The Evaya 66 is Definitely Gorgeous to Look at But How Does it Vape?

It’s not often a little tear appears in my eye when I’m opening ‘vape-mail’ – unless I get a paper cut – however on opening the Sigelei Evaya 66 this old man admits to shedding a tear or two.


This mod is absolutely stunning – and then some.

The version I received is antique copper with a sublime stab wood screen plate – and it is without doubt a simply stunning design – add to that a crystal clear TFT colour screen and this little beauty screams class and elegance.

It arrived Christmas gift wrapped with ‘Merry Christmas from Sigelei UK’ in a card with a little candy bar and closer inspection showed Sigelei had etched Ecig Click on the side.

This is for Sigelei to celebrate and get word out on the new opening of their UK customer service & distribution centre in Manchester.


There’s only one man this sexy mod was destined for I thought ruefully and Jonny you shall be receiving it asap mate – yeah including the candy bar lol 😉

OK let’s dive in and take a closer look.

In The Box

OK given the beauty of this mod the packaging doesn’t do it justice at all.

I know I’ve said packaging is packaging – but you’d think such a fancy design would come in something a little classier.

But then I guess the mod does the talking in this case.


Inside you’ll find:

  • X1 Sigelei Evaya 66
  • X1 mini usb lead [tiny]
  • X1 security code leaflet
  • X1 90 day warranty card
  • X1 candy bar – in ours only lol

The mod comes in a very practical silicone/rubbery protective case which does expose all the buttons and screen which I guess is handy when you’re out and about.

Though for me I’d be tempted to only vape this beauty at home 😉

Sigelei Evaya 66 Stab Wood Specs

  • Dimensions: 27mm x 86mm x 40.5mm
  • Weight: 250g
  • Zinc alloy materials
  • Stabilized wood face plate
  • Full color 0.91″ TFT screen
  • Spring-loaded threaded 510 connection
  • Powered by single 18650 [not included]
  • Screwed battery cap
  • USB charging/upgrades
  • Power range: 5W to 66W
  • Resistance range in power mode: 0.1Ω to 3.0Ω
  • Resistance range in variable temperature mode: 0.1Ω to 1.5Ω
  • Supports Ni200/Ti/SS
  • Voltage output range: 0.7 to 9V
  • Max output current: 35A

Key Features

I guess the ‘key-est’ feature is the design – but more on that later.

The Sigelei Evaya 66 works in both wattage and temperature control mode taking Ni200 – Stainless Steel and TI [titanium] coils in temp control.

I’m not much of a TC vaper – however for the benefits of the review I had a go and received no dry hits whatsoever and on empty the device wouldn’t fire – so the chip is doing its job well.

Its max output is 66watts – which might seem an odd number and did indeed have me scratching my head as to why Sigelei chose such an absolute figure.

The consensus among some reviewers appears to be safety.

Given the Evaya takes one 18650 [not included] it’s felt that maybe that’s as high as the Sigelei safety experts think one battery should go with this box mod.


Over to you guys if you have other ideas – remembering of course I’m the least technical among us on ECigClick 😉

Speaking of safety and whilst the mod can be charged via the usb cable – it is always advisable to use a battery charger.

Other safety aspects include:

  • Built-in overheat
  • Low voltage, high voltage, low resistance, short circuit and reverse battery protections.

I can’t find out for sure if the mod is set up for firmware upgrades – some sites say yes others no and there’s no info on the Sigelei site at the time of writing.

Operating the Sigelei Evaya 66

  • OK it’s x3 clicks to turn on and off.
  • Fast and continuous press of the fire button scrolls through mode options.
  • If set in power mode [wattage] + & – to increase or decrease – 5 watts to 66 watts.
  • In Temp Mode + & – to increase and decrease – 100c to 315c.

An important thing to note here – if you’re using Temp Control mode you MUST [once you’ve added your tank/coil] hold down the minus and fire button. This locks in the resistance – if you don’t do this then the device will not fire.

Pressing the + and fire button locks the system and then reverse to unlock.

The super clear super smart looking TFT colour screen can also flash up a variety of messages such as Low Battery and Device Too Hot – letting you know exactly what’s going on.

Design and Build Quality

One word – outstanding!

This really is a box mod that should come with a warning ‘this is extremely tactile so you may not want to put it down!’

The antique copper one I received is absolutely gorgeous to look at [and feel] with the stab wood plate surrounding the incredible TFT screen giving it a real elegant beauty.

The SIGELEI logo stamped along the side also acts as battery vents – which again is a simple yet stylish little touch.


You can also get the Evaya in Gun Metal and Silver each of which look just as fabulous judging from the pics with the Gun Metal one looking very manly lol.

same size as coolfire iv tc 100
same size as coolfire iv tc 100

The only little issue I have is the cap to the battery compartment.

Whilst it’s not too much of a hassle – there’s no lift up key so you do need to get a purchase with your finger nails – a tiny tiny niggle 😉

How Does the Sigelei Evaya 66 Perform?

I’ve already mentioned the performance in Temp Control mode is pretty much flawless.

In my preferred Power or Wattage Mode the Evaya does exactly as it should – it’s as nice to vape on as it looks.

The buttons are not only good to look at but there’s no rattle [even from the battery] and the clickiness is firm and springy.


I slapped on the Aspire Evo tank with a 0.5 coil at 40 watts and the firing was instant – the same with the Aspire Cleito 0.4 at 60 watts.

Dropping down to the Smok Brit Mini Tank at 20 watts and again everything vaped beautifully.

In Temp Control I used the Innokin Slipstream stainless steel 316L coil and at 220c [once I’d set the resistance see above] again it vaped like a dream.

It might not have all the bells and whistles some vape enthusiasts might want – but it’s a solid performing gorgeous looking mod and most of us only want that 😉

What I Like

Obviously the design – the antique copper one I received is striking with the stab wood surrounding the colour screen an absolute show stopper to this design loving dude.

I also like the simplicity – sure you can tinker around with power and temp settings – but this little mod is also a simple vape and go in power mode for those of us less technically orientated lol.

However with that comes the rider that you do need to set the resistance [see above] in temp mode BEFORE you fire – a little niggle maybe.

What I Don’t Like

OK let’s get this out of the way first lol…

I don’t like that I suggested sending this to Jonny because this is stunning and looks great on my antique [read scratched from IKEA] desk…

In all seriousness there’s not a lot – if anything – to dislike about the Sigelei Evaya 66.

sigelei evaya battery-and-compartment

Maybe the screw-top to the battery compartment can be a little fiddly.

There’s no pull up key but it screws on/off beautifully once you get a good purchase.

Final Review Verdict

What can I say other than Wow!

I’ll admit to have never tried/tested a Sigelei mod before and if the build and design quality of the Evaya 66 is anything to go by – then where have you been all my vaping life.

I’ve said before don’t expect too many bells and whistles – despite its grand looks underneath you do get a perfectly formed power and temp mode device with just enough options to not leave you bewildered.

It looks great – vapes like a dream and will make you feel like a vaping millionaire 😉


If I had to give this up and post it to anyone in the world whose name begins with J would I..?


Do you know I seem to have lost his address – hehe…


  • A design to make you cry – it’s sensational
  • Extremely tactile
  • Just enough options
  • Wattage and Temp modes


  • If I’m nit-picking the battery compartment cap can be fiddly.
  • Price wise it is quite expensive – but just look at it – it’s sheer unadulterated quality – and remember being stabwood every single mod will be unique 😉

Check out more of Sigelei UK:

Twitter @SigeleiUK
Facebook @SigeleiUK
Instagram Sigelei_uk

Build Quality
Ease Of Use
Mod Functions
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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