I was certainly overdue a range of e-juices to review when this Sir Paman Range of 5 flavours, lovingly made in Cyprus, arrived on my doorstep.

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I was growing fed up with having to buy a whole bottle at my local vape store, only to find that the flavour concentration was far too low or some note just didn’t sit right with me…such is life in my town…no testers, you try you buy.

So I’m totally stoked to present my review of these 5 e-liquids to you, 5 flavour combos that I honestly enjoy, I enjoy every last one of them and that’s a tall ask for me because I’ve become, well…picky about my e-juice lately.

Introduction – The Range of E-Liquids By Sir Paman!!!

The founder of Cyprus based, Sir Paman, shares my disdain for expensive juices that my Australian cattle dog could have mixed up better. C’mon people, quality is everything. Do yourself a favour when buying e-liquids, read reviews like this one before you go spending all your dough.

The business began when the founder went on a tour of a pre-existing juice factory in Cyprus, which he found to be sterile, TPD compliant and of a calibre that he wouldn’t mind investing in. So, he went into business with the owner and Sir Paman was born.

The smoker turned 4-years-strong-vaper founder did his research while working to come up with a range that would appeal to all vaper palates. He interviewed, he tested flavours, he scored.

If you ask me, this range of 5 flavours is expressive and appealing, with a little something for everyone. Are they one of the best e-liquid brands we have tried?

Read on to find out..


Other than the fact that the juices weren’t boxed or wrapped in enough bubble wrap and the inside of the envelope in which they arrived was sort of…slick, Sir Paman juices are neatly packaged in 60 ml squeeze bottles with thin, easy access nozzles. The bottles aren’t ridiculously hard so you can’t squeeze them, which is a plus.

The bottles I received were only a 5th full but I soon found out that the brand offered short-fill bottles with 50ml instead of 60, so I stopped swearing.

The yellow, orange, red and black labels gave me a good laugh…they are actually still giving me a good laugh. You see, printed under the flavour name on every label is a slogan which took me aback in a big way, it reads…’A Luxury Bath Sensation.’

sir paman ejuice

I started out by thinking, “the company probably makes bath oil too, using the same flavours, and they’ve gone and mixed up the order…” I read the fine print, in search of proof that I was wrong…but there was no sign anywhere that this was actually e-juice.

Contact with the Sir Paman e-liquid team themselves revealed that this is supposed to mean:

Is like a slogan, you are clean, free of smoke, Clean and fresh.

Fair enough.. Lets move on with the review.

Ratios and Content

These are 70/30 VG/PG liquids, odd…since the label only mentions PG. Something that could do with improving.

I’ve received the 0 nic version…I think, I see no nicotine mention on the bottle label, although 3mg and 6mg options are available. Again, more improvements needed on the bottle info!

I can tell you this though, the stuff I got is pretty addictive, although I’m blaming the flavour for that! I used the Freemax Mesh Pro for this review

Custard King

What Sir Paman says:

A Vanilla Custard that will excite its fans in every Single hit! Adorable custard type vanilla cream with a special and rare gift: Before finishing the first exhale, you already decided to take another hit. The secret of this recipe is the easy balance between the custard notes and the biscuit, which gives space to enjoy the notes of caramel, vanilla and milk.

What I Say…

Right off the but I was delighted by the flavour concentration, you can smell every note and taste every note.

I’ve tasted many custards and this is one of the better ones, with an almost burned custard on the inhale and throughout the nose, with the sweet deliciousness of biscuits on the tongue in the finish.

The aftertaste and scent is a lingering balance of vanilla custard and what, to me, tastes like tennis biscuits, which are my favourite biscuit of all time so I’m chuffed.

This is a dessert flavour but it’s not too sweet. In fact, you could happily vape on this all day. I found this flavour to be really effective as a mixer with the other flavours in the pack so if you want to change it up a bit, don’t be shy to use this guy in a 3:7 ratio with any of the other 4.

The throat hit (as with all the flavours I tried) is non-existent with the no nicotine version, a testament to the fact that this is a high VG flavour, as is the massive, milky cloud it delivers.

Fruit Blast

Explosive multi-fruit combination with a fresh aftertaste. A fresh taste of kiwi, strawberries and apple during inhale followed by a phenomenal explosive, intense flavour blast until the end of the exhale!

What Sir Paman says:

Explosive multi-fruit combination with a fresh aftertaste. A fresh taste of kiwi, strawberries and apple during inhale followed by a phenomenal explosive, intense flavour blast until the end of the exhale!

What I say…

When it comes to fruit flavours, putting more than one distinctive flavour (like apple…or kiwi) together can result in a general fruitiness that’s not very distinctive as a whole. It’s for this reason that I usually steer clear of mixed fruits. I like a juice to be memorable.

I can distinctly taste apple, kiwi and a hint of strawberry in this, fresh, sweet fruit offering and while it is bordering on homogenous because it’s almost too well balanced, it beats a hang of a lot of the mixed fruit flavours I’ve tried.

