SMOK have come out firing, quite literally, with the release of the new SMOK TFV4 tank, promising to be the best performing sub ohm tank available to date, featuring two brand new redesigned tri and quad coil heads and a revamped RBA deck for your own builds, this tank is looking like it can handle serious high power!

Also featuring a 5ml juice capacity, a unique top filling design, adjustable airflow on both the tank and the drip tip to keep your vape cool, SMOK are really looking to provide the best sub ohm tank around.SMOK TFV4 Review

The TFV4 has been released with the idea in mind to pair it with the new SMOK XCUBE II box mod, capable of a whopping 160w and one we will be reviewing shortly. With the quad coil heads capable of being able to handle a reported 140w, this tank looks to be an ideal match of the XCUBE II!

The Smok TFV4 on paper looks to have it all, does the performance match up to the hugely impressive specs list?

SMOK TFV4 Kit Contents

  • SMOK TFV4 tank with pre installed 0.2 ohm TF-T3 tri coil
  • TF-Q4 0.15 ohm quad coil
  • TF-R1 single coil RBA deck
  • Spare pyrex tank section
  • Spare black silicon seal
  • Spare white silicon seal
  • Type C sealing pad
  • Two drip tip sealing rings
  • One airflow sealing ring
  • Packet containing RBA accessories, pre made coil and Japanese cotton wick
  • User manual

That’s a hell of a lot included with the TFV4 package, SMOK have included pretty much anything and everything with this tank!

Right out of the box you can see the TFV4 tank just means business, looking at it you can just see this tank is raring to throw out some massive clouds at high power!

SMOK TFV4 Key Features

  • Dimensions: 24.5mm width x 70mm height
  • 510 threaded
  • Capacity: 5ml
  • Replaceable glass tube
  • 100% pure organic cotton used in the stock coils
  • Large rectangle shaped liquid intake holes provide huge vapor
  • Double layered drip tip structure, heat shield (1-2mm spacing)
  • New patent sub ohm quadruple coil 0.15Ω (TF-Q4)
  • New patent sub ohm triple coil 0.2Ω (TF-T3)
  • Rebuild-able dual coil 0.25Ω (TF-R2)
  • Rebuild-able single coil 0.85Ω (TF-R1)
  • Leak proof top refill design

SMOK TFV4 Build Quality, Looks and Set Up

Right away just by looking at the SMOK TFV4 you can tell this is a really well built unit. Constructed of stainless steel with a very thick pyrex glass section, with a 5ml capacity, 24.5mm width and 70mm height, it’s a very solid tank and pretty weighty too.

Being 24.5mm width this is going to overhang most mods unfortunately, but it is barely noticeable.

The airflow on the tank looks very impressive, you have four massive airflow slits on the airflow control ring and each one is finely adjustable, the airflow control ring is very smooth.

You also have the same airflow system present on the base of the drip tip, so you can adjust the airflow coming through the drip tip, closing this off will make for a very warm vape, opening it right up will cool the vape down.

Set up is easy, the TF-T3 0.2ohm tri coil head is pre installed so with a few drips of liquid into the coil head itself to prime it, you can fill your tank up and use it straight away.

Filling is easy as the top of the tank swivels away on a hinge giving you access to a fill port that accommodates any type of bottle tip and glass dropper you can think of!refill top of the TFV4

Just make sure you close off the airflow from the tank when filling as e juice does have a tendency to leak from the airflow slots when this is left open during filling. Non-spill-design

Also, the cap does come away quite easily so just be mindful of this. You do have the 0.15 ohm TF-QF Quad Coil tank included in the package, as well as the TF-R1 Single Coil RBA deck, which I will go into more detail about in the sections below.

SMOK TFV4 Airflow and Performance

The airflow system is now not only located on the tank but also on the drip tip as well. The airflow control ring is really easy to use and the airflow slots on both the tank and drip tip can be fine tuned to suit your vape. This is a tank for the lung hitters, some crazy clouds are produced with the airflow at its most open setting!

For performance, this is really governed by the different coil heads available for the SMOK TF4 tank, and as they all perform very differently I have broken these down into different sections below-


You will find the TF-T3 0.2ohm coil comes pre installed with the SMOK TFV4, the coils are uniquely arranged vertically within their own coil compartment. The stated range for the 0.2ohm coil is 40-130 watts, so after getting the coil primed I started off with using it at 40 watts.TFV4 Coils in the kit

The flavor was really nice and clouds were pretty decent, though vape was cool, so that was a promising start.

Cranking it up to 50 watts and the vapor started warming up nicely, clouds were beginning to pick up and flavor was coming through even better. 60-70w was more of the same but warmer, things really started happening at the 70-80w range though!

I got the best flavor at 70-80w and some crazy cloud production, this was my favorite setting. At 90 watts and above the vapor was starting to get really warm at the tank was really starting to hit hard.

