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Really Electronic Cigarette LogoUK vape brand – Really – have a tight electronic cigarette offering with their main focus on providing performance e cigs.

The Echo is one of these with its 650 mAh batteries but how does it match up to the likes of the Jac Vapour S17 and Apollo Ohm Go that fall into the same category? Well, let’s find out.

For the purposes of disclosure this particular e cig was provided free of charge for this review, this will not sway my views on the product itself. To buy this kit is £34.99.

In the box / Presentation
The magnetic flip top box is nice, compact and of good quality as is the overall branding from Really. Inside you will find:
2 650 MaH Manual Batteries
2 Cartomisers
Chargers (USB lead & Plug)
Instruction Manual

First impressions are good.


EGO Manula BatteryThe two 650MaH batteries that come with the kit are both manual, giving you more control over your vaping.

They also have the benefit of an on/off function, by pressing the button 5 times in quick succession the battery deactivates, doing the same again will re-activate the battery.

This is beneficial to save battery life, this is especially so if you are carrying the e cigarette around in your pocket and will save it firing up accidentally.

So a good feature there.

The Echo battery comes with a quality finish that feels good in the hand which adds to its overall sleek appearance, it really is a nice looking e cig!

really echo electronic cigaretteOnto the important bit, the performance. This was also very good and what can be expected from a 650 mAh battery.

For a moderate vaper such as myself, I was getting a full day from this battery before a re-charge was needed.

Overall – 4/5 The Echo batteries tick all the boxes in terms of looks and performance. It isn’t a battery I would find myself using out and about, for me its a little too big, that’s just me though. I find myself switching back to mini e cigs when I go out.

Vapour / Flavour

Really Echo CartomiserThe Echo e cig differs from the Really EGO T in the way it delivers the e-liquid.

The EGO-T is a 3 piece, having a separate atomiser and tank cartridge whereas the ECHO is a 2 piece and has a cartomiser system so the atomiser is actually built into the cartridge.

The cartomisers I received were empty so I could use my own e-juice but the starter kits do actually come with 2 pre-filled cartos with one 16mg & one 24mg nicotine.

They work by dripping e-liquid onto the material, this is easily done though as the cartomiser is a big fella, at 3ml it has a decent capacity.

Once they are filled you simply pop the mouth piece on and you are ready to vape. I tested these using an e-liquid I purchased from Highbrow Vapor and the flavour came through really well and the vapour volume was good along with it.

Overall – 4/5 All was good here, the vapour volume was good and the larger capacity cartomiser means you don’t have to fill as frequently.

Really Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Really E Cigarette offer 6 main e cig starter kits that target different users, these include:

Really 510 Deluxe Kit – £19.99

This is their mini e cig kit that gives you 2 rechargeable batteries, 2 atomisers, 5 tobacco flavoured cartridges and chargers.

Mini Deluxe Kit – £24.99

This is a 3 piece kit that has. 2 Batteries, 2 atomisers, 5 cartridges (tobacco flavour) and chargers.

Echo 650 mAh Kit – £34.99 Echo 1100 mAh – £39.99

The 650 mAh is the kit reviewed here.

EGO-T 650 mAh Kit – £37.99 EGO-T 1100 mAh – £42.99

The EGO-T has 2 batteries, 2 atomisers, 5 cartridges and chargers.


A 7 day return is offered for unused and unopened product. They also offer a warranty, for full details checkout their website

Customer Service

They are only contactable via email at the moment which can be less than ideal but they do respond quickly and are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Overall – If you skipped!

The Echo is a good e cig, it performs well, the battery life is what you would expect and it produces in the vapour department. There are no big negatives to be concerned with and at £34.99 the price is reasonable as well.

This would be suited to those that already have a mini e cig and are looking for a bigger battery for prolonged vaping between charging. If you haven’t used e cigs it could also be an option but if you are using it when you are out just be sure the size doesn’t bother you. I personally use these sort of batteries at home and mini e cigs when I go out.

I personally still find the Jacvapour Series 17 to be my choice when it comes to the performance e cigs but if you were to go for this you won’t be disappointed.

Final Really Electronic Cigarette Review Verdict

The Echo is recommended by

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