthpiece. Speaking of the mouthpiece, the plastic is comfortable; however I really didn’t like the feel of the silicone covers on my lips.

It’s definitely simple to use without the need for complicated button combos and filling is easy enough – if a little tight in there. In other words you will end up spilling a lot of the material as the oven opening is small in diameter.

The higher two temps do increase the vapour and strangely enough despite that – the aroma is very muted so handy if you don’t want to attract negativity from your straight laced neighbours 😉

The zillion dollar question is how’s the flavour?

I’ve used the word decent and I stand by that. Not the best I’ve tried and certainly not the worst and the ease of use and price-point makes this one an ideal entry into the world of vaporizers.

One thing about herbal vaporizers is the draw is very different to that from combustibles such as pipes and lit rollies, the vape is smoother and a lot cleaner – so do bare that in mind.

It’s the same with the Mig Vapor Torpedo – the vape is extremely smooth and trust me you won’t realize just how much you have in your system lol.

UK/Europe – Save 10% With Code ECIG10

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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