The Punk Grenade e-liquid range is yet another flavour combo from the guys and girls over at Riot Squad and all have a fizzy pink lemonade base.

riot squad punk grenade e-liquid reviewI reviewed the first line of juices from the company and wasn’t that impressed however I did recently review the Ghetto Penguin e-liquid range and was slightly more impressed to say the least 😉

What Can We Expect From the Punk Grenade E-Liquids?

They come in either 50ml short fills with the option of adding a nicotine shot – or in 10ml bottles available in 3mg and 6mg.

OK there’s just four flavours in the Punk Grenade line-up and for the taste test I used my trusty flavoursome Augvape BTFC RDA freshly cleaned and wicked every time vaping at 0.25 ohms at 77w.

The juices were sent to me free of charge by Riot Labs – thank you – and as always that in no way affects my opinions. Incidentally they also included a box of nic shots which for the purpose of this review I didn’t use…adding a nic shot can change the original flavour.

As always keep in mind that taste is subjective, your flavour likes and dislikes may differ to mine.

So did the flavours explode off my tongue or fizzle out into a damp squib..?

Mango Lime Punk Grenade by Riot Squad

mango lime grenade

They Say:

…sweet mango and tangy lime is smashed together with pink lemonade!

I Say:

The smell from this is absolutely amazing a real tropical burst to say the least. The inhale gets your taste buds tingling with the hint of the fizz to come and those mangoes really do zing off the tongue before the lime joins in to make a very fruity cocktail.

The exhale is all fruity fizz with either a hint of coolada or the clever mixing telling my brain this is an ice cold tropical soda straight out of the fridge. Pleasantly sweet and very moreish and refreshing…nice.

Bubblegum Punk Grenade by Riot Squad

bubblegum grenade

They Say:

…sweet and chewy bubblegum is smashed together with pink lemonade!

I Say:

Nope not for me…far too sweet on the inhale with not even the hint of a clean fizz calming it down.

The exhale does tame the sweetness a little with the fizz joined by some kind of coolada however it’s far far too sweet for my taste. I have to say they have nailed the aroma it smells just like those big bubblegum balls we had as kids.

There is a slight hint of lemon but not sharp or tangy so sadly I’ll pass on this one…

Apple Punk Grenade by Riot Squad

apple grenade

They Say:

…sweet and sour apple is smashed together with pink lemonade!

I Say:

Once again the smell coming from the bottle is bloody gorgeous with an uncanny aroma of fresh crisp apples.

The initial inhale had my tongue thinking things were more candied apples than fresh and a little on the sweet side – however almost in an instant and just before the fizz comes much sharper and almost tart tones.

That sweetness is washed away just enough as the sour – the fizz and once again the merest hint of a cooling back note makes for yet another fruity refreshing tingly vape…lovely stuff.

Raspberry Punk Grenade by Riot Squad

raspberry grenade

They Say:

…sweet and sharp raspberry is smashed together with pink lemonade!

I Say:

I’ve saved the best till last and when I say this is one of the nicest e-liquids I’ve ever tasted that says something given I’m a grumpy old juice reviewer!

This is so close to being perfect for me it’s untrue – if only they toned the sweetness down just a tad I’d be buying this by the bucket load!

Not much point me saying how it tastes – the description says it all but those sharper raspberries hitting that fizz makes for one hell of a moreish vape – bloody gorgeous stuff and highly addictive!

Final Verdict

The Riot Squad Punk Grenade range is an absolutely stunning quartet of e-liquids – OK apart from the Bubblegum which seems so out of place given the others are fruit. Buy hey, if bubblegum is your thing then this one is well worth trying.

Whilst we’re in the middle of winter here in the UK not even the slight hint of coolada makes these juices unpleasant on a cold day/night. If anything the zing and citrus crisp notes trick your brain into dreaming of summer!

The smell from the bottles is quite simply divine and even at 70 VG 30 PG the clouds are dense and the aroma is mouthwatering.

I highly recommend the fruity 3 to the fruit and beverage lovers out there however the bubblegum is definitely one for those with a real sweet tooth.

Top marks for those funky bottles too – bullet shaped – bright pink and great labels…

Mango Lime
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