The Sigelei Chronus 200W kit is from a brand founded back in 2011 making them one of the older manufactures within the vape industry!

I don’t have had a great deal of experience with Sigelei although I do have a couple of their early mods in my collection, the Sigelei 100w+, Sigelei 150 and the Sigelei Mini 30w . Most of which never really floated my boat in the past!

What Can We Expect From the Sigelei Chronus Kit?

The Sigelei Chronus Kit is a 200w device. An interesting and elegant, if somewhat basic, budget dual battery vape mod that comes along with the Shikra Tank as a topper.Sigelei Chronus handTo be honest this is one of those kits I would normally have overlooked, but my eyes kept being drawn to the sleek looking body with its strange little joystick and washing machine like screen.

So what do we really think of the Chronus kit? Let’s dive down and take a detailed look.

As always with my reviews, my thoughts and views are my own after a considerable testing period.

See The Chronos Mod In Action – Hands On video

In The Box

  • 1 x Sigelei Chronus 200W Mod
  • 1 x Sigelei Shikra 2ml Tank
  • 1 x Spares Kit
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x User Manuals
  • 1 x Warranty CardSigelei Chronus kit


Chronus Mod

  • 10 – 200W Output
  • Requires Dual 18650 Vape Batteries
  • Zinc and Aluminium Alloy Construction
  • Circular Colour TFT Screen
  • Five Point Joystick Control
  • Variable Wattage Mode
  • Temperature Control Mode
  • TCR Mode

Shikra Tank

  • 24mm
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Childproof Top Filling Mechanism
  • MS-H 0.2Ω coil pre installed
  • MS 0.25Ω coil
  • Designed For Sub Ohm Vaping

Design and Build Quality

The Kit comes presented nicely in a card box with a paper over sleeve, as you can see I have two kits Champagne and Onyx.Sigelei Chronuses ready

Shikra 2ml Tank

The tank is 24mm and made of stainless steel, aluminium, Pyrex and polished resin, the tank dismantles into 7 parts (including the coil) for easy cleaning.Sigelei Chronus 7 bits

Base and Coils, Airflow

The bottom of the base has all the normal info laser printed and a non adjustable gold plated connection pin. The 510 threading is well turned.Sigelei Chronus tank bot The base features an aluminium airflow ring that has 2 cylon slots that are fully adjustable.Sigelei Chronus af

This tank uses the Sigelei MS coils, two of which are included in the kit. Sigelei Chronus coils 2The two coils feature the following:

  • MS-H coil (Pre-installed) is rated at 0.2Ω and recommended for use between 60W-120w. It utilises a Stainless Steel coil build.
  • MS coil is rated at 0.25Ω for use between 40W-80W. Both coils are round wire builds.

Sigelei Chronus coils

Glass Tank and Coil cover

The kit comes with 2 Pyrex tanks that have a capacity of 2ml. There is a removeable coil cover and the coil can then screw directly into the top cap enabling you an extra 1ml of liquid. This works ok but I have noticed a bit of seepage from the AF.Sigelei Chronus CCSigelei Chronus diff cc

Fill Port and Top Cap

The top cap is made of aluminium and has a child lock feature in the form of a spring “push down and unscrew”. Removing the cap (which is crunchy) will reveal the Fill Port which is made of SS and consists of one kidney shaped slot for liquid intake.Sigelei Chronus cap


There is only one Drip tip in the kit. This is made of a highly polished resin, the fitment is 510.Sigelei Chronus dt

The Shikra tank is of fair quality, as for me, is the design. The manufacture is ok even if it feels a little on the cheap side.

