The SMOK Priv One mod is named in the same range as the G Priv and Priv V8 but it couldn’t be more different.SMOK Priv One Review

It’s not the first tiny device Smok have released, the Q Box being the other.

Neither is it the first AIO (All In One) we’ve seen with the likes of the Osub One mod and Stick AIO. What it is is one of the smallest AIO’s I have come across to date.

What Can We Expect From The Priv One AIO by Smok

There has been a trend in 2017 seeing a fair few micro vape mods released and while they serve a purpose and look cute they aren’t necessarily ‘go-to’ mods for most vapers mainly due to battery life.

The Priv One really is tiny. Despite this it houses a 920mAh battery.  The kit also comes with 2 coils included.

Let’s crack on and see how the SMOK Priv One AIO performs…

What’s In The Box

  • 1 x Priv One mod
  • 1 x Stick AIO Core
  • 2 x 0.6Ohm coil heads
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable for charging
  • 1 x Accessories Bag with wrist lanyard
  • 1 x User ManualSMOK Priv One in the box

Build Quality & Design

It never fails to surprise me when I open up the box of a mini/micro mod, the SMOK Priv One is no different. As this is an All In One (AIO) device the appearance is tiny with only the top swivel cap and drip tip adding to it’s height.

It’s super lightweight as well, even with the coil installed and tank full. The AIO Core, which is basically the top part of the tank, and coil that attaches underneath is made from stainless steel but from what I can gather the rest of the body of the mod is some form of plastic.SMOK Priv One Exploded View

Doesn’t feel the quality feel of a stainless steel/zinc alloy mod but this is saved somewhat by the Mother of Pearl finish on the top, base and sides.

The MoP finish is just a glued on sheet but nethertheless I think it looks pretty good and adds that point of different to your standard plain finishes.

The fire bar is chunky and runs the length of the mod and is finished in a matte black plastic. It’s solid with no rattle and a nice, firm clicky action.

On the side edge we have a window so you can see your juice levels, the window has raised markers showing fill lines. This is also plastic so not sure how this will hold up with tank cracking juices but there are plastics now being produced for vaping products that counter this.Priv One E Liquid Windows

Sat on top of the Priv One mod is pretty much the top part of a TFV8 tank with a swivel top fill and mouthpiece.

The AIO core, as SMOK call it, then drops and screw into the juice well which is like a completely sealed bucket design.SMOK Priv One e juice chamber

Airflow Control

There is no adjustable airflow, just fixed, and at first glance it’s not that noticeable. It is actually on the base of the top cap, you can see a small gap beneath this and the top of the mod.SMOK Priv One Airflow Control


Nice and easy.. The USB port is on the side of the mod so you can stand the mod upright when on charge. It also support pass through vaping (vape whilst charging).How to charge the SMOK Priv One AIO mod

All in all a nice little device. While the plastic finish isn’t ideal I’m guessing SMOK were trying to keep the weight down to a minimum. In that respect they’ve succeeded, you’ll barely notice this is in your pocket.

How Does The SMOK Priv One AIO Kit Perform?

No menu’s to trawl through, the SMOK Priv One is literally a fill, close and vape type of device.

The only function is the on/off one. Simply click 5 times in quick succession to turn it off when you have it in a pocket or bag. Same to turn back on.

How to Fill The SMOK Priv One AIO

  • Open the swivel top cap
  • Pop e-liquid bottle nozzle into fill holes
  • Watch the side window being sure not to overfill
  • Close top cap
  • Wait 5 minutes for coils to soak up before vapingHow to fill the SMOK Priv One mod

How To Change The Priv One Coil

  • Unscrew the top cap (AIO Core)
  • Remove from mod
  • Unscrew coil and replace
  • Screw AIO Core back into modPriv One Coil Change

This has been made with simplicity in mind, even new vapers will be up and running with this in 5 minutes.SMOK Priv AIO Core

Stock Coils – 0.6Ohm Dual Coil

The coils are compatible with the SMOK Stick AIO vape pen and from what I have found are available in 0.6Ohm and 0.23Ohm resistances.

I filled up with a 70/30 e-liquid, Apollo Zour Apple. This is the last bottle I have left in the Zour range but all are pretty good.smok priv one with 10ml eliquid

The flavour is actually very good but it’s very much a cool vape even when vaping straight from a full charge. There is a bit of crackle from the coils as well but no spitting.

Now I don’t personally mind a cooler vape but with this just a touch more heat would have hit the spot. It felt like the coils could have done with just a little bit more oomph.

Although SMOK do state the device is capable of outputting upto 60W with a 0.15 resistance coil I’ve not seen these coils as of yet though so it remains to be seen if that will help things! Although it’ll likely chop the battery life down considerably.SMOK Priv One Coils

If you are a vaper that likes a warmer vape then this probably isn’t gonna twist your melons.

It isn’t going to win any clouds competitions either but if you wanted that then you likely wouldn’t be reading this! Was enough for me personally but I’m not really about fogging rooms up.

One thing I did get plenty of though was dirty looks from my other half as there is a bit of a whistle and crackle on the Priv One I was using. Not the quietest of devices.

I also tried out an 80VG/20PG juice but the Priv One coils did, at times, have a little trouble wicking. If I was taking a long draw or 3/4 drags in a row the dreaded dry hit appeared. So if you are using an 80VG+ juice just go easy and give the coil time to soak up the thicker juice!

Also, when left over night with a full tank the coil can get slightly flooded resulting in gurgling but this corrects itself after a few draws. Good news is it didn’t spit one bit.

Read more about PG vs VG here


It’s definitely a restricted direct to lung so while you can DTL vape I was finding the mouth to lung vape that bit more satisfying, although it is a touch on the airy side. So if you like your DTL vapes to be super airy then you’ll likely be disappointed with this.

