Introduction to the OBS Engine Nano RTA

The OBS Engine Nano RTA follows on from their successful OBS Engine RTA that at the time certainly impressed John, the reviewer.

OBS Engine Nano review

OBS are also known for the Crius RDTA and Cheetah RDA.

Today we are going to get up and personal with the OBS Engine Nano RTA a 25mm 5.3ml capacity RTA.OBS Engine Nano complete kit

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In The Box

  • RTA Atomizer
  • Glass tank
  • Pack of Accessories

Main Specs/Features

  • Weight: 52g
  • Diameter: 25mm
  • WxHxD: 25×54.5x25Dia
  • 510 threading connection
  • E-liquid Capacity: 5.3ml
  • Subvert the tradition top airflow
  • Patent top side filling design
  • Endurance and big e-liquid capacity
  • Precise design of air circulation system
  • Atomizer Coil, Have a brilliant future
  • Accurate locating Bar and Slot design

Design and Build Quality

The OBS Engine Nano RTA atomiser is constructed from stainless steel and Pyrex glass it has a 25mm diameter and holds 5.3ml e-juice.

The Nano has a top side filling system and top airflow control.

The RTA deck is a dual post design that has space to hold one coil, the wire holes are plenty large enough to fit some of the bigger builds and wire available today.

The holes are also offset slightly to make building easy; the positive post sits on an a Delrin insulator and the 510 connection holds a gold plated pin, I did not find any oil residue on the inside of this RTA.

A basic guide to Coiling/wicking the OBS NanoOBS Engine Nano on mod close

*Experience making your own coils is an advantage; however there are companies out there that make pre built coils for those that find it difficult to build or with no experience, a little practice is all that is needed to install them.

  • Unscrew the build deck and install your coil
  • Place your desired cotton through the coil

*There are 2 ways to wick this rda

  1. Fold or tuck the cotton into the wick holes so that the cotton peeks out through and almost touches the deck
  2. Cut your cotton so that it sits over the wick holes (I found that this method made the coils spit more than method 1)
  • Pre wet your cotton and coil with e-liquid
  • Re assemble your RTA
  • Open the fill port and using a needle nose bottle squeeze in your e-liquid

*It is recommended by me that you do not fill to the full 5.3ml capacity as in my experience you need a little space for suction.

How Does The OBS Engine Nano RTA Perform?

The OBS Engine Nano breaks down into 5 parts for easy cleaning.

The Base/Deck, Pyrex Glass Tank, Internal stainless steel support ring, Airflow/fill port/chimney and Delrin drip-tip.

OBS Engine Nano Parts

I chucked a homemade Nano coil 24g Kanthal coil 8 wrap made on a 3mm bit, about 0.7 ohms and used Medusa a Loki E-Liquid from the Vapour Room. OBS Engine Nano display

40 Watts

Starting at 40 watts with the airflow on half, and using the OBS Nano on my Wismec Predator the vapour that I experienced was good and the flavour was wonderful.

25 Watts

Dropping the wattage to 25 and closing the airflow to almost closed gave me a very acceptable mouth to lung (MTL) with plenty of flavour.

In fact I would go as far as to say that the flavour was the best MTL I have had from a tank in the last few months.

55 Watts

I then popped the wattage up to 55, opening the airflow to its fullest and using direct to lung style.

The vapour was thick and still the flavour for me was great.

To me this RTA is more of a flavour RTA than a cloud chucker; with the airflow restricted I experienced a very passable mouth to lung draw with plenty of flavour.

With the airflow set to half and full, while the vapour was good the flavour was not as intense as MTL.

The Base/Deck

The Deck holds 2 one hole posts that are slightly offset to each other. OBS Engine Nano deck

The post holes are wide enough to take 20g and bigger wire size, the screws that hold the wire in place have an Allen key head and are shorter than what you would normally expect.

They recess into the post quite a way to tighten down so the Allen Key they supply is most welcome as are the spare screws in case of loss. OBS Engine Nano tabs notchesThe positive post sits on a peek insulator. You have 2 wick holes to hold your cotton, remember, this deck will only take one coil!

On the outer edges of the build deck you have threads and 2 notch cut outs 1 small and one larger, these are used to line up with the chimney section and the threads screw the assembly together. On the bottom of the Deck you have a 510 connection with a gold plated connection pin, and printed are the words designed by OBS and what I presume is a unique serial number.

Warning in my opinion this RTA is not suitable for use on a Hybrid Mech Mod the 510 pin is not adjustable nor does not protrude enough for it to be safe on this type of device.

Pyrex Glass Tank and Internal stainless steel support ring

The Pyrex Tank is of good thick quality, they give you another just encase of accidents which will happen to every vaper eventually.

The stainless steel support ring sits inside the Pyrex glass tank and acts not only as a support but adds a pleasing aesthetic to the tank.

Airflow/fill port and chimney

This part of the RTA is one piece and acts like a 3 in 1 function!

The chimney screws onto the deck/base through the Pyrex tank after lining up the tabs with the notches on the deck.

The fill port is found under the liftable ring that has OBS printed on it.

The airflow for this tank is a top airflow which is somewhat unique for tanks these days and the airflow ring covers 3 airflow inlets and is free spinning.

The Delrin Drip-tipOBS Engine Nano mouthpiece

The drip-tip sits on top of the airflow system. It has two O rings that fit nice and firmly, the drip-tip is made of Delrin and is a Pom style tip and medium wide bore.

O Rings

You have two ‘O’ rings top and bottom of the Pyrex Tank with spares in the bag. Two ‘O’ rings on the drip-tip but sadly no spares in my pack.

The O rings functioned perfectly in the time I have been using this RDA, no leaks at all.

What I Like

The ease of coiling – it took me all of a few seconds to coil up this RTA. I also love the way the OBS Nano can be disassembled and re-assembled for easy cleaning.

The flavour I get from this tank is second to none! Which is perfect for MTL vaping style.

What I Didn’t LikeOBS Engine Nano chimney tabs

I found it hard to nail down any point I really didn’t like about this RTA! But if pressed I will mention that it takes a little practise to line up the tabs and notches to connect the base to the chimney section (do it slowly and give the base a little wiggle to make sure the tabs have gone into the notches correctly)

Final Review Verdict

The OBS Nano RTA made me chuckle somewhat being called Nano one would expect it to be a small tank with a 2ml liquid capacity.

Its not… it has a 5.3ml capacity and is slightly larger in appearance than it predecessor how ever it’s pleasure to use, a pleasure to coil, and the airflow is quite swishy.

I would cheerfully recommend this to those new to coiling or to us old hands looking for a tank with good flavour! This Tank has hit my flavour addiction and then some!

*Not recommended by me for use on a Hybrid Mech Mod.

If I lost or damaged the OBS Engine Nano would I buy another? Hell Yes I would, if for no other reason than the flavour I get from this RTA.


  • Flavour and Vapour was top notch.
  • No leaking at all in the time I was testing.
  • Plentiful airflow.
  • Easy to take apart and put back together.
  • The 510 connection pin is gold plated for better connectivity.
  • Excellent build quality.


  • No Cons in my book, unless you count the tab and notch alignment.

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Build Quality
Ease of use
Cloud production
Likelihood of replacing if lost or damaged
Price point
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