Chronus Mod

Made of Zinc and Aluminium Alloy Construction the Chronus is one sexy looking little beast measuring in at 140mm high with a tank diameter of 26mm and weighing in at 152g without batteries installed.Sigelei Chronus face wTaking a look around the body the mod you will note it has black highlights top and bottom, the top of the mod has a spring loaded gold plated pin, the connection plate is SS, the top of the mod is held by 4 hatch screws.Sigelei Chronus 510 conThe base of the device has a hinged battery door, with battery venting as well as the normal FC and CE marks.Sigelei Chronus bottThe door has battery marks inside that are very clear.Sigelei Chronus battdoWith a plastic battery sled.Sigelei Chronus sledWhen you close the door it does sit a little proud of the mounting nothing to worry about I thought it worth mentioning for the OCD crew amongst us. Sigelei Chronus alignThe 4 corners of the device are flat for a very comfortable feel in the hand.Sigelei Chronus tcOne side holds the fire button which is almost flush with the body the fire button has a plastic feel to it but is nice and clicky.Sigelei Chronus fire buttonThe face of the mod has a round TFT colour screen.Sigelei Chronus s10 The five point joystick control operates most of the functions.Sigelei Chronus jtThere is also a micro USB point that is for charging only. Sigelei Chronus usb All in all Sigelei have done a good job with this mod; the quality and design is good as is the manufacturing.

How Does The Sigelei Chronus Kit Perform?

For this review I have filled the Shikra tank with butterscotch custard from IVG e-liquids.

I will be using the pre installed 0.2Ω coil.Sigelei Chronus check

Basic Guide for setup and use of the kit

How To Fill The Sigelei Shikra Tank and Change The Coil

I would recommend you empty your tank before changing coils or you could make a mess.

  1. Decide which coil you want to use, unscrew the tank base and replace the coil, don’t forget to pre wick the coil, screw the base back into position.

Sigelei Chronus prep

2. Push down on the top cap and unscrew, fill the tank through the kidney fill port with your bottle nose. I recommend angling your bottle or you might get some splash back.

Sigelei Chronus fill tank

3. Reassemble the tank and place it on your Chronus mod

Getting the mod up and running

  1. Place 2 x 18650 batteries into the mod – noting battery orientation

Sigelei Chronus batts in

2. To turn the device on and off hit the fire button 5 times

3. The first thing you will note about the Chronus is after the welcome screen you will be asked for a 4 numeral password! This will happen every time you change your batteries, you will find the basic code within the paperwork.

Sigelei Chronus s7

Menu System Basics

  • Click the fire button 3 times to lock the joystick

Sigelei Chronus s4

  • Pressing and holding the joystick will enter the system

Sigelei Chronus s5

  • Mode – this is where you can set your wire preferences, press the joystick to enter and flick it up or down for; Ni, Ti, SS and User

Sigelei Chronus s1

  • Set – to change the look of your screen 2 options
  • Exit
  • Set the Watts and TC with an up and down flick of the joystick
  • Long flick right to check the resistance of your coil

Sigelei Chronus s8

  • Short flick left for battery guide graphic

Sigelei Chronus s2

  • Long flick left to choose puff strength

Sigelei Chronus s6

  • Short flick right to change the screen brightness

Sigelei Chronus s3

Safety Protections

Five Protections are listed as –

  • High wattage protection
  • Low wattage protection
  • Short protection
  • High temperature protection
  • Reverse battery protection

The device will recognise a non married pair of batteries.

Chronus 200w Mod

The Chronus supports an instant firing system of 0.001 seconds! This is great and works every time.Sigelei Chronus l5ml

The joystick scroll function, while not the fastest, will scroll from 10w in 0.1 increments until 50w and then will scroll in 0.5 increments up to 100w then up to 200w in 1w increments.

Shikra Tank

I’ll say is straight up, I’m not a big fan of this tank.Sigelei Chronus 2ml tanksThe volume of liquid is not enough for a sub ohm tank. Not the fault of Sigelei, that’s the TPD for you unfortunately.

Although, for a couple of quid this can be solved by replacing the glass tank! I managed to acquire the Sobra 5ml glass!Sigelei Chronus sobra

The highest I have taken the wattage with the pair is 110w the result was a lot of vapour, too much for my micro lungs lol but then flavour was weak so I got no enjoyment from it.