It seemed to me like 70-80w was the best setting for flavor, as the flavor started to drop off a little at above this but 80w and above was the best for clouds.TFV4 Tri Coil Head

At 100-130 watts the flavor was very good, but not quite as good as using it in the 70-80w range. The clouds were absolutely huge though and I wasted no time filling the room with vapor quickly!

This is one hell of a thirsty tank though, probably the thirstiest I have ever laid hands on.

I was a little disappointed however that I only got 4 days use out of the coil before the cotton became too charred to use, for flavor the TF-T3 tri coil was really outstanding and I was very much enjoying it!


SMOK recommend that the 0.15 ohm TF-Q4 quad coil can be used at 40 watts right up to a massive 140 watts!

With this in mind, I primed the TF-Q4 coil and started off at 40 watts, with gave a pretty pedestrian vape with fairly muted clouds and flavor.

Given the huge range that this coil can be operated with, I ramped the power up to 80 watts. This was a vastly better experience, a really warm vape with loads of flavor and really big clouds. Jumping up to 100w and again a very warm vape, flavor was a touch better than at 80 watts and the clouds were really beginning to chuck out.

At 120-140 watts the vape was beginning to get quite hot and the flavor was actually starting to become pretty muted, probably due to the amount of power going through the coil. Clouds were totally ridiculous though and I was constantly refilling the tank!SMOK TFV4 Coil options

I managed a whopping 145 watts out of this coil using 60/40 juice which is like no other tank I have experienced. The tank did get very hot at this power, the vape was extremely warm even with the airflow on the drip tip wide open!

Thankfully I didn’t get a dry hit at this power but even 3mg nicotine was too much for me to vape for too long with this tank at over 100w, I had to mix some nicotine free juice to use with the quad coils as it was knocking me sideways.

My e liquid was also being vaporized in a matter of minutes!

SMOK themselves recommend that a max of 140w can be used with these coils, but as I found the quad coil can be pushed a little further.


Included with my SMOK TFV4 was the TF-R1 single coil RBA deck, which was a welcome addition to the package, as people who enjoy rebuilding their own coils can dive right in with this inclusion.

The deck itself is pretty much exactly what you would find with the Subtank Mini RBA, however the juice channels are much wider here.

You can use the included pre made coil, which has a resistance of 0.85 ohm, I decided to do this to see how it would perform. There are little post holes available to the front of the posts however I actually found it easier to trap the coil legs underneath the post screws themselves.

The coil then needs to be centered over the airflow hole and you just need to be mindful that it is not placed too high so that it will short on the chimney.

I wicked the coil fairly generously with the included Japanese cotton, and had my wick tails either side of the coil at the top of the juice channels.

Making sure the coil was primed by dripping juice down onto the wick, I also filled the tank up and let it stand for a few minutes. I began by using 15 watts which gave me very little flavor and next to no vapor production.

I cranked this up to 20 watts which gave me a bit of an increase in flavor and vapor production, but nothing really to write home about. At 25 watts the vape got warmer, the flavor was much better and vape production was much better. At 30 watts I was getting quite a few dry hits and it wasn’t really enjoyable at this power.

Re-wicking the coil with less cotton gave pretty much the same results. Overall, 25 watts seemed to be the best setting, the clouds and flavor were OK but were not a patch on the stock coil heads.

Hopefully the dual coil RBA deck will give better results!

SMOK Will also be releasing the following coils to work with the TFV4 tank

  • TF-TI TITANIUM CORE – Temp sensing coil – 0.33Ω (450°F-600°F)
  • TF-S6   SIXFOLD (sextuplet) CORE – 0.4Ω (30w-100w)

Final Thoughts

Really encouraging from SMOK, the TFV4 represents the best release to date from SMOK and is definitely one of the very best sub ohm tanks around.

The e juice flavour is exceptional with the TFV4 tank and the tri and quad coil sections blow absolutely huge clouds and blow most other tanks out of the market! I haven’t tried a tank that is capable of handling the power the TFV4 can handle, especially when using the quad coil heads.

If you love to run your tanks at high power, then the SMOK TFV4 is definitely the tank for you. The RBA deck is a good addition, although a little underwhelming, I received the single coil version however I am aware that there will also be a dual coil RBA deck available too.

There are still a couple of niggly flaws with the TFV4, but perhaps these small issues are something SMOK will iron out with further revisions of the tank itself, but this is absolutely the best SMOK tank released to date and proof that they can mix it with the big boys in the world of sub ohming!

