There’s NO Better Time To Quit And Check Out Our Deals On the PERFECT Vape Starter Kits

National No Smoking Day is on Wednesday March 13th and there really is NO better way to quit cancer causing lit tobacco than vaping.

E-cigarettes are now proven to be TWICE as effective as gums, patches and sprays and the very best way to quit those killer smokes for good.

If you’re a smoker looking to quit or even a dual user – as in smoking and vaping – then target that date as the day to chuck away your fags and lighter once and for all. It really will be the first day of the rest of your healthier life and may even save it.

The campaign is supported by Public Health England and the NHS and is featuring front and centre that hard hitting experiment I showed in the article: Shocking Public Health England Video PROVES Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking

No Smoking Day: Vaping vs Smoking
No Smoking Day: Vaping vs Smoking

As you can see from that scary image the damage being done to your lungs from smoking is graphic to say the least. It’s a simple test yet a stark warning and one all smokers should take note of – vaping is beyond doubt considerably safer than smoking and some might say even more than the 95% safer figure currently being used.

PHE says:

There are so many misconceptions around the harm of e-cigarettes but what is the impact of smoking vs vaping?

This experiment shows how toxic chemicals and tar inhaled by an average smoker in just one month compare with using an e-cigarette.

Visit NHS SmokeFree to find the support that works for you. #NoSmokingDay #Smokefree

Checkout the video of the experiment:

Get Help From The NHS

NHS SmokeFree offers a ton of support to help pack-up the fags including a personalized ‘Quit Plan’ and offers some pointers:

  • Each year thousands of people quit smoking successfully. You can join them on #NoSmokingDay. Get your free Personal Quit Plan at NHS SmokeFree to help you stop smoking for good.
  • It’s #NoSmokingDay on 13 March – the perfect time to quit smoking.
  • Ready to quit smoking this #NoSmokingDay but not sure how to do it? There’s lots of free support available to help you go #Smokefree and give up for good.
  • Quitting smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health. 13 March is #NoSmokingDay so why not kick the habit today?
  • What will you start doing when you stop smoking?
  • Quitting is easier when you’ve got the right support.

no smoking day

In the case of vaping as a quit tool it’s not just about support from Stop Smoking Clinics and medical experts as the vast majority of established vapers will tell you. Most of us quit thanks to our perseverance and without doubt the right kit sold to us based on our smoking patterns.

It boils down to how many you currently smoke and through that a good vape shop employee will be able to recommend the right starter kit and most importantly the correct level of nicotine in your e-liquid. In simple terms the more you smoke the more nicotine you’ll need to cut back on the cravings.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying that large kit that chucks out clouds either – stick with a decent pod kit or a proven starter kit that WILL go a long way to satiate those cravings. And as a tip keep saying the mantra:

…it’s the nicotine NOT the smoke I crave

That worked for me 😉

I could list a ton of fantastic starter kits for you to use – instead checkout our designated Good Vape Kits For Beginners section on the website.

Also check out Michelle’s excellent guide to all things Nic Salt. Nope that doesn’t mean they taste salty – far from it as you’ll see!

In effect the salt is the process used to extract nicotine from the tobacco plant. This means here in the UK a 20mg nic salt e-liquid will not only taste great and deliver a high dose – but is also smoother but still giving a nice throat tickle new vapers can miss from smoking.

Three Great Vape Deals On Superb Starter Kits That Will Arrive In Time!

I said at the start there’s NEVER been a better time to quit smoking than through vaping. The vape starter kits of today are FAR superior to the ones we managed to quit with.

I finally quit using a device from Scotland based JAC Vapour and send all my smoking friends to their website. Here’s three great deals from JAC that are on right now, and given they’re in Scotland order NOW and they’ll arrive in plenty of time meaning you’ll be all set up ready for No Smoking Day 2019!

JAC Vapour Wee VIM Pod Kit Bundle

wee vim pod kit bundle

I reviewed this little beauty saying:

Perfect for the absolute beginner and intermediate vaper delivering a decent taste and smooth throat hit from the nic salt pods – definitely one to consider…

It definitely is one to consider especially as you can get the full kit PLUS a packet of three pre-filled pods for just £12.99 – bargain!

Read Full JAC Vapour Wee VIM Review

JAC Vapour SERIES-S17 Vape Pen Spring Bundle

jac vapour s17-deal

Another cracking device from JAC Vapour and this one also comes in a special Spring vape deal bundle which comes with 2 bottles of Premium UK made e-liquids – Strawberry Lime Anise and Passionfruit Ice Cream!

I called this vape starter kit:

An absolutely fantastic vaping starter kit at an extremely competitive price

Says it all 😉

Read Full JAC Vapour Series S17 Review

SERIES-S22 Vape Pen Spring Bundle

jac vapour s22 and e-liquid vape deal

Yet another superb e-cigarette starter kit with a super vape deal on right now.

I also reviewed this one and said:

Another winner from JAC Vapour and one of the best vaping starter kits out there – a great tank deserved a great mod and its got it – highly recommended

In fact I still regularly use this kit – it really is that good and looks great too!

Read Full JAC Vapour S22 Review

You CAN Do It!

No-one says it’s easy to quit smoking and all vapers who did it know that – however trust me when I say there’s NEVER been a better time to quit.

New technology – better manufacturing and of course the introduction of nicotine salts means everything is there – ready and waiting for you to make the move.

quit smoking no smoking day uk

Set that target date – follow advice – tell your family and friends you’re quitting and begin that road to a healthier life.

And if you do need advice the team here are more than happy to help – just ask!

Good luck and yes you CAN and WILL do it 😉

no smoking day UK advice

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