The Shelbi Regga mechanical mod kit is designed and made in the good old US of A and the company says this is a high end device designed for competitive vapers.shelbi regga kit review

As you can see it’s a tube design and is powered by a single 18650 battery topped with the Shelbi Regga two post RDA.

Shelbi Regga Mech Mod Kit

The tube features a ‘unique’ 24mm diameter “Top Hat” 510 allowing pretty much every RDA out there to sit flush.

It’s available in the black and silver I received – gold and silver and a very jazzy rainbow version.

The company’s website is still being built so info is pretty limited.

However, judging from the site they have another version of the Regga mech mod and this one is a very cool steam punk style.

OK before we go any further please make sure you are aware of all the safety aspects of using a mechanical mod – if you are in any doubt seek advice!

Here’s a few safety guides I urge you to check out:

This kit was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review and as always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

Right let’s see if I reckon you should be shelling out your hard earned cash on the Shelbi Regga mech kit:

WorldWide Shipping

Inside the BAG

OK no box with this one instead the mod kit comes inside a small drawstring hessian sack with the logo and company name printed on the front.

shelbi regga contents

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1x SHELBI Regga MECH MOD
  • 1x SHELBI Regga RDA
  • 1x SHELBI Ni90 pre-made wire
  • 1x squonk pin
  • 1x Tool
  • 1x Set of O-rings

I’m pretty sure the tool that’s meant to be included is a hex for tightening the squonk pin – there was none with mine.

Shelbi Regga Mech Mod Kit Specs

  • Size: 120 x 25mm
  • MOD Type: MECH MOD
  • RDA Type: Dual coils rebuildable tank
  • Battery type: 1x high-rate 18650 cells (not included)


Shelbi Mech Mod Kit Features

  • Specially designed for vapor competition
  • Unique pattern with high-end handcraft finishing
  • Unique 510 Hybrid connection
  • Innovative and safe fire button
  • Easy two posts build deck
  • Large juice well

hybrid 510

Key Features

OK this is a hybrid mechanical mod powered by a single 18650 battery.

The tube can be used with other RDAs – but please make sure the 510 pin protrudes enough – safety first people!

Please refer to the detailed guides I listed at the start of this review!

OK the tube and RDA is made from stainless steel and has a two layer finishing on the outside.

shelbi regga kitInside there appears to be a Delrin sheath adding a layer of protection for your batteries.

This has a spring loaded clutch switch – silver plated – that has quite a light throw to it – this can be customized by threading and un-threading – and can be screwed shut to avoid accidental firing.

spring fire buttonThe hybrid 510 connector can be removed and has four holes for venting on the sides.

As with most mech mods the 18650 battery can be used positive up or down.
venting holesIn this case I’m using mine positive up -if the battery should vent at least there’s holes at the top for the gases to escape.

The Regga RDA is a simple two post design with what appears to be silver plated flat head screws and decent sized post holes.

shelbi deck

I found building on it as you might expect from an RDA pretty simple using the two provided coils.

The juice well is ample but not the biggest I’ve seen.

shelbi rda squonk mode
good squonk action

The RDA can be removed and is also squonk friendly – when used on a squonk device or using one of those new fangled mech mod squonk attachments.

Design and Build Quality

Design wise it’s certainly a looker to say the least.

To me it looks like one of those melted candles – others on social media suggest it looks like a personal sex toy lol.

The actual tube looks good with a variety of RDAs I’ve tried on it – especially the Digiflavor Drop.

shelbi regga and drop rda

In kit form you’re either going to love it or hate it but the design certainly makes this extremely comfortable to hold and operate.

The 810 stainless steel drip tip might not be to everyone’s taste – I actually liked it and of course yours will fit – or at least the two or three of mine I tried did.

The company goes to great pains to class this as ‘High End’ and say this is ‘handcraft’ – which is a little short of saying handcrafted…

paint imperfections

I’m not an expert in these matters but after 3 weeks of use I have noticed a little bit of the black paint coming away or possibly ‘missed’ when ‘painted’ if indeed these mech mods are indeed handcrafted.

The threads are very good indeed and the whole thing comes apart easily and to be fair it is very well built and has a lovely solid feel to it.

How Does The Shelbi Regga Mech Kit Perform?

This is not only my first review of a tube mech mod but the first time I’ve used one – I’ve led a sheltered life.shelbi-mods-regga-mech-kit-with-shelbi-rdaI’ve used plenty of those mechanical squonkers now to know what a ‘good hit’ is and this one certainly feels to me like a hard hitter.

Again this is going to be down to your build and in this case I used the supplied coils that read 0.13ohms – comfortable enough for me and not at all hot.

angry rda

As you can see from the photo it’s certainly an angry beast with a fresh battery!

The RDA, though extremely basic, is actually very good indeed and cinch to build on.

However those silver plated flat head screws are a pain and have already begun to strip and flake – not good at all – titanium or simple stainless steel may have been better maybe?

shelbi rda mech kit

The flavour whilst not exceptional is pretty decent if I’m honest and as you might expect from that power going to the coils the clouds are phenomenal – not one to vape stealthily!

Another issue is the lack of airflow control.

There are two smallish slots on opposite sides and that setting is what you’re stuck with.

Whilst it is just about right for my style of vaping others may find it a little on the airy side – whilst some may think it’s too restrictive!

It is a little on the noisy side though – not quite a whistle but close enough especially when taking long deep lung hits.

shelbi rda on board

However given its side airflow when I used it aboard my Vandy Vape Pulse squonker I had to really over squonk to get any leakage.

I’ve been playing with this for 3 weeks now and have to say every now and then its great fun to really blow some clouds with a good flavour profile too.

Shelbi say this is designed for competitive vapers and I can see the mech mod purists really enjoying experimenting with low builds.


  • Hits hard
  • Decent flavour
  • Feels good in the hand
  • Well built
  • X4 vent holes
  • Nice throw to the fire button
  • Fire button can be locked
  • Delrin insert inside the tube


  • Lack of airflow
  • Dodgy post screws
  • Paint job a little hit and miss?
  • Pricey!

Final Review Verdict

I’ve been vaping for give or take seven years now and have come a long way since that first plastic e-cig set up I bought from a car boot sale.

I’ve considered getting into the whole mech mod tube thing before but just kept to the mech squonk boxes – I really wish I’d taken the plunge sooner!

As a mech tube virgin I absolutely love this – design wise I’m 50:50 – but for the sheer joy of feeling real power going to those coils I’m now a convert.

Purists and more experienced mech users might find more technical issues with this kit – but for me it delivers a superb vape experience!

The flavour is pretty good and those clouds crack me up!

Trust me if you’re feeling a little down take a few toots on this and that cloudy day will be literally that!

I have watched very many mech mod reviews and thought the way they cup their hand to fire was a little uncomfortable – it might just be the shape of the Shelbi Regga kit – but it feels very natural.

So if I was on the hunt for my first tube mech mod would I shell out for the Shelbi Regga kit?

I’m not sure I would for the price and design – but what I will say is it’s a great piece of kit nonetheless and I’m thoroughly enjoying using it!

WorldWide Shipping

Build Quality
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged?
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