New updated Variable Voltage VGO2

UPDATE: This model has now been replaced with the Jacvapour Series S17 vape pen model. Similar sort of thing but different threading that opens up different vaping options.

You may have read our recent review of the updated VGO2 e cig starter kit and I have to say it was everything we expected it to be.

Along with that release we also have the variable voltage (will refer to this simple as VV from now on) version of the VGO2, the question is, is this the right e cig for you? Is the VV a feature you will use or of course need? Well read on, we will try and answer those questions in our VGO2 VV review.

This starter kit was received free of charge for the purposes of this review but as always our thoughts are our own!

In The Box

The VGO2 VV kit comes in a faux leather zipped carry case, inside you will find the following:

  • 2 X VV Manual VGO 2 Batteries (650 mAh)
  • 1 X Nova Tank, 2ml capacity (rebuild-able)
  • 3 Coils (One already in the tank, 2.4ohm and two spare 1.8ohm & 2.8ohm)
  • USB Charging cable
  • Faux leather zip carry case

Battery / Responsiveness

The two manual VV batteries in the kit that I received were the stainless steel version, which I really like and are good in the hand. These 650 mAh batteries seem a bit more light weight than previous VGO2 VV batteries but I suppose as the battery tech improves things will get smaller and lighter so no bad thing there.

The batteries are also available in black which have a rubberised finish to them and again these feel comfortable in the hand. Add to this the smaller capacity 400 mAh and larger capacity 900 mAh and this allows you to customise the starter kit to fit nearer to your needs.

jacvapour vgo2 650mah batteryAll batteries come with the 5 click ‘on/off’ function which comes in handy. The battery life was similar to the standard VGO2, keep in mind depending on the VV settings you use this may affect the life to a certain degree but it shouldn’t be hugely noticeable.

I was still getting around the 6.5 hour mark with the battery ranging between the 3.8V-4.2V so this will suit most vapers and the addition of the second battery will enable uninterpreted vaping for around 1.5 days or more.

Onto the main feature of this e cig, the Variable Voltage.

The VV is of course what sets this e cig apart from the standard VGO2. This feature allows you to change the voltage of the battery which in turn will make the coil in the clearomiser tank to be hotter or cooler depending on the setting chosen.

It gives greater flexibility on a whole but does have a steeper learning curve.

jacvapour vgo2 vv close upThe VV function is a case of turning the dial on the base of the battery, choosing between 3.3v and 4.8v until you reach a setting that works well with your e-liquid and tastes. The different settings basically give you the opportunity to tailor the taste and flavour of your e-liquid. VGO2 battery

I for instance vape a number of different fruit and sweet e-liquids and each one responds differently to each setting. Some e-liquids I vape at higher voltages can, for instance, taste burnt. While some really benefit from the extra heat providing a nice warm flavoursome vape. It really does depend on what e-liquid you have, what it does do though is give you options.

So do you need a VV e cigarette?

Good question! Well this all depends on your needs and where you are in your vaping journey. If you are brand new and testing the water with e cigs then a standard battery may be the cheaper and easier starting point.

This is just a case of popping a clearomiser/cartomiser on the battery and away you go, nothing wrong with this approach and it fits well with thousands of vapers needs. From there it is easy enough to upgrade as and when you need so keep that in mind.

vgo 2 vv stainless steel

For those new to vaping (or current vapers looking to upgrade) that like to have options and to play around with settings and will plan on using a number of different flavoured e-liquids then the flexibility of a VV battery will go a long way.

This is a great starting point but be warned you probably won’t want to stop there! Next step box mods. Take a look at our top rated box mods here.

Anyway, lets keep on the subject at hand, the VGO2 VV!

The kit does come with two batteries but there will come a time when replacements are needed.

Jacvapour sell three different battery types. The 400 mAh, 650 mAh and 900 mAh. Each come with two price options, the standalone price and a discount price for buying two together.

Overall – The variable voltage batteries performed well as expected, battery life was decent and they have a good feel in the hand. The various battery options available also allow you to customise the starter kit so it fits closer to your personal preferences in terms of size.

Vapour / Flavour

The VGO 2 VV starter kit doesn’t come with e-liquid so if you haven’t got any remember to buy some!

Fortunately they have a really good range of flavours from tobacco to fruit to drinks and a new range of UK made e-liquids.

Most new e cig users making the switch from cigs will most likely want a tobacco e juice flavour and for this I would recommend Real Tobacco Lite, I used this in my VGO2 review and even though I’m not normally a big tobacco flavour fan I thought it did a great job.

They also do a ‘non lite’ Real Tobacco for those that are used to smoking fuller strength cigs.

So with the VGO2 VV in this review I was vaping Banana Milkshake and I have to say I really like this flavour!