Read more about mouth to lung vs direct to lung vaping

Me personally, I got used to it over the days I was using it but when I was switching back to my Serpent SMM you can tell the difference big time.

Yeah.. I know.. Not surprising as they are of course totally different beasts.

I can see this airflow actually being good for new vapers or those that already use an MTL device as it’s not a million miles away.

Battery Life

Without wanting to sound like too much of a broken record, if you are buying a device this small don’t expect your battery to be lasting you ALL day long. Especially if you are a heavy vaper. The SMOK Priv One is rated at 920mAh.

I was using this moderately and got through around 4-5 hours of use. It does charge in around 1-1.5 hours though and does allow you to charge while vaping. This will be different for everyone depending on how much you vape.

As for juice consumption it’s not too bad at all. The 2ml capacity is something we have to live with now in TPD regulated countries so heavy vapers may find yourself filling every couple of hours. I found myself filling just the once in-between charges

Filling, however, is one of the easiest of all the AIO mods I’ve tried. The swivel top fill makes filling when you are out easy and mess free. I’ve filled this many times when I’m walking down the street in a matter of seconds.

Coil Life

My first coil lasted me just 2 days before the flavour started shifting, it wasn’t that I was getting a burnt flavour, just a very muted vape. Pretty poor life though it has to be said. When I replaced the coil it was a night and day difference. The second coil faired better lasting me around a week.

So it’s hard to say how your’s would fare. Let us know if you have used this device how long your coil lasted in the comments below.


I’ve carried this around in pockets when I’m out and had it laying on it’s side on my desk overnight and not so much of a drop of e-liquid where it shouldn’t be.

What I Liked

After getting used to a ‘cooler than I’m used to’ vape I actually really enjoyed using the SMOK Priv One. Easy to fill, good flavour, super compact making it a great out an about device that didn’t leak.

The Mother of Pearl finish is one I think adds a nice touch as well.

What I Dislike

It does provide a bit of a cooler vape and while it’s not something I ‘dislike’ as such it may not be ideal for some vapers. Initial impressions of the plastic build weren’t great but after weeks of use wan’t a noticeable issue for me.

Airflow is restrictive for those wanting a true DTL vape. It remains to be seen if coil life is going to be an issue. Out of the two I used one of them was on it’s way out after day 2. This will differ from user to user depending on what kind of e-liquid you are using.

Final Review Verdict

I actually found the SMOK Priv One AIO mod to be pretty good overall. I’ve used it regularly when I’m out and will continue to do so as it’s such a compact device that you can hide in the palm of your hand.

It won’t, for me, be more than a back up device though. When I take it out it will be along side one of my main setups.

Would I buy the Priv One again if I lost it… If it was upto the £20-25 mark I would. At the £38 price point I’ve seen it in some places then I would give it a miss.


  • Tiny and portable
  • New user friendly
  • Nice mother of Pearl design
  • Top fill makes re-filling super simple
  • Flavour is good
  • No leaking in my time of use


  • Battery life (Although to be expected with a mod this size)
  • Restricted direct to lung vape may not suit some
  • Coil life could be an issue
  • Very cool vape (subjective)
  • Quite noisy

Have you used this kit? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Buying if Lost or Damaged
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
smok-priv-one-reviewIt's a good device as a back up and if the coils can be consistent then it I would feel more confident recommending it. If buying as a primary device be wary of it's limitations.


  1. Looks like the priv one is discontinued and I’m pretty disappointed.
    I have used these devices for two years and, although I can agree with many of the criticisms here (spitting resolves easily with a few hard slings to clear the chimney) I will miss them.
    Most important to me was shock proof durability and the light weight/plastic/internal tank was perfect!
    Hit the cement floor hard on a daily basis and never a break!
    Battery problems after about 6 months, but for $20 a mod, these things were awesome!

  2. hi I seen the issues around spitting u mentioned. I have done what u digested and it still happens 🙁 so upset with this mod

  3. brand new smok priv one used a couple of times and now isnt charging. was purchaised from the uk e cig store and never had any trouble with them in the there any way of finding out why the mod isnt charging and how to fix this issue

    • Hey Eddie,

      May be a faulty device but check the following to be sure it isn’t something else:

      – Click 5 times in quick succession to make sure mod isn’t turned off
      – Maybe worth trying a new coil just in case there is an issue and the mod isn’t firing as a result.

      If the above doesn’t resolve anything I’d give the place you bought it an email, I’m sure they will sort out a replacement.

  4. I was given one of these free and was very disappointed as I’m a DTL vapor, but the price was right. When the .6 coil finally gave out I ordered the .23 coils. All I can say is wow, what a difference. The .23 coils allow decent airflow and DTL is comfortable, this is my go to device when I need something small.

    It really is a day and night difference between the .6 and .23.

    • Hey James,

      What PG/VG ratio are you using?

      Sounds like you may be having the flooding issue I had mentioned. If you do the following it should help:

      Flip the top cap as if you were going to fill the tank.
      Roll a piece of tissue tight and poke this down the central hole (chimney)
      This should soak up excess e-liquid that has soaked through the coil and stop the spitting.

      Let us know how you go.

  5. I watched a lot of reviews and last week I ordered my Priv One. I am really getting excited to have it in my hands and charged up now. I have been vaping for about 5 years and my everyday vape mod right now is my Cool Fire IV, this Priv One will be my pocket vape to take along on short day trips. Your review has been the best so far, full of genuine information. Thank you.

  6. Best info I have found on the Priv one,Thank you for the information very helpful while making a decision on buying this product and that I did.


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