The Blitz Ghoul RDA is from a fairly obscure little Shenzhen vaping brand, with merely a handful of products to their name, none of which have yet made headlines.

The fact is, the brand is only 6 years young so we’ll have to keep our beady eyes on them.ghoul rda blitzvape main

Previous offerings include the good looking Intrepid RTA, The Crebox Mini Mod and the Warcraft RTA and more, however the product up for review today is neither RTA nor box mod, rather, it’s the brand’s 3rd RDA release.

I must say, this one is far better looking than both the Musketeer and Hannya RDAs from Blitzvape.

What Can We Expect From The Ghoul RDA By Blitz?

This neat little single coil BF (Bottom Feeder) RDA makes the most of a ceramic T clamp deck, deep wicking well and low down airflow to bring some really decent flavour vaping to the party.

While the super narrow aesthetic and strangely placed airflow made me wonder at first, this ghoulish RDA has found a place in my heart! But has it done enough to match the best Squonk RDA’s on the market?

Let’s take a closer look…

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Blitz Ghoul RDA
  • 1 x pearl 810 (cross textured)
  • 1 x Yellow or Black Snakeskin 810 (depending on your RDA colour)
  • Squonk Pin
  • Spare ceramic post, o-rings, screws, keyghoul rda blitzvape contents


  • 22ml Diam x 33mm Height (With Driptip)
  • Comes in SS and Matte Black
  • Dual adjustable bottom airflow
  • Ceramic clamp post
  • Single build deck
  • Gold plated positive pin

Build Quality & Design

My first impression of the Blitz Ghoul RDA, in its mustard yellow box, with ‘ghoul head and cross mechs’ logo on the front, was that it’s a damn strange shape. Far taller than it is wide, my matte black version, with big silver logo on the side and the pearl 810 fitted just didn’t look right at first.Blitz Ghoul BF RDA reviewed

Instead of being a standard cylindrical shape, the Ghoul curves out and back in a subtle bulb shape and it seems too narrow…as soon as I pop it on a single cell mod like the Smoant Battlestar Mini, the Joyetech Espion Solo or the beautiful Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213, it looks like a freakin’ million bucks though, so that’s settled.

The barrel/cap tapers in at the top,  for 2mm until reaching the drip tip, which takes up almost the whole diameter of the RDA.

The shape is very simple and the look sleek, you’ll understand it when you see it on the right sized mod, as I said.

The barrel has no adornments except that logo and 2 very low airflow slots (especially low for a BF compatible RDA), one of which looks closed.

Pulling of the cap with some difficulty, due to super beefy o-rings that will definitely safeguard against any nasty seepage from under the barrel, I realise why the one airflow slot looks closed when the other is open.ghoul rda blitzvape deck

One airflow slot is split, ending in dual openings below the side-fitted T shaped clamp system…to hit your coil (single) from underneath, while the other airflow slot, 0.5 x 2mm, sits opposite it, also extremely low positioned, well under the height at which your coil will lie.

While the low cut airflow slots dig into what would otherwise be a wonderfully deep juice well, a benefit is the coil coverage as your airflow shoots over the coils from below, also you can string a nice long wick which you can keep soaked, making up for lost juice well space.

I’m pleased to see a ceramic T clamp. Ceramic means flavour in any tank, in my experience, as the material just holds and expresses the flavour far better than metal or any other material, so I’m guessing that, combined with this unique airflow system and that wicking capacity, this is going to be a flavour beast.

One big beefy screw sits atop the post, making for the easiest possible build, I expect.

There’s also a peek insulator to prevent shorts.

The inside of the topcap is a beautifully machined miracle of brushed stainless steel that forms a clean and perfect dome, outstanding work from BlitzVape.

Oh, there’s a fixed 510 in the centre of the deck that can be replaced with the included BF pin. I do that straight away, the feeder sits right below my projected coil placement, nice.

ghoul rda blitzvape 510Let’s get to building!