The Good

  • Top fill system means easy refilling on the move without even having to remove your tank from the mod
  • Absolutely massive vapor production, this is a real cloud chasers tank
  • Flavor is superb, best out of any SMOK tank yet
  • Best performing SMOK tank to date
  • One of the best sub ohm tanks on the market
  • Handles high power better than any other sub ohm tank out there- I was able to take the tank up to 145 watts!
  • Huge airflow and easy to use airflow control ring
  • Adjustable airflow on the drip tip keeps your vape from getting too hot at high power
  • RBA deck means you can build your own coils
  • Big 5ml capacity

The Not So Good

  • Swivel top cap on top fill system has a tendency to swing open easily, I have lost a couple of tank fulls of juice on occasion. There is however an extra rubber band included with kits to ensure this doesn’t happen so not much of an issue.
  • Very thirsty, probably the thirstiest tank out there, you will get through tons of juice!
  • 24.5mm width and the whole size of the unit may not be to everyone’s liking
  • Leaks through the airflow holes if they aren’t closed when filling
  • Tri coil only lasted 4 days before burning out
  • Tank unit can get very hot at 60 watts and over
  • Single coil RBA deck is a little underwhelming, results weren’t massively impressive with the single coil version
Dan Willis Ecigclick Vape Reviewer
Dan W

Vaping full time since 2012, started on cigalikes for a while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an vape pens, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I've come back to convenience and mainly use pods, disposables and the VOOPOO Drag H40. Most importantly I am still loving vaping!

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
Vaping full time since 2012, started on cigalikes for a while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an vape pens, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I've come back to convenience and mainly use pods, disposables and the VOOPOO Drag H40. Most importantly I am still loving vaping!
smok-tfv4-sub-ohm-tank-reviewThe SMOK TFV4 is definitely a beast of a sub ohm tank and you can expect tonnes of vapour and great flavour. You can also expect to go through juice pretty quick so keep that in mind. Apart from the latter this is an excellent offering from SMOK.


  1. Good tank very thirsty, the RBA is fairly easy to build on with my specks on, the quad coil I didn’t think I was going to get on with but boy do I ever not an every day tank for me! simply put it drinks to much!

  2. The SMOK TFV4 TANK—This tank in my opinion is one of the versitle tanks on the market today, it offers so many options for the advanced user who wants to build their own coils, to the novice user who can purchase any type of pre-built coils where they have to pick the coil, insert and vape clouds forever or choose a coil for flavor! The easy to fill top design is just a twist of the drip tip and fill! There’s no un-screwing of the top or flipping the tank upside down, it makes almost too quick and easy to re-fill the tank.
    With all the choices they offer in coil selections that it gives the flavor chaser low watt options but will still give the high watt mods a chance to open them wide open for heavy clouds! This is a real winner for everyone!!!

  3. One of the top 3 subohm tanks on the market. Right there with the Crown & Herakles Plus. Options galore on this with the coils and the RBA section. Huge flavor and cloud production. Worth every penny.

  4. this tank needs a lot energy and takes much liquid… it is really open draw and too much for me… good are the lots of coils and RBAs and the easy topfilling…

  5. I’ve tried a few subohm tanks along the way but I have to say, this is one of my favourites. It’s not for the faint hearted mind you. Depending on the coils you choose, this atomisers can be a real animal. You certainly need a high power mod and a lot of liquid as its increadably thirsty. It make for pretty decent flavour mind you so it’s not all for nothing. The top fill is handy and does work well but expect a little bit of seepage on closing. No big deal though, give it a little wipe on closing and your away. Id give the tank 8/10

  6. This is a tank that everyone should have..the coil choice is amazing and you can find one that fits you the best…the top quick fill is inovative and ahead of everyone else..

  7. I have literally every subohm tank that came out in 2015 n the tfv4 is by far heads above the rest..the uwell and the rafale come in a close second n third but with the array of options available the smok is number uno

  8. This is a tank that everybody should own, it is by far the best tank I have tried to this date. I have only used the RDA deck in this and it is perfect. This tank really sets a new standard, all other tanks will be compared against this one from now on.

  9. This thing is a Beast, Never before have I had a tank that drinks so much juice and gives out so much vapour. It does have it’s drawbacks, Taste is not as good as with the uwell crown for example. It gets hot, very hot especially when pushing higher power though it. Also there seems to be an issue where the O rings get stuck to the glass so please check as soon as you get and remember to juice them O rings up to stop them sticking. This is most definitely not a Mouth to lung tank. But if you want a tank that is capable of fogging up an entire house this is the one for you.

    I have been using this tank for the past 12 weeks or so, And I have only had to change the coil twice, It’s like the coils are super long lasting even with 80vg juice.

    Overall I am very happy with this tank and would recommend it to others.

  10. SMOK TFV4 Sub Ohm Tank is in my opinion the best sub-ohm tank on the maarket today. It has by far the best flavor especially for plain ol’ kanthal coils. Plus it was one of the first two that started using top filling. Personally. I dont care for the airflow on the drip tip, and it kills juice like it’s going out of style. But with akk the coils in it’s line-up you absolutely can’t go wrong. I ust wish it held more fluid. It says it holds 5 mL, but I believe that;s before you add on the coil. But if you want a great sub-ohm tank with great flavor and that chuck some clouds; this tank is perfect for you! Thank you for your time.

  11. oki this tank……is AWESOME !
    well machined ! no leaking ! very very easy to fill the tank ! very easy to build on ! and it comes with a 3ple coil and a quad coil and a RTA u can build on !!!
    its just that it gets very hot.


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