I will write a separate review but in short it’s similar to the banana sweets I used to get in my younger days, not really like real bananas! For me it’s a very nice all day vape.

Nova Tank

The kit I received came with one metal ‘Nova Tank’ with a 2ml capacity, the tank has replaceable parts which in turn makes it easy to clean and cheaper to use in the long run as you only need to buy replacement coil heads.

On the Jacvapour website they currently ship the VGO 2 VV kit with the Nova tank without the metal casing. Ultimately, they both do the same job though.metal nova tank

Back to the coil heads… There are three included in the kit, each of these are recommended to be changed/disposed of after around 15 refills.

This of course could be more or less depending on individual use, once the flavour of the e-liquid starts to change for the worse then it’s time. It could be a lot more than 15 but could also be less.

The three coil heads come in 1.8 ohm, 2.4 ohm and 2.8 ohm resistance. The lower the resistance coil (in this case 1.8 ohm) will provide a warmer vape, the higher resistance (in this case the 2.8 ohms) will provide a cooler vape.

The fact that these are being used with a VV battery though means you can increase/decrease the voltage until you hit your sweet spot with each different coil.

Everyone has different tastes so it’s difficult to recommend different voltage settings for different coil heads. The type of e-liquid you use will also play a big part in the ohm/voltage setting.

What I will say is just start low and work your way up the voltage settings with each coil until you hit the right flavour for you. If it tastes like the liquid is burning then you have gone too far!

Numbers and settings can be discussed all day long but ultimately it’s down to your personal preferences and how you want your e-liquid to taste.

Replacing The Coil head and Filling The Tank

As mentioned before the Nova Tank can be taken apart and the coil heads replaced, luckily this is easy to do. I would recommend taking time to take the tank apart before you have filled it so you can get used to the way it’s put together. This also makes things easier when replacements are needed.

jacvapour nova tank pieces

OK, step one… All that needs to be done when replacing the coil heads is to unscrew the base from the plastic tank, unscrew the coil head (the part with the long wicks protruding) which is on top of the centre post and screw another back on.

That’s it! Just be sure it’s firmly in place to stop any possible leaks.

Step 2 – Screw the tank itself back onto the base, unscrew the top section and carefully drip e-liquid down the inside of the tank avoiding getting any in the hole in the middle.

Be careful not to overfill here, if you have a clear e-liquid it can be difficult to see how much you are topping up through the small windows. Then finally screw the top piece back on, give the e-liquid a minute to soak into the wicks and you are good to go.filling the nova tank

How Does The Jacvapour VGO2 VV Perform?

I was using the Banana Milkshake e-liquid with a 2.4 Ohm coil head for this review. I found for my tastes setting this at around the 4V mark was good for me, it provided decent taste and vapour volume.

The lower end didn’t give me enough vapour volume or throat hit as would be expected and anything higher than 4.2-3V while increasing the vapour volume made Banana Milkshake taste a bit off.

As long as I was hitting the right settings I really enjoyed this flavour!

Without sounding like a broken record you will need to have a play around to get the sweet spot for you but this is the fun of having a VV device.

Replacement parts and e-liquid

E-liquid needs to be bought separately and is available in 10ml bottles.

The time will also come when you will need to replace the coil heads, these can also be bought in packs of 5 to save a little money.

All in all very reasonable prices.

Overall – The metal Nova tank looks great when it matches the battery colour, some may have a problem seeing the e-liquid levels via the small windows but it’s not a major issue for me.

Performance wise the VV battery works well with the Nova helping provide good vapour volume and flavour, settings permitting of course!

Jacvapour Guarantee / Warranty

Jacvapour offer a 14 day refund subject to their T&C’s which can be found on their website. Unlike many other brands they do allow you to try the product (not e-liquid) and return if you are not 100% satisfied so a definite plus point.

Jacvapour VGO 2 VV Review – Overall

The new VGO 2 VV is, overall, a great bit of kit. Is it suitable for those new to vaping? Unless you don’t mind a bit of a learning curve I would say no. If you just want a ‘plug and play’ e cig then I would take a look at the standard VGO 2, review here.

The Nova Tank combined well with the VV battery to produce some decent flavours, throat hit and vapour volume from the Banana Milkshake I was vaping.

The key to the VGO2 VV is to play around until you hit your sweet spot in terms of the flavour. Each e-liquid will likely need lightly different settings but that is the whole idea, it allows you to hopefully enhance your vaping experience.

So it’s safe to say I have no problems recommending the VGO2 starter kit from Jacvapour.

You can use our exclusive, working Jacvapour coupon code to save on your purchase.

Final Jacvapour VGO2 VV review verdict:

Highly Recommended By

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