Heat Transfer

They say on the Sigelei website

“The newly-designed airflow channel effectively reduces heat by up to 50%! This allows the tank to stay cool during use”.

What a load of old horse hockey LOL. It does no such thing.

If my tests are to be believed chain vaping this tank at 80w results in a very hot tank and a lot of heat transfer to the mod! So much so I was unable to touch the tank with bare hands until it had cooled!


The flavour, while not stellar, was quite good at 50 to 60w as was the amount of vapour production.Sigelei Chronus puff While not a big temp control user these days at 420f it works well enough with the supplied coil.

I tested my Hellvape Passage RDA with a 0.13Ω Kanthal coil on the Chronus. Chain vaping at 80w was no problem, in fact I regularly vape this RDA and mod at 100w without a problem.Sigelei Chronus pass


The Sigelei Chronus takes two 18650 batteries, I’ve been using Sony VTC 5a’s.

I used a pair of unmarried Sony VTC 4’s (my mistake) the unit recognised that the power difference between the pair was different and locked the mod until I changed batteries.

With VTC 5a’s I can expect up to 4hrs at 50 to 60w using the Shikra Tank.


Chronus Mod

  • Good quality
  • Good design
  • Good manufacture
  • Easy to use
  • Easily understood menu system
  • Good battery life

Shikra Tank

  • Fair looking
  • Fair coil life


Chronus Mod

  • The password

Shikra Tank

  • Cap is crunchy
  • Gets extremely hot (80w+)

Final Review Verdict

This kit is another case of good mod shame about the tank.

The only thing about the Sigelei Chronus Mod I hate is the password protection. Bit of a pain every time I go to change the batteries.

The tank is a non starter as far as I am concerned I’d much rather use another atomiser as I did with the Passage RDA.

This kit is the budget version of the limited edition Shikra Kit which includes updateable firmware, a clock and a few other bits not present with the Chronus kit. While not a lot of difference the quality of the Chronus feels far cheaper, you can feel this if both kits are side by side.

Would I buy the Sigelei Chronus kit again due to loss or damage? It’s a “YES” for the Chronus but a no for the Shikra Tank.

Mod Quality
Mod Design
Mod ease of use
Mod Menu System
Tank Quality
Tank Design
Vapour production
would I buy the kit again?
Hi my name is Kevin, I started vaping back in 2009 mainly because my little boy at 3 years old was starting to copy the way daddy smoked a cigarette! Over the years I have gained a good amount of experience with different types of vaping hardware but I'm just a normal guy who enjoys sharing my experiences. This is why I started my Youtube vape review channel in 2014. To date the channel has had over 500,000 views. Being disabled, vaping has given me a gateway to meeting people from all different walks of life, many of those I would not have met under other circumstances. The way I look at my reviews is, if I can convince just one person to give up the stinky’s my job is done. I class myself as a tinkerer as I like to take things apart to see how they work and put them back together, yes that includes e-cigarette mods! One day I would like to be able to design my own mod. I am a dedicated father, and husband to my sweetheart of nearly 30 years! Family to me comes before anything else.


  1. Thanks
    I just bought one of these becUse it was on sale, I’d never have paid full price for it.
    I’m venturing out into rtas and my new atomiser didn’t fit my old loVaper mod!
    Your video was helpful because I didn’t quite understand the picture instructions it came with.
    Can I ask a question?
    Did you remove something in the tank to make more room for juice? I’m intrigued!

    • Hey Jenie, the tañk comes with a smaller glass section but one thing that can be done is buying the 5ml bubble glass to give you more capacity. That’s the only thing I know about to give you a bigger tank.

  2. good review kev, i have both chronus and shikra kits and agree with just about all of that.
    The Sigelei Chronus Shikra GEM Edition is better quality with a Zinc Alloy & Stainless Steel body as opposed the the chronus with Zinc Alloy & aluminum body.
    As you said, the difference in feel is quite noticeable.
    Overall not a bad bit of kit and pretty cheap at the moment. cheers


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