The Ohm Vapors Origin e-liquid range is part of a brand that was formed in 2014 on the back of two young men worried about the sheer amount of bad and at times nasty home-brewed e-liquids out there.

OM Vapors has grown from strength to strength.
om vapors e-liquid review

The company’s ethos is simple – the best ingredients, the very best blending – all mixed and created in their purpose-built high spec clean room.

From those humble early beginnings, founders Ben and Les have stayed true to their early goals and made sure even as their impressive range of e-liquids became increasingly popular, they stuck to their guns and kept the prices affordable for all vapers.

It’s not been an easy ride, indeed most who knew them expected the pair to become homeless within weeks! Industry insiders chimed in too saying:

…no college kids are going to be able to start a business like that.

So the question is, 5 years on and from an initial 10 e-liquids to the large number they have now – are these e-liquids worth a dollar of your hard-earned cash?

What Can We Expect From Om Vapors Origins Vae Juice?

Om Vapors has a vast array of flavours on sale including Alcohol and Ice – Cereals – Coffee – Custard – Dessert and Fruit to name but a few.

You can buy them in 10ml ‘samples’ right up to childproof 120ml bottles and choose from zero to 6mg nic and they all come in a 75/25 VG/PG mix.

ohm vapors review

I’ve been sent x4 of their Origins range, and very generously the guys have sent me 10 x 10ml bottles of each flavour – thank you very much indeed.

OK, I’ve set the scene and for the taste test, I’ve used the flavourful Augvape BTFC RDA – wicked with Fuzz vape cotton – a couple of Clapton coils at 0.2ohms at 77w.

Mantra – 3mg – Peach Mango Green Tea

Peach Mango Green Tea eliquid om vapors

Om Vapors Say:

There is just something so refreshing about a cold, refreshing glass of tea.

While I realize my favorite beverage is not everyone’s “cup of tea,” I put a lot of thought into making Mantra a green tea vape juice that everyone can love by incorporating a slew of fruity notes.

I Say:

I used to vape a certain peach iced tea e-liquid by the bucket load.

And I really enjoy the Vapeccino Green Tea juice I sampled at a recent Expo, so this one sounded bang on my preferred flavour profile.

Despite the description being a ‘tropical fruit blend’ opening the bottle gives your nostrils a real smack of furry peach, with and underlying what I reckon is a hint of either passion fruit or guava – the mango is kind of there!

The inhale is a fruity fantasia of goodness with wave after wave of tangy citrus notes wonderfully sweetened with natural and not synthetic sweetness.

To the fore is that peach with the mango a very gentle addition and it’s the exhale where that gorgeous green tea washes in creating one of the nicest and most refreshing vapes I’ve tasted for a long time.

Great blending indeed and wonderfully balanced.

Heretic – 3mg – Honeydew, Watermelon, Dragon Fruit, Kiwi, and Cantaloupe


Om Vapors Say:

Heretic is a honeydew melon vape juice and is one of the first fruity flavors that we created here at Om Vapors.

…The two complementary flavors, kiwi and cantaloupe, although not as noticeable, are the real stars of this mix.

The addition of these two flavorings adds a delicately sweet and tart note to Heretic that makes the melon notes stand out and become even riper and juicier than they are on their own.

I Say:

I’m usually a little dubious about e-liquids described as ‘delicate’ as I like to vape on strong flavours that don’t leave you searching for flavour!.

The smell off this one certainly doesn’t suggest any delicateness going on it’s a wondrous aroma of melon with a hint of that warming dragon fruit. A flavour I’ve come to like since I sampled Dragons Egg from Crystal Clouds at VapeFest back in 2016 – time flies ๐Ÿ˜‰

The inhale brings a mixed magnificence of sweet ‘n juicy melon tripping across your taste buds with the cool fresh watermelon adding that touch of delicateness I guess.

However, it’s the exhale where the magic happens with that warming slightly spicy dragon fruit adding an almost ginger note. I do like ginger on my watermelons so maybe my brain has been tricked by the clever mixology!

I wouldn’t call this delicate – except on the coils – but I can see what they mean – as in no one flavour imposes on the others – instead you get a melon medley with a slightly spicy warming twist.

Lovely stuff!

Balance – 3mg – Blue Raspberry Sour Candy


Om Vapors Say:

If youโ€™re looking for a blue raspberry flavored vape juice look no further.

The Balance is the perfect equilibrium between sweet and tart that will leave your taste buds elated!

I Say:

I do like tarts – tart flavours that is ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m yet to find a blue slush vape I actually like and I’ve tried a few.

Balanced is the word here – this is yet another beautifully mixed e-liquid.

The inhale brings in an almost tongue curling eye crunching collision of sourness before that sugary coating calms it all down.

Nowhere near too sweet or sour indeed the two combos are beautifully balanced.

If you like those Haribo Tangfastic sweets – I pretend to buy them for my grandson lol – then you’ll love this juice.

Summer Dream – 3mg – Strawberry Limeade

strawberry and lime e-liquid review

Om Vapors Say:

Summer Dream is a strawberry limeade vape juice and just as its name implies; itโ€™s a drink flavored vape juice that embodies the spirit of the summer.

During our initial development, we were initially planning on making Summer Dream a strawberry lemonade e-juice, but since the industry didnโ€™t have many limeade e-juices at the time, we decided to try something different.

I say:

I usually like to leave the best of the bunch last and in this case that’s definitely the truth – wow this is gorgeous!

You instinctively know your taste buds are in for a treat because the smell from this one is absolutely fabulous darling ๐Ÿ˜‰

No messing about on the inhale either – you get exactly what it says on the bottle.

Fresh just this side of too ripe strawberries are mashed into zingy tangy perfectly sweet lime that explodes on your tongue leaving you gagging for more – ooer steady on matron!

This reminds me of one of those Swedish mixed fruit alcoholic ciders but without the fizz or the booze.

Refreshingly fresh and one of the nicest e-liquids I’ve EVER had the pleasure of tasting – thank God they sent me a 100mls of the stuff!

Final Verdict

I’ve only tasted 4 of the vast range of e-liquids produced by Om Vapors and can honestly say they really are up there with the best. Based on that I am pretty sure the rest of the flavours are up there too ๐Ÿ˜‰

It just goes to show you don’t have to slap a premium price on e-liquids or call them ‘premium’ to drum up custom – quality always sells.

The balance – blending and overall mixology is quite simply superb, with even the so-called ‘delicate’ one trouncing other richer juices I’ve tried – great vapour too if that’s your thing! And trust me my room has never smelled so good with thick sweet ‘n fruity clouds hanging around for an age.

The packaging and labelling stands out too as does the website which features some of the most detailed flavour notes I’ve ever seen – lots of ingredients and scientific info too – great to see.

Om Vapors are American based and given their vast range of juices I seriously hope they find a way around the stupid and ridiculously pricey FDA backed PMTAs. It’s companies like these, built on bold ideas and sheer blood sweat and tears that is at the very heart of this vaping community.

If the anti-vape crowd of America has its way, it’s superb companies like Om Vapors that could be lost and that’s not just a travesty its bloody criminal.

I’ll say it again – that quartet of e-liquids are among the best I’ve ever tasted – go buy bucket loads – you won’t be sorry and neither will your coils ๐Ÿ˜‰

Summer Dream
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