How Does The BlitzVape Ghoul RDA Perform?

I set the Blitz Ghoul BF RDA up with the Sigelei Fuchai Squonk 213 and did…not…look…back.Blitz ghoul rda on mod

Not only did the matte black Ghoul look the bizz on my matte black Fuchai, this little bugger delivered the kind of flavour that makes me want to go back to previous full marks reviews and mark them down so that I can make this one just that bit higher…at least on the flavour front!!

Not only is this the easiest RDA to build on but the combination of a low set airflow (which doesn’t cause leaking as long as you don’t attempt to fill the so-called juice well when you squonk), along with the ceramic post and beautifully domed inner cap of this RDA…all these factors make for a flavour experience so profound that you may as well be drinking your e-juice (in a really good way, hahaha).

The shape of this RDA and the way that airflow is hard-channelled over your coils due to the narrow diameter and the fact that your wicking prevents airflow from splitting up (so it channels really well from both the split and single airflow slot), these things just make for a really neat, really cloudy and really freakin’ deliciously flavourful vape.

Also, with the type of coils available these days, who doesn’t need a beautiful, easy to use and really effective single coil RDA like this. My CoilMaster SkyNet and Ghoul have a long future together.ghoul rda blitzvape build1

I found that the doming on the inside of the cap prevents spit back, as does the ample height of this RDA.

I found both drip tips very comfortable and of a high quality.

The only issue I encountered (and I learned to avoid it) was that the tight top cap, which I never bother removing and height of the RDA make it difficult to see how much you’re squonking. I squeezed too hard a couple of times and had e-liquid leak right out my airflow but I soon realized that a few short squeezes, spaced out, will soak that long wick without flooding the well, just perfect.

How To Fill

  • Either drip through the drip tip, take of the cap and drip or squeeze your BF!ghoul rda blitzvape fill

How To Change the Coil

  • Pop off that top cap (or pull it off, with difficulty)
  • Unscrew the big, gold screw in the middle of your T clamp
  • Place your single coil’s leads in the clamp
  • Make sure your coil sits directly above the central 510 or BF pin
  • Tighten your screw
  • Cut the leads

ghoul rda blitzvape coil

Pulse your coil:ghoul rda blitzvape pulse

  • Run a wick with ends that curve down and end just alongside the central pin
  • If squonking, run the wick ends into each other, between the BF and single airflow slot, this will help prevent leaking when you feed

Ease of build

The build process couldn’t be any easier, highly recommended for beginners and lazy vapers who love flavour!ghoul rda blitzvape wick

I had no trouble fitting a Parallel Clapton coil from the CoilMaster SkyNet for my first build on the Ghoul, with a 0.25 Ohm resistance I was blown away the outstanding ease of build  and delicious experience I had when it came time to vape.


  • Unique shape and dimensions look great on narrow mods
  • Bottom airflow system effective at producing huge cloud and flavour
  • Ceramic clamp easy to use and adds massive flavour
  • 2 Sexy drip tips
  • Domed inner cap prevents spit back and enhances airflow effect


  • The low airflow slots might cause overflow issues with users who drip too heavily or squeeze too hard on that squonker!

Final Review Verdict

Are you looking for the perfect single coil RDA for your single cell squonker or mod…the Ghoul RDA won’t let you down. The ceramic clamp combined with an innovative bottom airflow system and beautiful machining by Blitzvape provide a flavour and cloud experience that I doubt ANY vaper could put a con to.

I’m extremely pleased with my Ghoul and it will be my go-to single coil BF RDA for a good time to come.


Would I buy the Blitz Ghoul RDA if I lost/broke the device? Hells, Yes!

Build Quality
Ease of Build
Laura-ann Burgess
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


  1. This leaks regardless of how you squonk. too low of airflow. tip the mod and spill. REGARDLESS of what you do. Other wise I love it.


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