Not one of my favourites out of the five (I have four, clear favourites, hahaha) but a good all day vape that makes you dig a little to find those individual notes, which is actually fun!

Once again, not too sweet but definitely sweeter than the custard!

Lemon-Orange Split

What Sir Paman says:

Lemon Orange and Strawberry in an exotic flavour mix with frozen yoghurt. We will describe this flavour experience with the following example: 3 different scoops of ice-cream balls, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry blended together with frozen yoghurt and served as a single plate desert with wiped cream and strawberry syrup.

What I Say…

Ever been punched in the face by a blood orange wrapped in a lemon rind? Well, you don’t even have to vape this to enjoy that effect.

Now, my wine-addled buds don’t feel any strawberry vibes here but I’m glad! What I get here is such a distinctive citrus zestiness that this one was an instant favourite for me. Strawberry, if I’d tasted it, would have detracted from that!

It smells exquisite, with a far higher flavour concentration than either the Strawbery Wave or Fruit Blast Flavours…punching, punching and punching the nose and mouth with citrus until, on the exhale, you are damn near unconscious.

I’m afraid I didn’t discern a yoghurt taste here, per say, but it may be there underpinning that oh-so-well-balanced tart and sweet orange on the tongue in exhale.

I love the fact that your nose is a lemon zest explosion throughout this excursion.

Fresh, well balanced and delicious. A must-have for citrus lovers.

Strawberry Wave

What Sir Paman says:

A Well balanced Sweet Strawberry Cream Desert. A splendid strawberry cream where the strawberry dominates during inhale and fills up the taste buds with creamy notes on the exhale.

What I Say…

This flavour plays out almost as Sir Paman says, a very straightforward but perfectly balanced Strawberry and Cream.

Now, I’m not a fan of strawberry flavoured vape juice as I find the actual flavour very non-descript, preferring something I can pick out of a crowd like lychee or mango.

This, however, is a dessert and not a fruit flavour and tastes, for all intents and purposes, like some seriously luscious strawberry milkshake.

Don’t expect strawberry to dominate as a fruit, it dominates as a milkshake strawberry flavour, which is not unpleasant. It is, in a way, one dimensional through the inhale and exhale, however, it’s one complex dimension of strawberry milk, yum.

I would have called this strawberry milkshake and not strawberries and cream but that doesn’t detract from its deliciousness for a moment.

So, I guess I’m saying that this is a high-quality juice.

Classic Blend

What Sir Paman says:

A Premium Classic Tobacco Flavor. A balanced flavour of original classic tobacco blend, with a well-backed tobacco flavor during inhalation and a slightly sweet and soft caramel flavor on the exhale. This is possibly the perfect All day vape for a tobacco lover.

What I Say…

This flavour was a huge surprise for me…as a cigarette hater.

It turns out, that I’m all for tobacco flavour. I confess, this was my first sample of a tobacco flavour…I’ve diligently avoided anything tobacco for years but…since I received it, I had to give it a go.

I will be happily sampling tobacco flavours in future. It was a prize to sit there feeling smug about the fact that here, in this vape-juice I have every single thing that I had ever loved about rolling tobacco and cigars (which were always my weekend treat) in one lung-and-heart-friendly, flipping decadent vape juice.

I dig this juice, what can I say…like I said with the custard, a dash of this in any of the other flavours brings an incredible, authentic tobacco soulfulness to the mix and it goes down a treat with coffee or alcohol of just about any sort.

I was very concerned about smelling like a cigar box after vaping this but I was pleased to discover that the rich, cigar tobacco muskiness doesn’t extend into the environment and make you feel like you’re about to be misunderstood! Bonus!

Now, those who made love to cigars back in the day, especially the sweet tipped ones that made you lick your lips, will absolutely love the way the sweet caramel lingers on your tongue after the first exhale, continuing to offset the tobacco as you draw again.

Strangely easy to keep on vaping this one all day too, although it is fairly rich and toasty. I have a few smoker friends and sometimes the burning tobacco smell does give me a bit of a craving…well, I now have the solution and it works a charm, totally overcome…those smokes are totally overcome!

Yeah, this one really surprised me.

Final Review Verdict

I appreciated the balance in the Sir Paman e-liquid flavours, never compensating for a lack of distinction with overt sweetness, good quality, wholesome flavours all round. I would suggest you buy them all.

I noticed that there is a Black flavour range on offer from the brand as well and I’d like to say to Sir Paman…hello, those need to get reviewed too, obviously. I’m here waiting, waiting patiently.xx

Custard King
Fruit Blast
Lemon-Orange Split
Strawberry Wave
Classic Blend
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


  1. Very nice review;I only wish you and other reviewers mention steeping time (I imagine that the custard flavour is not vaped on the day the bottle is received).

    • Thank you for the suggestion, Andre, I will try to include that in future juice reviews! While the flavours are very concentrated in this range and require the minimum of steeping, I’ve certainly noticed an enriching of the dessert flavours and the tobacco flavour over the past couple of weeks so you’ll always do well to keep them, I agree!


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