The Ohm Boy OC Rage is a collaboration between Desire Designs and OhmboyOC. For those of you who don’t know who Ohm Boy OC is…he’s a prolific coil builder and very well recognised personality in the vaping world.

rage squonk mod 155W ohm boy

You’ll catch him on every second Grimm Green video and at every vaping convention, plus..he has his own channel which is swiftly gaining in popularity. He knows his stuff, is tattooed from head to toe and whips up a bad as coil build in the blink of an eye.

Well, long story short. Ohm Boy, who was also involved in making the Recoil and Recoil Rebel has teamed up with Desire Designs (pretty obscure, they have 2 products listed) to create the Rage 155W squonker.

It’s a dual 18650 powerhouse and I’m just going to tell you up front, it’s in a league of its own. I’m someone who loves RDTAs and that’s why…while I enjoy my squonkers, I tend to use them for only short periods before returning to what I know and love.

The Rage is challenging my personal norms though. Here I am researching new RDA’s, which I’ve never been THAT keen on (I’m usually going after RDTAs), which would fit with my new Rage Squonker. It’s big, it’s heavy, it absolutely kicks ass…let’s get on with it.

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What’s In The Box

  • Desire Rage Squonk Mod
  • Installed 7ml squonk bottle
  • USB cable
  • User manualdesire_designs_ohm_boy_155w_Rage_Squonk_Mod


  • Size: 25 x 51 x 82 mm
  • Wattage: 5 – 155W
  • Output voltage: 0.5-8V
  • Resistance range: 3-0.08 Ohm
  • Output current: 40A
  • Runs on dual 18650 in series
  • Temp Range: 200-600 F
  • Screen 0.69”
  • Bottle capacity: 7ml
  • Modes: TC, VW and Bypass
  • Colours: white, Black, Purple Red, Black Camo

Build Quality & Design

On receipt of the neat, white, red and grey Ohm Boy Rage box, I opened it up as quick as humanly possible, to reveal a nice, powder plastic, bag-wrapped mod inside. After an effortful extraction of the mod from its seriously snug bedding and taking off the powdered plastic, I was…well, amazed.Ohm Boy Rage squonk mod review

This looks like no mod I’ve ever owned.

The shape is not one that feels normal to describe so bear with me, if you take an oval, flatten the top and bottom and then wrap your hand around it so that your fingers touch each other halfway down the left side, then you squeeze, creating depressions on the top and bottom of the left side and a bulge in the middle, and you extend this weird oval into a three dimensional mod…that’s the Ohm Boy OC Rage squonker.

OMG…does that make any sense? Any sense at all?

Okay…so that part that bulges out extends down to your squonk opening, so you can hold this mod very comfortably and squeeze. Oh goodness, you’ll have to refer to my pictures to follow this I’m afraid.desire_designs_ohm_boy_155w_Rage_Squonk_Mod finger tab pull ring

The other side starts…from the top, with a round, clicky,  fire button, a small OLED screen below that (insanely bright) and two tiny adjustment buttons below that. Even further down there is a micro USB port for charging and upgrades.

There’s funky, silver Ohm Boy Branding on the top, as well as a deep BF port.

Directly above the squeeze port is further branding, in the form of a deep cast, stylised upside down triangle. It looks the bizznezzz.desire_designs_ohm_boy_155w_Rage_Squonk_Mod screen

The opposite side is made up of a battery cover which pulls away with the help of four strong magnets, to reveal a pristine chamber with four big, gold-plated connects, for two 18650s in series.

The base of the mod has 2 sets of 5 battery venting holes, each set under a cell.

Next to that, you’ll find the base of your squonk bottle, which is, apparently, aluminium or zinc alloy and has a little finger ring which you pull out to get a grip.

Gripping the ring, you twist left and right and then pull to release the bottle.

The bottle is silicon with just the right amount of flex perfect, not too soft at all, while still being easy to compress.

My metallic red, zinc alloy Rage mod looks like the most classy mod on my shelves. It’s beautifully shaped, the way the finish on the alloy catches the light, moulded like a sculpture.

The quality of build is absolutely outstanding, the Rage is beautifully made!

It’s heavy, the finish is immaculate, seemingly scratch proof.

Popping in 2 cells, I put the mod on a scale to find that it weighs 336g…and, with my Ghoul RDA, which I’m loving on this mod, it weighs 364. Dang, this is a heavy mofo, that’s for sure.

If this thing fires 2/3 as good as it looks, I’m going to be happy.

How Does The Ohm Boy OC Rage Squonk Mod Perform?

Okay, first up. I understand that the first batch of this mod has troubles with the pull tab on the bottle. I have obviously got one from the first batch, since I have to use a needle to release that pull tab so I can actually get the bottle out.Rage_155W-Ohm_Boy_Squonk bottle extract

On my second fill, I forgot to screw the squonk bottle closed properly, resulting in the bottle cap getting stuck inside the mod. I managed to get it out with pliers. This was just user error. Remember to close your bottle properly before reinserting it, in order to avoid this.

The near notch-less pull tab is a bit of a hassle when I’m out on the town, having to find a pin to get my bottle out, but it give’s me an excuse to ask weird questions to strangers so I’m not complaining yet. The pull tabs from batch 1 are a nightmare, nuff said.Battery compartment on Ohm Boy squonker

Beyond that…this may very well be the squonk mod of all squonk mods, the King Squonk and, in my regard, the absolute sh1t.

