OUMIER WASP NANO RDTA reviewYou might not have heard of OumierVape before but keep an eye on this young Chinese vape brand because the product up for review today (Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA) is one of their mere handful of products, since joining the game, and it is a hands down WINNER.

What To Expect From The Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA

It’s tiny, it’s good looking, it’s a freaking cloud monster flavour puncher of note and dang, it’s blown me away!

Now, the brand’s small inventory is taken up mostly by tanks… they have one vape pen style starter kit available which, interestingly, offers remade and RBA options, this one’s called the Phantom and I must say, after my experience with this Wasp Nano I’m keen to get my hands on all of their products, these guys clearly have some real design skill.

Furthermore, that’s not their only product that punches the ‘tell me more’ button, another interesting offering is their VLS RDA, a first of its kind RDA, boasting a patented vertical coil option.

I don’t know about you but I am intrigued by this brand. I’d like also to get my hands on their Maximus RDTA, another offering that looks jam packed with innovative and unseen-before features.

oumier wasp nano rdta contentsI wasn’t expecting much from the Wasp Nano RDTA… I’d never heard of the brand, the device is so small, compared to the beefy monsters I rely on when I’m gunning for a flavour and cloud explosion.

I have to say though I love that feeling of being unexpectedly blown away: dynamite comes in small packages! Is it enough to be one of the best RDTA’s we have tried recently?

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Wasp Nano RDTA
  • 1 x multi screwdriver
  • 1n x Spare glass
  • Bag of o-rings and screws
  • Single coil and cottonoumier wasp nano rdta contents 2


  • 22m diameter with 2 ml capacity
  • big deck for easy single coil builds
  • Innovative post deck design
  • convenient juice filling method
  • dual side adjustable airflow
  • exchangeable 510 pin
  • Stainless steel and resin construction

Build Quality & Design

Now, I received the orange resin version of the Wasp Nano RDTA but it’s available in green and yellow resin or in ultem black, gold and pearl.oumier wasp nano rdta tank

On opening up the tiny, engagement ring sized box, I was delighted by the look of this cute little 22ml diameter RBA with it’s marbled resin top cap and rainbow stainless steel body.

Let’s not joke around here, the Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA is tiny and, with the top cap and mouth piece essentially being  one shaped and tapering resin piece, the surface design is really quite sleek and simple.

I see the little 2ml RDTA tank beneath the top cap… which is obviously hiding the deck and whatever surprises that may hold.

There’s a decent, 510 pin that is exchangeable and a black eyed wasp engraved away from sight on the base but no branding of any kind is visible anywhere else on the RDTA.oumier wasp nano rdta 510

The base is a 2mm rainbow SS ring, with a rainbow SS central shaft visible through the tank. The tank is finished on top with another rainbow ring of the same thickness and above that, the orange and purple marble of the resin top cap extends to a 1.5cm height before tapering to form a small but comfortable mouthpiece, with no removable drip tip.

I see 2 x 4.5mm airflow slots in the upper half of the top cap, these will accommodate a restricted to a full airflow for sure, adjustable with a twist.

I pull off the top cap with ease, thanks to excellent machining and the help of 2 high quality o-rings.
oumier wasp nano rdta exploded viewI’m rather intrigued by the deck design. Clearly only designed for single coil builds, the deck is a dual post design, however the single vertical screw and terminal at opposing sides of each post only accounts for a 1/4 of the post size, the rest is taken up by, essentially, an airflow tunnel that not only makes the airflow adjust when you twist the top cap, it also directs airflow accurately at your coil through either post.

The coil placement is confined to a limited space between the posts and I’m thinking this is going to have a huge effect on airflow resistance and flavour.

A small rod one side of the deck opens and closes the wicking ports, which will channel wick down into the tank below and which will double as juice filling ports. This little rod will allow you to compress the wick to the side of the wicking port, allowing room for the juice nozzle before filling…I’m not sure whether this was the idea but it sure does work.oumier wasp nano rdta deck


All the necessary spares, a good quality multi-screwdriver and a good quality 0.4 ohm single coil are included, along with cotton, so you’ll want for nothing.

How Does The Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA Perform?

I was completely blown away by the performance of this RDTA, on the included 0.4 Ohm coil (and I wouldn’t necessarily go lower than that, since your lips are so close to the coil on the nano, it’s better to keep a lower wattage) I have experienced such massive vapour production and out of this world flavour that I’m finding this RDTA very difficult to put down.

Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA on iJoy Capo
Wasp Nano RDTA on iJoy Capo 100

I’d put the sweet spot for this included coil and this RDTA around 50W, because that’s a cool enough vape for this size RDTA and it’s a high enough wattage to really get a load of what the Wasp Nano has to offer.

Unbelievable, it will blow your socks off, rich creamy and some of the fullest, most flavourful cloud I’ve ever seen at this wattage, a real winner on every front.

Now, the resin top cap/mouthpiece is so small that unless you’re careful, you might even block up the airflow with your lips, so keep that in mind if you are a larger person shopping for an RDTA, this one really is small.

With that said though, I’m impressed by minimal spit back and seriously brilliant performance right from a full, open airflow to a lovely, heavily restricted one.

Did I say that the Wasp Nano is a winner?

How To Fill

  • Pop off the top cap
  • Use the vertical rod to compress your wick to the side of the port
  • Fill through the one wicking portoumier wasp nano rdta fill

Ease of build

Good threading on all screws, along with easy access and posts which leave limited space for your single coil actually all serve to make the build process easier, directing you to correct placement so that you can achieve that perfect airflow for cloud and flavour.oumier wasp nano rdta building

Provided you have a single coil wrapped with leads facing opposite directions, you wont have any problem fitting a fair sized single coil onto this build deck.oumier wasp nano rdta coil

I found both the coil fitting of the ample 6 wrap clapton that’s included, as well as the wicking process to be an absolute pleasure here, with no snags whatsoever.oumier wasp nano rdta wick


  • Attractive Resin and Rainbow SS design
  • Compact size for even the smallest mod
  • Neat, easy to use single coil deck
  • Innovative wick and fill system
  • Brilliant airflow channel for maximum flavour
  • Restrictive airflow for massive cloud production


  • Nothing to dislike here

Final Review Verdict

The Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA is a flavour miracle, standing up to RDTAs 3 times the size in both the flavour and cloud departments. Brilliant airflow and deck design combine with the flavour pluses of a well designed RDTA to bring you an effective but tiny WINNER, perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice performance for a smaller size.

This is a surefire flavour MONSTER, whether you’re an RDTA newbie or a seasoned vaper who expects only the very best.


Would I buy the Oumier Wasp Nano RDTA if I lost/broke the device? Undoubtedly

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Build Quality
Ease Of Build
Liklihood of Buying if Lost or Damaged
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