Firing down to a crazy 0.08 Ohm with a ramp time that actually gets the vapours rolling, desperate to be vaped, every time you try to quick press 5 times to shut down…this mod is just cray-cray.

The first performance plus for me is the silicon of this bottle, perfect give and just a comfy squeeze that prevents you from over-squeezing.

Second up, having recently reviewed the RDA and coils that I’m currently vaping, I  am familiar with its fight on a good number of different mods and I find myself having to set the Rage up to 10-20W lower than I would my other mods, simply because the Rage delivers so much power.

What a powerhouse! Instantaneous ramp and power delivery that, while some have complained about its Voltage range not covering the full range of a pair of dual 18650’s, the Rage is still an impressive performer.

My third plus is the super bright and totally uncomplicated screen,, it’s nice to have a fully regulated option that’s not over complicating things. Besides, the finish is really so pristine and the shape so sculptural, so that a bigger screen would ruin it.

I find this shape massively ergonomic. Not only does it sit great in either left or right-hand modes but you can happily fire with one of your fingers or with your thumb.

Another thing I like about the shape is that, in spite of its large size, it still looks great with small RDA’s like my Blitzvape Ghoul, as you can see from the picks. A 25 mm also fits like a pro.

On to the functions:

New Atomizer readings and resistance updates are absolutely flawless and fully accurate.

I won’t linger on TC performance, having tested it for SS and Ni, I found it as accurate and smooth functioning as I found it powerful.

Really impressed with the host of protections of this device, all the protections you need, along with due warnings for anything that may go wrong like Low Atomizer, Atty Short, Temp Protect, you know the drill.

Another plus for me, the menu system. Nothing requires excessive clicking, all functions are intuitively laid out in the menu and each feature is no more than 3-4 clicks away.

How To Fill

  • Pull out the finger ring at the bottom of the squonker
  • Twist left and then right and pull
  • Remove cap to fill, about four-fifths of the way
  • Replace the screw on cap properly before replacing

How To Operate the Menu System

  • Five clicks on or off
  • Left or Right adjusts wattage
  • 3 Clicks to enter the menu
  • Right and left to toggle menu
  • Fire to confirm

How To Replace The batteries

  • Pull off the magnetic battery cover
  • Insert batteries with help of small, indented markers
  • Replace cover

Battery Life

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I would have liked to see 20700s in this mod.

That said, given the high output and bright screen and given the sheer joy of using this mod, I’m willing to excuse in the event that the battery life’s a little less than spectacular.

On dual 18650, 2500’s, vaping at 50W, I vaped from 10 am to 10 and  then for 2 hours in the morning before the cells died.

Vaping at 80W…I vaped from 10 am to 6pm.rage 155w squonker desire designs and ohm boy oc battery chamber


    • High quality, metallic paint finish
    • Heavyweight, quality zinc allow
    • Unique cylindrical, metal capped bottle
    • Great squeeze
    • High 7ml capacity
    • Absolutely instantaneous ramp time
    • Solid power output


      • awkward pull ring on the first batch

Final Review Verdict

Hands down, this must be the best squonk mod, dual and regulated, that I’ve seen on the market. Such a sturdy, quality build, intuitive and easy controls, with a host of functions and top-notch aesthetic appeal, that’s the Ohm Boy OC Rage squonker.

Rage fires like a pro. I’ve been unable to stop using it from the minute I got it. In my opinion, this is the kind of mod that you will get seriously, deeply attached to. The mod has stage presence which is just impossible to beat and, thank Ohm Boy and Desire Designs, the performance is right up there with it.

The Rage 155W comes highly recommend for use by both experienced and new vapers…I’m confident this mod will bring you plenty joy.


Would I buy the Ohm Boy OC Rage squonker if I lost/broke the device? Without a doubt.

WorldWide Shipping

Build Quality
Ramp Time
Likelihood of Buying if Lost
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


    • Wishy washy answer but both do a great job Chris and you won’t go wrong with either. We have reviewed the Drone (not the DNA250C version yet) and found it to be great. I personally like my Lost Vape devices and prefer the hand feel of the Drone but it would, I guess, come down to budget as the DNA chipset/board does add to the price.

      If that isn’t a factor then it would be a simple case of what you personally like the look of.

      • I have the drone and it’s good. The battery door is proper shite on it tho and tends to come lose when you squonk. I’m scared to take it out and about because of this and obviously it’s expensive. I thought the ohmboy device would be more beneficial for taking out. It looks a lot sturdier too. Thanks for your response.

        • I use the Desire Design Cut Squonker regularly and it’s a solid bit of kit Chris. Sure the OC Rage would do a stellar job as an out and about squonker 🙂

          • Another nod for the Desire Design Cut squonker! I bought it at a silly low price the same time as Jonny and it’s a little beauty 😉

  1. I just bought this and I can just agree with you , this is the best squonk dual 18650 regulated mod so far… And combined with the Aequitas RDA it’s a no-brainer kit!

    • Gian, I’m glad to hear you’ve had the same great experience as me with this. It’s not only extremely sexy but really squonks like a winner. It is still the very best on my shelves!


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